Michelle & Ciara Struggling On The Charts

Singers Michelle Williams and Ciara are both facing hard times on music charts this week. Hits Daily Double have come out with their official numbers for Michelle’s first week album sales and they are not very good. HDD estimates Michelle’s Unexpected album moved about 14,000 copies in it’s first seven days and should debut way outside the top 10 but inside the top 40. Clearly not the news the singer was expecting and very sad because her album is actually quite good and worth a listen to for those of you who haven’t checked it out yet.

Other singers having a tough time these days include Ciara. Her newest single, Go Girl, is outside of the top 100 on iTunes and her bullet on urban radio is -25. The song is also losing spins on both Urban and Rhythmic radio stations and has fallen about 2 million impressions- down to about 13 million. For those of you who don’t understand chart talk- simply put, radio stations are playing her song less and less and thus fewer and fewer people are hearing it, which more than likely is leading to her poor sales on iTunes.


  1. thats just jacked up for both ladies i’m still goin to get cici album her video was hot she can dance her butt off :bowdown: michelle just leave matthew girl ๐Ÿ™ i remember when brandy and kelly was friends an brandy told her she needs leave matt because he was not doin her right an kelly stop bein friends with with her yeah she was stupid but dont you be stupid :noway: find somebody else an goin to get another copy of the album an give it to my sister :thumbsup:

  2. Not surprised about the numbers for Michelle. Yet, the public will get an over dose of Beyonce and her huge ego for the next two years.

  3. not every one can be number one unless your name is beyonce or rihanna

  4. thats tough. sometimes it is what it is. You can have all the press and promotion and still and not make a massive impact ( solange, Ashanti) or u can do extremely well( Leona Lewis). Then again, sometimes a track can blow up from no promotion, no video w/eva. Rihanna -Take a Bow and Live your life (TI) or Beyonce new music. It just depends.
    people always say that its not fair, but do they actually buy the music.

  5. Hopefully Ciaras vid will help improve things. It’s cold for sure. She’s probably the top wen it comes to female artists who can dance right about now

  6. it is amazing for people to always blame someone for the mishaps in some singer’s lives…like wit michelle, everyone is already saying that matthew did not promote her enough and beyonce is also to blame for the situation, yet the same people who say that can go out there and buy michelle’s album, or request her songs on the radio, but they don’t…for ciara, go girl was like an album filler, it is no ones fault but hers to release the track, even with all the nudity publicity stunts she still can’t get through, it’s sad, but this should give her even more energy to work harder on the rest of the album…great video though…

  7. LovelyBabe is correct. The same people blaming Mathew never copped Michelle’s album and have no interest in her. I will say this though, for Michelle’s album to leak weeks in advance of it’s release was awful. Somebody dropped the ball- BIG TIME. Mathew managed to keep Beyonce’s song under wraps until the day radio got it. That is nearly impossible to do but they did it. Why couldn’t the same be done for Michelle’s album? I bet Beyonce’s album won’t leak a month before it comes out.

    As for Ciara, Go Girl is a terrible and bland song. Her whole album has basically leaked too. Every other day a new song from her cd drops and none of them are that good. Her last cd started with a great song and video but not this time. Neither the song nor video is appealing to people and it ain’t Beyonce’s fault or anyone else’s.

    A lot of singers are just dropping the ball and not coming correct. We might as well add Keyshia Cole’s name to the list cause that Playa Cardz Right song is a mess. Rehashing that old Tupac joint was a mistake they will soon regret.

  8. @stella,

    mathew ain’t got nothing to do with bee’s songs not leaking. bee herself had EVERYONE she worked with sign contracts that they will not leak the songs and that they will not talk about it. the Dream talked about it when he was 106&park.

  9. Beyonce is a smart business woman. You almost HAVE to make people sign confidentiality agreements in the music business these days because you cannot trust that your music won’t get leaked. If people are afraid of a lawsuit, they’re more likely to keep things ligit.

    Ciara did have a weak single, but if she can get major video play, she’ll probably see a rise in her radio spins and future album sales.

    Michelle made a mistake by flopping back and forth between gospel and pop music. She may lose her fan base, and she is not interesting. When it comes down to it, people need to feel motivated to buy an album. The economy has caused people to be very tight with their money, and they will NOT support an artist if they don’t absolutely love their music… I like Michelle as a person, but liking an artist doesn’t mean that you’ll buy their album.

