Fellas, Being A Walking Talking Sperm Donor Is Not Attractive

Shawty Lo and 8 of his kids

In the spirit of Lil’ Wayne, T.I and even Shawty Lo, who all have several children by several different women, (Rapper Shawty Lo has ten kids. Why? 8 out 10 are in the picture) I want to warn men on how becoming a “breeder” will decrease your stock value in the world of dating. What is a breeder you ask? Think back to slavery when the Master would choose one slave who was physically strong and appeared to have good genes and would force him to procreate with several different women therefore making several different babies. The same crap is going on in our day and age only now the men are making several different babies with several different women by choice not force. For a woman that is a mover and shaker that may not be appealing and can quickly lessen your chances of being hubbied up. My advice to you fellas is to be careful where you are slanging that slong or even better to wear a rubber to prevent yourself from being a future guest on the Maury Show. Before you say I’m a hating ass female who does not want to give a brother a chance let me tell you that I have given the hardworking brother with a bunch of damn kids and baby mothers a chance before. Unfortunately it was not worth the trouble on every occasion. The reality is that in many cases it won’t be. Surprise! The following are the reasons why being a walking talking sperm supplier is not attractive…

1. You are a walking talking piece of baggage. It is not an attractive quality. When I would first meet a guy one of the initial questions I would ask him was how many kids does he have? If the answer was more than one then the second question would be how many baby mommas? The idea of having to deal with numerous baby mothers and a bunch of damn kids is not at all appealing . It sounds like baggage to my ears and possible drama. For the guys who are always complaining about their baby mothers, I have one thing to say. No one cares how crazy your baby mother is! I feel no sympathy for you. You should have figured that out beforehand.. Took the time to get to know her before you had 3 or 4 kids with her. Or, after you had one and she started to show you that she was a nutcase… I don’t know maybe stop messing with her. You damn sure don’t get her pregnant again and again. Here is a clue, get to know the women before you make a child with her. My question to these guys who claim they have crazy Baby moms is “ how did you make three kids with her and just now figure out that this chick is crazy?” There is only so long a crazy person can hide their true nature.

2. It makes me assume that you obviously do not believe in wearing condoms. There are too many diseases in this world to play the pokeyman game with no protection. So, if you have several kids by several different women then in my mind, condoms are not your friend. Which makes you nasty. Slanging penis around like that could lead you to catching something more serious than a kid.

3. Unless your name is T.I , Shawty Lo, (who has something like 10 kids, wtf) or Weezy, you are probably not pulling in the funds necessary to raise several children and or pay several child support claims. Kids can’t live off Disney dollars and neither can I. Keeping it moving!

4. I date you then I am dating your several baby mothers. Depending on how serious you get with a guy with several kids you have to meet their kids and the kids mothers. There are some cool baby mothers and then there are some not so cool ones. The ones who aren’t completely over the guy and therefore find any reason to hate the girl he is dating are the not so cool ones. I cannot imagine having to deal with that times 2, 3 or even 4! I can’t handle it! Nor do I have the patience to deal with another woman or women who in there mind will always be your girl. Get that Heather Headley crap out of here.

5. Not only do I have to share you with several kids I have to share you with several other women. That’s a lot of damn people. Even if you aren’t with any of your kids Mother they still will be vying for your attention because that’s how most women are by nature. For instance if a guy has four kids by four different women then that is 8 other individuals that I have to share your time, money, attention with. Unless you are Superman that is going to be draining for you as well.

6. The assumption that you probably do not believe in stable relationships and commitment is in the forefront of my mind. If you have bounced from woman to woman without making any type of commitment, i.e. marriage, engagement, something! Then the chance that you aren’t too keen on commitment is high. In fact, one could assume from your track record that you are one of those guys who is out on the hunt for a piece of that juicy fruit. Some women will keep it moving based on that alone.

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  1. WOW i did not know Shawty Lo had all them kids. I know having children is a gift from god but these men now a days are just planting seeds by any means necessary. It is ridiculous to me who would want to be in a relationship with someone who has more than one child and a whole lot of baby mama’s let a lone bearing more than one child . UUhhh This is just pitiful

  2. WHOA!
    How old is “Shawty Lo”?!

    …these negroes with all these kids 😐


  4. DAM shame..how could a man even go that many times unprotected with so many diffrent women…thats nasty. Either u gone get a kid or a std!!!!!!!plain & simple

  5. Wow that crazy but what crack me up is when women is having these kids with a man that have many kids. I see two baby mothers. But damn i do not want to be the third or the four or the fifth baby mother. Like come on.

  6. This is as disgraceful as a unmarried woman with more than one child or more than one baby daddys. Its a sign of weakness and the inability to plan/manage your own life and future. El DeBarge has 11 kids, no career and a criminal record. We have got to do better. ZGoing with the feeling is just plain ignorant and irresponsible. If I don’t get married and have kids in the next few years, I’ll help a foster child or become an adoptive parent to a foster child. We have enough parentless kids running around repeating the cycle when they are big enough…not old enough. SMDH!

