Michael Jackson Has Passed Away

BrownSista usually does not do stories on men- however today we make an exception. As I am sure many of you have heard by now, the one and only King Of Pop, Michael Joseph Jackson, has passed away. Michael was only 50 years old. Honestly as I write this I am still in shock and weeping like one of my own family members has died. Michael Jackson was like our family- our Black Gold as activist Dick Gregory once said. I hope the media respects Michael’s body of work and doesn’t try to drag his name through the mud. CNN is already getting on my nerves. But I won’t complain about that right now. This post is just about sending out our love to Michael, who is now in heaven, and to the Jackson family, who are clearly in a great deal of pain right now.


  1. 50 years old is so young! I am so sad about this. Prayers to the family. I feel you Stephanie, media is getting on my nerves too.

  2. OMG…I heard it on my way home from work and I’m still in shock. I wanted to break down when they officially announced on channel 4 news.

    Michael you were one of very few LIVING LEGENDS. In death you will remain LARGER THAN LIFE…A TRUE BONIFIED STAR. Your body of work speaks for itself…that’s why we call you THE KING. You were often imitated, but never duplicated. You inspired so many…more than you’ll ever be given credit for…more than you’ll ever know. I thank God for giving you to us for a time…RIP! We honor you!

    To the Jackson family, stay strong…we lift you up in prayer.

  3. I’m shocked. I don’t know what to say. I’m shivering as I’m writing. What do the media say? I’m in France and they have nothing but love for him. The news channels are talking about that non stop for about 3 hours .
    My prayers go to his family and of course his 3 children.

  4. Had to end my “NO Blog Summer” to check into Brownsista when I heard this shocking news. Fifty is too young for anyone to leave this earth. My prayers & heart go out to the family.

  5. Oh boy this is shocking 😯 ! Michael will definately be missed this really touched my heart 50 is very young. I was in disbelief when I just logged onto yahoo and saw the headline. I was a little shocked about Charlie Angels Farraf Fauccet passing away this morning too. All the childhood favorites wow people are leaving this world fast.

  6. i’m so saddened and in shock by this news. may he R.I.P.

  7. My prayers goes out to Mr. and Mrs Jackson and family. This is trajic. I can’t imagine the pain his kids are in. 🙁

  8. It’s been a bad day all around, first Farrah and now this. Michael was extremely talented and a global legend and icon, no one can take that away from him ever. His music was both entertaining and inspiring, my prayers go to his family. 😥

  9. An “ICON” that will never be forgotten. It’s like losing a family member. My heart is deeply wounded. First Farah now Michael. This is totally a shocker for us all. Please people remember Michael for all the good that he has done. He brought so much happiness to us all around the world. Wow! This is a shock. I can’t get over this.
    My prayers are with The Jackson Family and with Farah’s Family as well. They are our heavenly angles now. No more pain…

    I am from DC and to hear that Farah and Michael passed in the same day hours apart. We here done had enough grief due to that metro train wreck. My heart ached for all those people and it aches even more.

  10. lost for words 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥
    😳 😳 😳 😳

  11. I’m stuck for words too, I really cant believe it and still in shock!! In my eyes, no one can touch his music. There may be many artists out there – male and female – who have been influenced by his music or performance style but no one out there can compare to him in any way. He was an artist, a genius and even tho he has been taken away, his music will live on forever. People will NEVER get bored of it, I still hear “Dont Stop Til U Get Enough” played in clubs, and that was from way back in 1979! I mean, how many artists are still lucky to have that sort of timeless music??
    May he rest in peace. He was taken away too early but his life was crazy, people were too quick to judge him and not understand him. I think his heart had enough- everything definitely happends for a reason and he deserves to rest.

  12. RIP Michael Jackson. Prayers for the Jackson Family. 😥

  13. Heartbroken…. You’ll Forever be In my Heart As well as others… You have touched me in ways you can’t imagine.. I Love You Michael… Rest In Peace.. You’re With God Now

  14. This is sooo sad 😥 . This is shocking and I just can’t belive it, I had no idea he was this bad off, I thought things was going well for him, I was really rooting for MJ. Maybe he can finally rest now, and I send my prayers and condolences to his family 😥 . Michael Jackson was the GREATEST, and there will NEVER be another.