  10. Michelle…I’m actually now interested in checking out her record. Seriously. Wasn’t so much before until more and more people stated it was actually good. The gist of it is, with me, I only buy when I feel it’s something REALLY good. I don’t do ITunes, I buy actual records. Ciara is an artist I missed the boat with…and since her highness Beyonce has been mentioned, let me take it WAY back and say I pretty much missed the boat with Destiny’s Child, back in the day too. I can enjoy the music when I hear it only the radio, music like this, but rarely do I buy. And when I say music like this, I mean the uptempo (primarily) R&B/HipHop/Crunk influenced music. To be completely honest with you all, most of the songs by these women, these groups are just ‘fleeting’ for me. That’s not to say they lack substance (though most do), but I just can’t grab hold. I don’t know; my tastes are more traditional soul, r&b, blues, jazz and the uptempo, almost-pop sounding R&B I can’t gel with.

    However, with all of that said, I am willing to give some of these R&Bsters a try, starting with Michelle. Sometimes, that’s the way the cookie crumbles, I suppose. The industry it seems is more vicious these days (and biased) but that’s an argument for another day.

    @ Stephanie,

    For those of you who donโ€™t understand chart talk- simply put, radio stations are playing her song less and less and thus fewer and fewer people are hearing it, which more than likely is leading to her poor sales on iTunes.

    And also, the television channels that run the music videos decide who’s shown and how much they’re shown, etc. They are looking to fulfill some numbers, too – ratings and I’m pretty sure BET orgasmed once Beyonce booked an appearance because that means numbers, viewers, high ratings, etc. whereas they probably didn’t get that so much with Michelle. There’s got to be a new way to navigate in music today and still be ‘popular’…or maybe they need to give up on the ‘popular’ and fall back to just doing the music like so many brown sista artists are out there doing today. Alice Smith, N’Dambi, Conya Doss, Res, etc. It’s almost as if you have to sacrifice (for the most part) talent/substance for popularity…. ๐Ÿ™ I don’t know; but I do wish her and Ciara well. Just keep pushing; if the material’s good, someone will like it, love it, support it and you’ll get your shine eventually. I’ll let you guys know when I buy the record what I think. Thanks :brownsista:

  11. Unless Viacom Give Artist A Pass On Radio Or Tv ,It Difficult To Get High Radio Spin, Viacom Is Very Biased And Artist Must Come Together To Relieve The Contol Of A Big Corporation. Ciara Will Be Just Find, The LadyIS A Champ. Here In Houston Ciara Was Getting High Spins Until Those Biased Mc Stop Playing Go Girl To Give Beyonce A Shine. Those Two Beautys Are Both Opening Doors For Others But Our Black People Are Dividing Them. Ciara Wrote For Beyonce On Beyonce New Album, Their Not Enemy So Why Not Sure Love To Both Of Them.

  12. I bought 6 copies of unexpected for me and my sisters, i done my part to support her, michelle’s story is that of people we all know, In life there are some people that stand up for themselves and what they believe, and some people that just follow i.m.o without naming anyone all the dc girls are just victims some more successful than others but just victims,sooner or later it will catch up to all of them.

    Michelle is a woman by all mean she has that special power to make it if she want it, it’ s not that complicated, look @ j.hud people said her album wouldn’ t sell because the industry want skinny blonde and near white,but they don’ t ! they want something different jen went against it and is doing very good, her album is still selling, look at rihanna her album is still selling and it came out two years ago, now you have people creating blog to bash her and what not because she is a big competition to anyone and all she did was cut her hair sing one rock song and that’ s it, Michelle cd is much better than rihanna yet people don’ t want to support her a qui la faute?who’ s to blame? I have a good idea of you, Michelle need to buy a clue and fast
    i have done what i’ m suppose to do which is support a fellow sister, I gave her a chance, loved her music, and when ciara comes out i’ ll buy her cd, when keysh comes out i’ ll buy her cd too.

    As for cici she too has those teenage girls to back her up she will be fine, go girl is number idk on b.e.t she’ll be okay, i’ ll buy her cd for my little nieces

  13. I don’t think michelle got enough publicity from the mass medias to push her album, as for ciara the single had leaked weeks prior to the official release and had lost it’s punch. Artist probably need to stop leaking material so early.

