Model Melyssa Ford Sounds Off

Video model Melyssa Ford recently sat down with Vibe Online to sound off about a few things that annoy her. Numero uno on Melyssa’s list is Essence Mgazine and what she calls their “elitist” stance on who they will and won’t have on their cover.

Check out a few of Melyssa’s interview excerpts below…

Melyssa on Essence putting Naomi Campbell on the cover of their September issue:
“They accept a fucking elitist attitude on who they’ll have on the cover and who they won’t? Please. Who was on the cover last month? They were toasting to women above the age of 40, and how beautiful they look, but Naomi’s on the cover? Okay, yes. Granted, Miss Naomi walks a catwalk, and she’s still killing 16-year-old and 20-year-old girls. Yes, but she has serious anger management issues and an overwhelming sense of entitlement, and she is engaged in fucking illegal activity that’s directly related to the blood diamond industry in Africa. And you’re putting her on a pedestal? Is that what you’re doing? But you won’t cover somebody like me because I based the earlier part of my career on my sexuality?”

Melyssa also touched on the never ending message she thinks Essence tends to send black women on how to keeping black men from straying:
“Right now Essence has on the cover, three of the most gorgeous black men ever created on the face of this fucking Earth. They have Blair Underwood who has always done it for me, Boris Kodjoe whose definition in the dictionary is fine, and then they got Lance Gross—chocolatey loveliness. And you know what they fucking have the nerve to have as the fucking title of the cover story? “How To Keep Black Men Happy and Faithful.” And faithful! How dare you?! It makes me fucking sick. [It’s like saying] ‘Women take note—how to keep your black men healthy and keep from straying from you ‘cause it’s your fault.’ And black women wrote this to their fucking counterparts. As if to say, ‘If he strays, it’s your fucking fault. You didn’t cook enough. You didn’t blow him enough. You didn’t fuck him enough. You didn’t do enough to keep your fucking man healthy or faithful.’ O-M-fucking-G! There are times where I’m surprised at the audacity that they fucking have to put something like that on the cover, but they’re regarded as the soul sista’s bible.”

Click here to read Melyssa entire interview. She also touches on the rise of butt pads and why Kat Stacks is such a phenomenon.


  1. And this is why she will only make the cover of Vibe and King her vocabulary is so limited that she can not articulate herself well enough without cursing.

  2. @ Weea – agreed.

    And just for the record, Ms. Campbell (with her crazy self!) gave those diamonds to a leader of a nonprofit organization, and told him to ‘do something good with them’; that leader kept the diamonds in his posession, without notifying his nonprofit’s board of directors, for several years; he has since resigned in disgrace. Ms. Melyssa might want to do just a little more research before her next sound off.

    Essence does have some serious issues (tired, predictable covers for example)… but Ms. Ford could have made much better use of this opportunity to put them on blast without reinforcing negative aspects of herself.



    *dead* LOL Shots fired, indeed!

    I’m wondering if Ms. Ford had a glass of wine on standby as she was typing/answering these questions.

    Naomi Campbell – she goes IN on Naomi and the audacity of Essence to celebrate a woman who has wrecked shop in the fashion industry for twenty-plus years, yet has the tendency to occasionally whomp someone over the head with a celly and may or may not have basked in the blood of a some poor miner’s diamond find. I get that we pick and choose our arguments, but she falls weak with this one. Naomi got this cover for the same reason that Lindsay Lohan yet gets high caliber magazine covers… Let that marinate. LOL.

    It’s not elitist, as it is capitalist, as in this mag. like so many others will do what they will to capitalize on sales. Iman/Naomi/Liya made for a beautiful cover; a cover that attracts; a cover that reflects a greater relevance…three powerhouse models/philanthropists with charities they head, businesses they run, and married-Russian boyfriends they vacation with on the French Riviera. Melyssa sounds a lil’ salty…

    On keeping black men – Ummm, this latest cover is just an apology/make-up-for that cover with Reggie Bush (who at the time dated a non-black woman) with caption reading: “On BLACK Love” LOL And those men are gorgeous, I can agree with her on that, but yeah, Essence is slowly picking up the pace and stopping with the tom-foolery (i.e. “sistas you gone haveta find yo’ man at the strip club). They are getting better…or trying to. And I’m willing to give them a chance because I’ve purchased the last three issues, something I haven’t done in well over a year…maybe two years.

    Butt pads – I’m not even going to touch on this one. I’m just sure that wine had kicked in at this point as she seems very calm and even jovial about wearing bodily accouterments or surgically enhancing yourself to feel ‘comfortable’ and to feel better confident with yourself. Yeah, that’s all I got on this.

    Kat Stacks – moving along…

    Talking Points…If VIBE is going to let random celebs ‘go off’, I’ma have to bookmark that site. She also talks about 50 Cent being a charmer. Umm, yeah, I can definitely see that LOL

  4. So she thinks she should have been on the September issue of Essence? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I have no respect for someone who can’t finish a sentence without cussing. Now I understand why she is a video girl.

  5. “But you won’t cover somebody like me because I based the earlier part of my career on my sexuality?”

    So what is the latter part of the career? I’m still confused as to what this woman does…


  6. Yea, so what she curses like a sailor, more than most of us do. But she has made her points and I agree with her perspectives. Essence does have a chronic habit of creating these “templates” (if you will) on how we should do things “RIGHT” as if they (Essence magazine) are this secret society black sorority that co-exist outside that “regular” people who are the only ones doing it right??? PA-LEASEEEEE!. I mean their articles are cute and I won’t just stop reading because of M. Ford but I will be paying more attention to how they do things………………….

  7. @kanyade- yeah Vibe is trying to reinvent itself since it went bellyup a little while ago. So if you have something to say that will create a buzz, you will get a page. They need to get folks attention back.

    As far as Melissa- never mind I can’t…….

  8. Anyone who makes a media outlet, product, or person, As a role model, Is desperate and will achieve very little in their life.You need to seek real life role models , People that you can talk to without having to know their latest {Insert}.
    As for melyssa Ford, This article was really about her never being featured in it.

  9. What is called a whore in the black community is called a sex symbol in the white community. If basing one’s career off of sexuality was reason enough to keep someone off the cover of a magazine people like Megan Fox would never be seen again.

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