  15. My Heart Goes Out To the Jackson Family.. You’re Forever In My Prayers As Well As my Heart…

  16. I’m shocked and I can’t believe he’s gone. I JUST CANT BELIEVE IT! [crying] 😥 😥

  17. My heart goes out to his family, friends and fellow fans…we’ve lost a legend but he’ll never be forgotten.

  18. To me I think CNN is doing a ok job but it’s Fox who is one getting on my nerves too.

  19. Michael Jackson… dead? That just doesn’t make sense to me. There is no other way to feel but sad, hurt, and yet honored to be apart of a generation that has seen Michael Jackson in different folds of his life. The man was simply in-human… The way he moved and sing in a register that no one could duplicate EVER. I used to be embarrass to admit that I enjoy spending late nights on my computer watching old video clips/interviews and simply falling in love with this man all over again. I was 5 when I first discovered Michael 1985 to be exact. Now I am happy to say that I always loved him and would turn a complete blind eye or deaf ear to the critics and the media. I am not familar with the monster people put him out to be… Michael Jackson and the whole Jackson family are something that Black people in particular should always be proud of because they lived the American Dream and although they are not perfect I am proud of their acheivments and Michael oh Michael you will be missed… I loved you 100 flaws and all.

    And for those who don’t understand what a phenomenum he was… you simply missed out

  20. I have cried all tears of my body today,My sisters are crying My mom is devastated I don’t know what to say, as i’m typing right now tears are streaming down my eyes I had my ticket plane and my concert ticket to see Michael i can’t believe i will never hear that “eeh eeh” high pitched sound he used to make,I’m hurt and broken and i don’t know what to say, every each one of us here have our opinions some people have fun calling other names and treating people like sh-t over a celebrity like nothing would never happen to our favorite,i was dancing to beat it this morning and now i wish Michael had Beaten death , I am sadden heartbroken I ….


  21. @stephanie

    I know exactly what you are saying, I am a prideful person but as I was taking my daughter to softball practice the tears were coming and I didnt care who saw me. I feel bad that my favorite performer is dead and his life was cut so short but I have comfort knowing that I always loved him. Its weird but I just can not stop crying. We need to appreciate our living legends because they were favored by God and we are lucky to have witnessed them at their best. MICHAEL JACKSON LIVES!!!!!!

  22. My prayers go to Jackson’s family! i will trully miss you Michael Jackson, i know God is with you are walking in heaven right now my God bless your soul!

  23. I am in shock.

    Michael changed pop music forever. Every pop star owes him for making pop as big as it is now. He left behind an amazing legacy of music.

  24. I am just going to drink until the pain stop E-Love to all of you Brownsista family

  25. Amber is right. Fox is downright shameful. Rest in Peace Michael. No one can ever take away your talent, music and the millions you touched through it. You will forever be missed. May God’s peace & love be felt by the Jackson family.

  26. Two icons who died the same day. First, Farrah Fawcett now Michael. What a strange and sad day. Now that I saw Jermaine’s statement on TV I ‘m starting to realize Michael’s really gone.

  27. During the 1980’s, as the world became more globalized, causing the erosion of local systems of meaning, Michael Jackson’s music provided a cultural architecture that made salient a sense of attachment to the urban landscape thereby creating a congruence of culture and urban space. For those of us who love music, and for those of the 1980’s generation, Micheal Jackson’s music will always continue to build an alternative landscape within the self by transforming the mind, the heart, and the soul into a single and unified entity. No controversy will detract from the fact that his music defined the 1980’s; his music spoke for an entire generation.

  28. Well said Blacksista and Smooth Thug. My heart is at a loss. He was such an example of a true star; someone who seemed to give so much of himself to those who were hurting, hungry and dying, and not because he wanted press. He seemed to genuinely embody love and peace.

    I have nothing but utter respect for the Jacksons, and lift them up in prayer and love. Peace.

  29. i so disgusted that the media couldn’t even let him have a couple days to rest in peace. some of the things they are choosing to talk about are irrelevant in such a tragic event. michael is a legend and will always be an icon no matter how much the media tries to destroy some of his accomplishments by emphasizing his personal problems today.

  30. Michael Jackson will forever be an icon and the undisputed “King of Pop.” There will never be another. I will cherish all of the memories I have of being a kid and watching all of his videos and being in awe of this man. He truly inspired a generation of music. Today’s music stars Usher, Ne-Yo, Chris Brown..countless others..all bear his mark. We lost one of our giants today.

  31. he will live forever in his time less classics and in our hearts.. i am forever grateful to have witnessed the presence of Michael Jackson weather it was through his music, videos, concerts etc. and his presence will live on. my mom was devastated, and me…well can’t even explain it, such a sad day. May his family find the strength from within to go through this hard time and remember that you are not alone.