  14. Well….I don’t really care for Go Girl anyway.

    Michelle’s album had no promotion…no hit single, no current single. What did anyone expect? No to mention the album leaked months ago. :iagree: that it was a decent album, but like someone said, perhaps flipping from gospel to pop did her in

  15. Well that sucks for Michelle :thumbsdown: . But from what I have heard so far, she seems to have a good album. I need to go out & cop it…. right now I have fallen behind w/ pickin up my new music, I still need to get J. Sullivan & possibly J.Hud. I think what most of you said was correct, ppl aren’t checkin for Michelle & radio is NOT given her any spins. But this still does NOT take away from the fact that she gets little to hardly no promotions. Regardless of what the public thinks her team should promote her to the fullest, that way wherever the chips may fall no one can say that they did not do their job. Maybe Michelle would have still fallen short w/ a huge amount of promotion maybe she would not… unfortunately we will never know ๐Ÿ™ .

    As for Ciara, I don’t like that Go Girl song :thumbsdown: ๐Ÿ™„ :thumbsdown: . That song urks me & everytime I hear it on the radio while driving I turn the station. I guess many others feel the same way. Maybe when her album is released she may have better results, but I think that the steam that is Ciara has run out. However, can’t deny that girl dances her tail off :booty: .

    Someone up top also made a another good point. Right now we are in a recession :thumbsdown: :thumbsdown: :bag: . People’s wallets are tight & their purse straps are short. Folks are trying to figure out how they are going to pay their light, gas, & water bills. People are tryin to put food on the table & make a dolla outta 15 cents. CDs are the last thing on everyone’s mind & if they are going to go out & buy they are more likely to steer towards the artist that they know are gonna bring it… no one wants to take risk w/ their hard earned money buyin a non necessity like music. Honestly can anyone blame them.

  16. Sorry to hear this b/c like stephanie said, I heard Michelle’s album is worth listening too. I will buy it and support her. This is sad, all the pushing back of the album for her etc.

    Ciara, I’m sorry but I knew this would happen. I think its backlash from the Vibe cover and how she responded to it!

  17. I feel bad for Michelle because her album is really really good, but not so much for Ciara, because her songs sounds like everybody else, i’m so tired of everyartist using that vocodor or that thing that T-pain uses all the time, imean its good for him because thats his signature thing that what he started with, but know here comes everybody else doing it too and i’m like o.k. we heared that all ready. BUt i love ciara’s new video , but the song is o.k. i guess.

  18. I think I will buy Michelle’s album. I think it’s sad the whole industry is sad. I am waiting for Febuary 2009 when Maxwell’s new album comes out. Not too many artisist from the ninties can do what he is doing. He is going on a world win tour before his album comes out. That is an artist. I can’t wait either I will see him this Saturday.

  19. michelle doesnt deserve to sell records, put it this way i will not buy michelle`s album as long as she is with matt knowles aka thief

  20. @Sean

    T-Pain didn’t start the vocorder… Zap & Roger did back in the 80s. And just in case u don’t know the group… they created the hits, I Just Wanna be Ur Man, Computer Luv, & doo wa diddy( forgive me if I got the title wrong, but I keep hearin this hook in my head LOL) :lol2: .

  21. @Blame it on tha Rain:

    That is so true. The vocorder was started by Roger & Zapp back in the 80s. They were cold blooded back in the day. They made great much; some of which I have. That just goes to show you that these artists today are not that original.


    I agree with you. Not only are these songs from female artists of this generation fleeting (with the exception of Alicia Keys and the likes) but with most artists as a whole. Name one song from most of these artists that is a signature song or will be a classic 10, 20 years from now?? You`ll be hard pressed.

    As far as Michelle is concerned I`m not surprised. She`s beating her head against a brick wall. With all the leaks and delays it just sealed her fate.

    MJ & The Golden 80s forever!!!

  22. Typo correction:

    They made great music; some of which I have.

  23. Ciara’s album is getting the push back too. The push back has officially become the kiss of death. Brandy has been pushed back and remember Eve was pushed back last year. Her album still hasn’t come out. A push back is a push aside. Once a label decides to push you back it is a sign they think your project is a bust.

  24. I actually like Ciara’s new song and video. Why it’s not catching on I’m not sure, probably because the sound isn’t that new. Liking that song isn’t enough for me to buy an album, though. Honestly, I’m one of those that will wait until I hear more before buying an album. Unless I REALLY like an artist enough to buy their album no matter what. And I can only count three artists in that category.


