Melanie Fiona’s Glam Photoshoot

Melanie Fiona has officially made my list of brownsistas to check for in 2010! Source Magazine recently did a glamorous photoshoot with the R&B soulstress for their new issue and it was simply chic. In related news Melanie is nominated for a Grammy for the “Best Female R&B Vocal Performance ” for her hit single “It Kills Me”. My fingers are crossed that this time around true talent gets recognized and not overlooked. Her style, talent, and realness is def what we need in 2010!

*sidenote* So excited REAL R&B is coming back:)


  1. “it kills me” seems like it was jus thrown on to her cd jus 2 spice it up. it doesnt go w/the rest of the cd whatsoever

  2. I like Melanie, but there were only about 5 singles I enjoyed on her CD. She’s tight vocally though.

  3. i heard it kills me so i got the cd it was trash her vocals are limited

  4. I love her voice!! It is NOT limited!! She is what we need more of in the WACK industry! Class with a voice instead of trash needing a gimmick to sale. Her album is different from the rest and I love it!

  5. “it kills me” is so desparate. What woman would go thru that BS? and then you want to has his baby when all you do is argue? CHILD PLEASE!!!!

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