  7. It’s a common but sad cycle among black men, Ti, Lil Wayne and Shawty Lo probably didn’t have strong black men in their homes to teach them any better..Often history repeats itself. They don’t see anything wrong with making babies with multiple women unwed becuase that’s the kind of environment they grew up in, they were probably all raised by single mothers and when you come from a single parent home that becomes the norm.

  8. yes that is extremely ridiculous, what’s worse is i know men like that personally, not that were with me, but people around me. smh, i can’t even describe how pitiful that is

  9. We judge like we’re god, instead of minding our own lives. Sigh. I’m all for untraditional families, because I came from one and turned out better than kids from nuclear families. But I am also all for responsibility. We’re faulting Shawty Lo for having all those kids but from the picture, it looks like he’s spending time with them. (That says a lot to me. Can’t wait for the Badu/Lil Wayne comparisons.)

  10. You can’t constantly blame everything on single house holds. At some point and time you have to take personal responsibility for your actions in life. By him posing in this picture he does not think he’s done anything wrong. I think that these children need to be educated so the cycle can stop. When will our community learn that the single parent household repeatedly is just not working out to good for our community. We need the father’s being responsible and in the home as positive role models for their children.

  11. I know that this is not just common with black men, and it does not matter how much a person makes, that is just not good sense to have all those baby mommas and babies. It is sad, though because someone is going to suffer. There is not enough in one man for quality time to be spent with the kids.

  12. Wow, it has been some time since I read an article about a subject that is as important as the topic being covered, only to see it trivialized and personalized in such a way that gives the reader the impression that the author is only concerned about the drama of dating. While I understand and believe that many people are as concerned about this topic in the same way that you are, it is not important that it be personalized when asking people to think critically before making a decision. You provided important information and evidence to the decision making process, that is all the reader need, the personal hang-ups they may have about you appearing to be a hater is irrelevant. Give them the truth and keep it moving. This op-ed gets a B-.

  13. The thing that gets me is when the babies are born with in months of eachother which means that your man was not only “slangin the slong” unprotected with you but also with at least one other person. That makes me look at the women and think that the nastiness goes both ways…sorry Lauren and Nivea…but you all are nasty.

  14. LMAOOOOOOOOOOOO! OMG! ALL that u said is VERY true. PREACH sista! But this SAME sentimnet can be said to women who keep having ALL these kids by different men. Either way, whether male or female it is NOT attractive. Also I find it interesting that a lot of women will go along w/ dating a man w/ a lot of kids, BUT men have a harder time @ doing that.. hmm why is that so?

  15. @Your Brother: I get what your saying but in a sense it is about dating. You never know who you are going to fall in love with and if more women had told him you have to many children by too many different women maybe something would have clicked in him that said maybe this isn’t right. And, also, with the women if you do start asking questions and getting to know the man a little bit be better before committing such a life offering act all of these children wouldn’t be born out of wedlock like this.

  16. I don’t fault the men. I blame the stupid a55 women. These guys couldn’t do it if the women keep their legs closed. It’s a sad day when women are getting pregnant for attention.

    Look at stupid a55 Nivea. I used to like her, but now I don’t. She wasn’t showing up at events when she had an album out, now that she’s pregnant by lil wayne, she wants to be seen everywhere. That’s stupid.

  17. In TI’s defense- he had one kid with his first girlfriend at a very young age, then had the rest of his kids with Tiny. She had a daughter from a previous relationship that he claims as his own.

  18. Yes blame the (Black)women becuase as we all know, Black women get pregnant by themselves.

  19. @Truthteller: So the men have no responsibility whatsoever. The women raped them and forced them to impregnant them. That is the dumbest thing I ever heard in my life that you stated. It is both of their fault. In some cases the men are lying about their children. Both adults need to take reponsibillity for the protection of their bodies and the futures of their children.

  20. @ BEE

    I didn’t say that. A man having unprotected sex with so many women says something bad about them. But it says the same about the women that have unprotected sex with them knowing it. And 95 percent of these men DON’T rape these women. Do you think that those girls mom didn’t know they had 6 or 7 siblings with different mothers? Even if the guy lies and says he doesn’t have kids, why are these girls so quick to have unprotected sex with them? There is a lack of respect for black women, you see it in the videos. Yes many grown black men emulate videos. What happened to the days when we were an object of beauty, now we are just an easy piece of meat that will do anything. Whose fault is that?

  21. they all need HIV tests. this is what is killing us.in ATL they are already saying that this man have HIV and women cont to sleep with him..

  22. Fellow Black women, stop letting these misogynistic clowns blame us for everydamn thing!


    Thank you. That is the truth. I wonder if these women realize how serious this is. Sometimes you don’t think AIDS and HIV can happen until it hits close to home. It is real and it kills people. People on this board can take my comments the wrong way all they want, but the truth is nothing but the truth. The truth hurts.

  24. There’s no way he can be a father to all those children the way they deserve to have a father. I’m a Daddy’s girl and I can’t imagine my life without the example of a man he is…Thank you Daddy!!

  25. And look how many female children he has…SHM He need to tie it, clip it, and burn it…NO MORE KIDS FOR HIM! And any women who signs up to join the harem after this has become common knowledge (Google ladies!) shame on her! Knowledge is power…stop giving your power away!

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