  26. first with michelle…love her to death..but from my understanding the reason why she didnt get much promotion and publicity for this album was because the media wasnt interested period…has nothing to do with her management…if noone wants her on their shows, or in their advertisements then no one is going to give her an endorsement…thats just how it goes…im happy the album came out because i got my copy and it is great! but if the media pays you no attention its not going to sell and that has nothing to do with matthew…they are not going to put money into her if the media wont even listen

    cici…i wish you the best with the album but this song wasnt correct…its almost like one of those tracks that get left off the album because it wasnt good enough…i wouldnt even call it an album filler and to release it was a single :noway: and yeah a video can help the song but for some reason…this video is good but the song is so bad i dont even want to see the video for a second time…man..i need another “goodies!” but choosing this song first wont help her album to sell

  27. I have a question when does a song officially enter the charts? cuz britney spears song got released so did her video and since before the video was release she was number one on itunes she just jumped from #96 to number 1 and rihanna disturbia is still on top of the charts and there is some people missing like keysh cole and more so shouldn’ t a song be on the charts when a video is released or even when teh song hit the air waves?

  28. Britney’s song was released almost 3 weeks ago. She debuted on the Hot 100 at number 96. What helped Britney is itune sales it was the same with TI ft. Rihanna. They were number 1 last week mainly due to itune sales and they still have not released the video for “Live Your Life.”

    People blame Matthew for Michelle but had she been with any other manager or released any other time the results would have been similar. Michelle is a talented singer but she is not going to take the world by storm.

    Ciara’s struggles are the result of bad music and poor timing.

  29. @ Voice it depends. It took Britney 2 weeks to debut on the Hot 100 while it took Beyonce 1 week. Chart positions are determined by radio spins and downloads. Downloads helped Britney tremendously while Beyonce is doing it with radio spins since her songs are not available on itunes yet. Once Beyonce’s songs hit itunes I expect her to make a huge leap on the charts.

  30. Sad to hear that their music isn’t getting that much play. Michelle just needs to get a new manager. Like alot of ya’ll have said we can’t blamec THAT man, but at the end of the day he does play a major factor in it. When Rihanna first came out we hardly saw her and she was no where as big as she is today. But when they re-invented her and came up with this fake image they all of a sudden wanted to promote her like crazy. Point is…..Michelle isn’t shoved down our throats like the usual people are. WHY?! Because they don’t want to.
    Ciara has lots of talent. NO her voice isn’t strong or that good, but she can hold a note and it has been proven that you don’t have to be a Whitney or Deborah Cox to sell millions. I don’t expect for everybody to like Ciara’s song, but that doesn’t mean radios shouldn’t give it air play. They just don’t want to. America is 1 dimensional anyway.

  31. B.d it just that beyonce is such a huge star and a legend i’ m just outraged that her song released a week ago are nowhere near the top 10 someone of her calibers need to be number one the firts day but idk thanks for the answer

  32. CiCi- I wish her all the best, but as someone else pointed out, Go Girl is weak, it’s not even good filler material!

    T-Pain is kinda tired now, his intro reminded me of Kiss Kiss w/ Chris Brown.

  33. Not surprised with the michelle situation, im surprised one person brought her cd never mind 14,000.

    Cici’s new song is rubbish, it doesnt have the appeal of one two step or goodies

    @voice since when did beyonce become a legend? she has only had 2 albums, neither of which when 10 x platinum. Legends are Mariah, Tina Turner, Michael Jackson etc.

    I smell a stan…. lol

  34. @Kanyade:

    I agree with you. Not only are these songs from female artists of this generation fleeting (with the exception of Alicia Keys and the likes) but with most artists as a whole. Name one song from most of these artists that is a signature song or will be a classic 10, 20 years from now?? You`ll be hard pressed.

    @ Smooth Criminal,

    :bowdown: :brownsista:

  35. Wow. 14,ooo huh? That’s less than Solange’s album sales. I think if Michelle had received the type of promotion Solange got, then Michelle’s numbers would have been a a bit higher– not outstanding– but just higher.

  36. breaking down: I am a stan girl , and you are such a :hater: you wish you were beyonce i know you’ re jealous she is alegend in 20 year people will still be jaming to sl and crying to iiwab stop the :hater:

  37. I guess you decided to only post that Ciara’s Urban spins are down and not that her overall spins are up! Also the song hasn’t even been added to Rythmic and pop formats yet.