  32. It was just Wednesday I saw pics of the Jackson family celebrating Latoya’s birthday. 062409. The whole family is there, parents, but no Michael. The next day 062509, they are grief stricken with Michael’s death. My heart really goes out to Katherine and Joe. Especially Katherine. She has had to really face some trying times with her family over the years. Wow. To celebrate one child’s birthday one day and the next day receive news that your other child has died? Man! I can’t imagine the pains she must feel. Joseph too. I let the tears flow with Marvin, Rick, Luther, James, Barry, and Phyllis. Now Michael. The tears are not there but it’s a deep saddened feeling that feels like, I still can’t believe it’s real. The shock. Maybe when I see the funeral and hear the song’s sung at the funeral, it will finally hit me and I will come to realize he really is gone.

  33.      I accepted it when the news was confirmed, but it didn’t hit me until I saw the video for “Stranger In Moscow” on BET….(all of his music-especially the Dangerous album- but in particular) that song kept me from giving up in my adolescence. There are entire swaths of my teenage years from 14-17 that I only made it through because MJ “was wandering through the rain” like me….Michael’s music gave me answers to life that I couldn’t find anywhere else….answers that I needed to survive. I anticipate I will spend (at least) the next few days engaging in various forms of head-shaking. 
         It’s tragic that such a spirit, someone who brought light to so much of humanity and history, was housed in a body unable to sustain its beauty; there is cruel irony in many of life’s truths. That he received the attendance of angels just before he could return to the stage and add some balance in favor of respect for his talents to the scales of public opinion that too often tipped toward ridicule, vain snark and derogatory, tasteless innuendo is a thought that thoroughly numbs me. 
         I never met this Royal One who reigned over the kingdoms of music influence and innovation (inspiring many princes of dance, princesses of video, dukes of perfectionism, lords of genre-defying production, and ladies of lyrical ingenuity, yet never being dethroned- that is to say, surpassed in achievement or ability to excite….never truly abdicating his calling), made colors irrelevant in the appreciation and distribution of music, became the fulcrum of musical expression’s climb toward limitless expectations and possibilities and connected the cultures of our race in ways that made us better humans. However, I choose to trust that he always knew the impact he had on well-wishers like me and therefore will not be saddened that all I can give to MJ is humble, fervent, continuous prayers that his children have a stable, healthy environment to continue thriving within…. that those he could specifically love are able and willing to lead them into an adulthood defined by well-adjusted, kind, tolerant, intelligent personalities; that in whatever way each deems comfortable, they can be their dad’s legacy and thus be light where there is darkness.      

  34. Michael, you took my heart with you. What will I do now?

  35. June 25, 2009 will always be remembered as the Day The Greatest Entertainer of All Time – Michael Jackson – journeyed to the next life. He was the ultimate Entertainer and a true legend. My deepest condolences to the Jackson family. RIP MJ.

    Everytime I think of the astonishing showmanship of Michael Jackson, I think of the current crop of entertainers and realize, most of them can’t even sing LIVE and entertain at the same time – just dance and LIP SYNCHING. Take a lesson from the Greatest!!!

  36. I’m in tears i was waiting for his comeback and was so sad when i cudnt get his ticket and was jealous of my cousin who lives in UK,i guess the universe knew this wasnt going to be but i have been fortunate to get a view of him just walking in the mall and i cudnt believe my eyes i thought i was hallucinating….when i first fell in love with dancing it was through a Micheal Jackson song Beat it,my dad bought me the leather jacket and i used to be the only girl who cud moonwalk and i used to use a lot of curl activator to achieve a wet Jeri Curl,who wud forget the gloves and the white socks,Wacko Jacko made me have the passion for dancing and thats why i fell in love with Janet Jacksons and later Maya,Aliyah,Sisqo from Druhill and Ciara coz dance is my love especialy good dancing…R.I.P. Wacko Jacko your presence,music and art will never die,you are now our are ancestor and guide,you are immortal and not dead at all,i now choose to celebrate your life instead of crying in paying your music will continue to heal us.

  37. I am so shocked and sad. I love Michael Jackson. Everyone of every race loves Michael Jackson becuse his music and dancing touched everyone. I am 35 years old and I grew up listening to him. My happy Michael Jacson moment was at 9 years old waiting for the premiere of the Thriller video and loving every moment of it. I know his music and work will love on forever. May he rest in peace. My condolences go out to his family.

  38. Michael Jackson was truly the greatest entertainer of all time. Nobody will ever be able to fill his shoes.

    R.I.P – and thank you for giving us your timeless music and music videos.

  39. I too am so saddened. God blessed him with a truly great talent, gift and a warm spirit that everyone felt though his music. He is a child forever and the child inside of me is so sad. But I thank God that he blessed us with Michael and I just pray for his family. My 8 year old granddaughter is distraught and went to bed after 12 am because she did not want to stop watching Michael Jackson videos and stories about his life. He will be greatly missed.

  40. I woke up this morning and Michael was still gone. The part of my heart that love love love him is in a million pieces. His death is so pre-mature and America just wasn’t ready for this… I wasn’t ready for this.

  41. This is a sad day, for the music/entertainment industry, for the African-American Community and for the world. The “King” has left us to be in the arms of the Creator and though he is to be mourn, let’s celebrate his life and his music which was his first love. He will always live on through his music.

  42. this is just wrong. i cannot believe that this happened just like anybody else. as soon as i heard it, i cried, and i don’t know why, i really felt like he was someone that was close to the world and reality. how ever i have to say that CNN should be ashamed of themselves, in his death, they are still bringing up the stupid controversies, and analyzing the legal situations, it is retarded and unfair. i was so appalled. im so devastated by this, but God has his reasons. above everything that he was to the world, i really really hope that he found Jesus before he passed, because he suffered greatly on this earth.

  43. Micheal Jackson was beyond BAD. There will never be another like him. I was just watching him on youtube; every move of his was done with pure perfection. R.I.P MJ and God bless your family.

  44. I received this in a text message today:

    James Brown December 25th
    Aaliya August 25th
    Left Eye April 25th
    Michael Jackson June 25th

  45. im devastated!my heart is sick . i feel for his family.its very sad!!!!i cant believe it still…………..R I P Michael jackson u’l always be my inspiration.when i listen to his music my heart breaks down….my day wasnt good at all!il miss u.was ur biggest fan………im deeply wounded.R I P MJ.

  46. RIP MICHAEL JACKSON.. I was in Aswan, Egypt in the middle of the desert. Traveling by Camel, riding
    motorboats across the NILE river to get from side to side.

    The nubians,Arabs, everyone Knew Michael Jackson. I mean Mud houses and dirt floors and they know Michael Jackson. They Speak little to NO English and they understood “MICHAEL JACKSON”. I got the most respect as a BLACK MAN outside of the US and I Know it was because it was the ground work of such Black Mega Stars..

    American media hated this man, beause of his power/Race and the fact he owned that beattles catalog. ( they’ll never get over that) There is no way a Nikka was supposed to own something like that or be smart enough to invest in something like that. He bought that in the early 80’s and they still talking bout it. INTERNATIONAL STAR…. BLACK AMERICANS the World Admires us. They really Do. Leave the U.S. and I swear you won’t wanna comeback.

    Michael Jackson IS huge…. Thank you MJ for making it easy for me OVERSEAS…..

  47. This is still not real to me. I loved his music and I lived it. My 12 year old daughter and my 4 year old niece know about Micheal. He will be missed.Music lost a great great entertainer 😉

  48. My heart is so heavy. I am horse from crying. I literally screamed and cried when I saw it on CNN. All of my friends know how much I love Michael and all of the material I saved on Micheal. I hope he is with the Lord now….he had such a hard life. God bless u michael. 😥

  49. MJJ died at 50, in reality he lived a very long life. Considering what his life was all about, it’s surprising he lived this long. People think wow 50 years old is young, but look at this man’s life. He began performing and dancing at 6 years old. From that point on he was constantly on the road. He was forced to get the best grades constantly. He didn’t have real interaction with other children, couldn’t play. He was excessively sheltered. And unlike his peers growing up and relax, he worked nonstop for 40 years. He didn’t retire. He became a recluse, he would never really leave hotel floors just stayed in his rooms, and when he went out, he had guards, he wore customes, he never wanted to grow up, stayed childlike, he pushed himself beyond reason, a vegetarian, although a 5-11 frame needed meat, etc. He would injure himself, and went back to work. Perform and practice for hours. His surgeries , his taking pain killers to stop the pain, just to dance and walk. His stress of the court trials. His constant need to be accepted. MJJ had no life, he was just sleeping and performing.

    People say they are his fans, but MJJ became a recluse because of that excessive love his fans displayed. I’m a fan, but that was too much.

    MJJ didn’t have a fulfilling life. His whole life was work , work work. So, I feel sorry that he died, but MJJ body couldn’t take anymore. And for him to survive 50 years , that’s remarkable. Mozart didn’t survive that long.

    I applaud Joseph for developing and pushing MJJ to be the best, but at the end of the day, I’m sure he regrets pushing MJJ to become this.