  38. Zap& Roger did not start the vocorder it was Stevie Wonder. Listen to the “Songs in the Key of Life” album lol. Oh yeah T-Pain uses autotune not vocorder they sounds similar but different. Well I’m sorry I like Michelle but I wasn’t feeling her songs. I like Ciara as well but was not feeling “Go Girl” but that video was sickening!!!! She should’ve chose a better single though.

  39. @loveroflife:

    Thanks for the info. I forgot about Stevie Wonder`s “Songs in the Key of Life”. That`s a brilliant album from one of the greats and true legend. His music is already a part of my collection that I own. By the way “Songs in the Key Of Life” was released in `76. So that takes the autotune/vocorder back even further. The two sound extremely similiar with no major difference. The point is, we were just saying, “artists today are not all that original”. That`s the bottom line. Again, thanks for the reminder.

    MJ & The Golden 80s forever!!!

  40. It’s not surprising news about Michelle’s CD, without promotion the CD was bound to fail. Also pushing the CD back did not help, not to mention when it got leaked. Sad for her.

    As far as Ciara, everybody in the music business has a song with T-Pain so it all sounds the same. The song itself is not her best.

  41. i like ciara go girl…..i like michelle to but her flop is due to lack of promotion…but i will be happy if 14,000 people bought my cd

  42. @ no name, MICHELLE can’t sing she is ok in a group and her gospel songs are ok,but she don’t have the personality to grab a audience attention! why are you blaming Beyonce when she clearly has more talent than MICHELLE. B EYONCE’S album was pushed back so that MICHELLE could find someone to purchase her cd…….well only 14,000 people had extra money to buy it ๐Ÿ™ I get so sick of these phony SOLANGE,MICHELLE, and KELLY fans, because if you really love these girls than quit complaining and buy their music their albums sales show how much you really support them(rolling eyes) regardles of how you feel about BEYONCE she has the best stage presence she pulls you in on every performance, her vocals are the best, and she ain’t scared to sweat,mess up her hair, fall down a flight of steps and continue to complete her show and she sounds the same live as she does on cds. talent is talent period, we all knew about michelles album coming out but she has zero personality, all you fans need to support michelle cd by buying it instead of complaing on this website. we all like to cheer for the underdog, because we all feel like the underdog as people, but we also have to be honest and MICHELLE, SOLANGE, AND KELLY don’t have the fire as BEYONCE even if you wrapped all 3 together.


    DOES THE VIDEO AND I AM A FAN OF HER SO YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Ciara should have released Click Flash as her first single or High Price…hell do a double video stunt like Ms B. And rip both videos. I thought CiCi was a dope female artist to hit the scene when she gave us “My Goodies”. Then the wack azz media and hollywierd started pushing this girl toward sellin sex and losing weight and just ..UGH!! Posin all neggie on mag covers and shh*…..I love Ciara but I feel sorry that she feels she has to do the xtra nonsense just to sell her music when she has talent. And that should be all you need to succeed but this greedy evil world want like a Good girl with a weak spirit stay Good forever.

  45. Ciara whomever did the Go Girl video. Shoot’em :lol2:
    That look doesnt fit you no better than cinderella sister tryin to rock her glass slipper. Sorry babe ๐Ÿ™

  46. WHY did Michelle’s album come out around the SAME time as Beyonce’s??? Michelle needs to establish some kind of personality, becuz she’s become a bit invisible, same goes for Kelly! As for CiCi, I’ll definitely buy the album…. her last album was BANGING & yes, someone already said it, but her Go Girl song is a HOT MESS!!!! I don’t know WHY she released that God-Awful song, SMH

  47. It comes as no surprise to me, the music industry is suffering. Everyone is coming out with bland singles and everything sounds the same. I am not feeling Michelle Williams and Ciara’s new song is horrible. Artists that sell are playing it safe, like Alicia Keys and Rihanna, sticking to their usual mediocre formula. Even Britney’s and Beyonce’s new singles are nothing to be excited about.

  48. I agree @ Lisa! The Music Industry is starting to sound the same… nothing much to get excited about anymore! The artists that deserve recognition aren’t getting any & the artists who DON’T deserve are getting TOO MUCH, :noway: SMH

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