  50. Ok. The tears came. wow. But it was brought out by what Lenny Kravitz said,

    Lenny Kravitz Speaks On Michael Jackson: A Beautiful Human Being

    The wave of reflections about Michael Jackson’s passing is likely to shut down the internet: Google news stories in the upper thousands; Twitter admins on server alert. Lenny Kravitz broke Twitter’s 140 character limit to reflect on Michael Jackson’s legacy in this very thoughtful multi-part Tweet I recombine for your reading pleasure..

    There will never be another talent like Michael Jackson. Many people are saying what a performer, what an icon. How many Grammy’s he won. How Thriller was the biggest selling album in history. They speak about the controversy and countless other things. But the truth of the matter is he was a boy that God blessed with the most angelic voice. Just listen to an early Jackson Five album and listen to that voice. The purity, the feeling, the interpretation of the lyrics.

    At the age of ten, he was on par with James Brown and Aretha Franklin. But the thing he had that they could not match was the fact that he was a child. But at the same time he sang as an adult. That line between child and experienced adult took his expression to an unmatched level.

    I heard somebody on the BBC news tonight say that he was a great singer but didn’t have feeling like James Brown. That somebody is not listening carefully. As a child he did it all. Even if he had not done Off the Wall or Thriller, he would still be a genius in my eyes.

    I got to work with Michael on a track that has not been released and it was the most amazing experience I’ve had in the studio. He was funny. Very funny and we laughed the whole time. I also saw what a beautiful father he was. He was a beautiful human being.

    I am deeply saddened this evening. He was the first live performer I ever saw. I got to see him at Madison Square Garden when I was eight. If not for him, I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing. He gave me joy as a child and showed me the way to go. He was music. Period. His hugeness as a star was great but before he was the King of Pop, he’d said it all.

    May you rest in peace sweet Michael. You gave us all you had to give.

    ~ Lenny

  51. All I keep thinking about is his mother. My prayers go out to the family. I know I did not know this man, but, for some reason it feels like I lost an old friend. I hope that does not sound crazy. The first album that I ever bought was OFF THE WALL and it is still my favority MJ album. I hope now he is finally at peace up there singing with Marvin Gaye and Barry White making sweet music in heaven.

  52. I was hoping his death was a nightmare that next day,but it’s was true. Finally he’s at peace now and he can rest in heaven where he will be safe with God. 😥

    : No More Pain,Drama and Suffering

  53. Micheal, how could a person who never met you find the words to say? I am 28 years old and, I have loved you and janet for as long as I can remember…… My prayers go out to your family because you are truely gonna be miss! You are a blessing, angel, inspiration, legend…….. no matter how many people study your videos and moves they could NEVER replace you! MICHEAL J JACKSON you are truely 1 in a million.. I thank god for blessing the word with a young black man with talent as great as yours!

    I love you
    Away from the lies and money hungry people… May you REST N PEACE… MJJ

  54. Micheal, how could a person who never met you find the words to say? I am 28 years old and, I have loved you and janet for as long as I can remember…… My prayers go out to your family because you are truely gonna b miss! You are a blessing, angel, inspiration, legend…….. no matter how many people study your videos and moves
    they could NEVER replace you! MICHEAL J JACKSON you are truely 1 in a million.. I thank
    god for blessing the world with a young black man
    with talent as great as yours!

    To your family remember this JOHN 14:1 says let not your heart be troubled….. He is in a BETTER place then we are & god want put more on you then you all can bare.

    I love you
    Away from the lies and money hungry people… May you REST N PEACE… MJJ

  55. I am so shocked about micheal jackson passing away he was my favourite singer! It will be so impossible to forget about him.


  57. wow@ ihustle, i had no idea about those dates…crazy. its days later and i still cant really believe it…..

  58. wow !!!!!!!!! i was in shock its was very sad to hear tht the micheal jackson passed away…. i grew up with all hes songs and always admire him.. and its sad that hes gone but he will always be the king! of pop. my prayers goes to the jacksons………..

  59. He had awesome music … 50 is extra young to die that way….. my mom is 49 O_O

  60. I am still sad and is has been days since his death. I still find myself getting teary eyed while listening to his music. I still cannot believe that he is gone.

    My prayers goes out to the Jackson family, his children and all of his fans that loved him as much as I do. I feel bad that Farrah Fawcett lost her life to cancer and may God bless her family also. But MJ belonged to us. He was and is a BLACK MAN. Let me redirect that, he was and is a INTELLIGENT, COURAGIOUS, TRENDSETTER, MARVELOUS, SPLENDID BLACK MAN. And like Jamie Foxx and others have said he “belonged to us, and we shared him with the rest of the world.”

    MJ AND THE 80’s 4EVER

    Michael I love you and I miss you. May God bless you and your family.

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