Michelle Obama Official White House Photo

Michelle Obama Everyday when I get up I do a daily search of Barack and Michelle Obama news. So far this week stories about Michelle’s bare arms have been all the talk online. Apparently some people are seriously mortified that Michelle is (gasp) showing her arms. Some have argued that it shows a lack of class, but you guys know me- I have a different argument. I think some people are mortified not just by Michelle’s super toned and sculpted arms, but by the fact that there is a Black First Lady period and that she doesn’t look like mammy. Some parts of this country simply cannot deal with a sista who doesn’t fit the stereotype of what a Black woman should be or look like. The talk of Michelle’s exposed arms will no doubt continue as she is once again exposing them in her official White House portrait. This photo is causing as much a firestorm as the sight of her at the President’s address to Congress did.

Some are wondering why Michelle has to be so “out there” with her style. LOL. Who knew exposing one’s arms would be considered “out there”. Clearly more is going on than meets the eye when it comes to the nation’s obsession with Michelle’s arms.

I have given my opinion. What say you my Brown Sistas?


  1. Now that is really reaching.That’s just because they can’t find anything else negative to say about her, I’ll bet everything that it’s mostly women saying negative things about her arms. Why do we do this to each other; pick each other apart and compare ourselves to someone else? When will we grow up? :hater:

  2. oh excuse my vocabulary, but “crackers” will find any reason to bring a person of color down. Michelle looks gorgeous, and her arms are motivation for my to get mine in shape. let the haters hate, she’s already won her title anyway

  3. If Bill Cilton can get a bj in the white house she can show her arms.

  4. Lady Obama is so full of class and grace it is unbearable to some. The nay-sayers and critics are really just confirmation to how much class she exudes. I feel that they are more upset that she does not fit any stereotype. She knows her person and shines within it. It’s undeniable that it’s hard to put out those images of mammies, and baby mamas when we have Michelle as our first lady. She is the primary image for African American Woman today. It seems as if the old lies are coming to the surface and some people want to stir them into the pot. I support Michelle’s decision to be herself. She’ll never satisfy everyone however she’ll have to live with Michelle everyday. Continue to show those toned arms this is female power at it’s best! :bowdown:

  5. Haha just read Jenaki’s comment I fully agree! Suddenly we’re talking of class; only if walls could talk I’m sure Bill wasn’t the only one doing shady, seedy things that are classless! :lol2: Like bare arms are so bad.

  6. I love how Barack never misses a chance to big up his wife. He did it during his taped speech at the NBA Allstar Game and he did it again at the speech to congressional members. He always acknowledges Michelle and calls her The First Lady. He has so much pride for her and it shows.

    I was reading US Weekly just now and all the white girls kept saying how dishonest it was of the media to call Michelle beautiful. They all cited Halle as a believable case of a beautiful Black woman. This shows how Whites, especially, white women, don’t want a Black woman with no visible signs of white blood to be viewed as attractive.

    White women don’t want to lose their hierarchy and Michelle becoming First Lady is thought to be just unimaginable to them.

  7. Thanks this is my point.
    Who cares if she shows her arms.
    There are bigger issues at hand.

  8. I say go for it. She is showing one of her best assets. At least she’s not baring something else. Leave her alone. No one says she has to wear a blazer. Geez!

  9. Well, when a woman has the kind of toned arms that Michelle has especially at her age, it is a big deal. 😆 Per usual, she looks great. I like the beads the best. Beads are very classy.

  10. Seriously? She is showing her arms too much? This just goes to show that people really have nothing negative to say about her.

    Haters are gonna hate, let’s not feed into their delusions.

  11. Ronda,

    I completely agree with you. And Jenaki, girl, you ain’t said nothing but a word . That is so true. There are so many more things that we could be concerned about in this country….like…the recession! And war! Lol. I swear let all the Michelle Obama haters hate, damn shame too b/c it’s probably mainly women. I think someone said that earlier, we love to tear down our own. I love Michelle Obama and what she represents. Stephanie I think you were dead on with the sterotype theory. I think it makes whites sick that she’s not washing their clothes and feeding their kids.

  12. :lol2: There goes those toned arms again….whitey gonna crucify the picture. 😆

  13. I want arms like that :thumbsup: . She is really making me want to start doing some weight training for my arms. She looks great..some people just want to find any reason to have something “bad” to say about her.

  14. White America doesn’t know how to understand an Afro-American president and First Lady. It’s like this, y’all:
    The First Family puts stress on white America because their white identities have now become particularized and minoritized; that makes whites very, very uncomfortable. White America now has to reevaluate its relationship with peoples of color and they don’t like it. White America knows that at one time it had the luxury of not having to deal with their own racial background and their own views about their own entitlement and privilege. But that discourse and conventional text changed when Barack Obama became president.
    @ First Lady Obama:
    Ms. First Lady, you just keep on being the classy, stylish, and elegantly beautiful lady that you are.

  15. I can’t recall what news show I was watching yesterday evening but they were discussing this same subject and how some ppl are in an uproar about it *rolls eyes*. I think it stems from a fear of change. Those naysayers have their undies in a bunch over her arms because past First Ladies have never bared their arms or exposed much skin at all for that matter. Mrs. Obama knows that it is time to show everyone that as a First Lady, she’s relatable and she’s proud of herself and does what makes her comfortable.

    To those that object: Doesn’t Michelle Obama have THE RIGHT TO BARE ARMS?

  16. I WISH my arms were as toned as her. Nothing wrong with this sistah. She’s gorgeous!

  17. First Lady Michelle Obama is a threat to white women because she tears down the stereotype that black women, especially brown complexion women are masculine, loud, ignorant, etc. She is in fact the complete opposite, intelligent, well-spoken, educated, sophisticated. Joe Biden, is in awe of First Lady Michelle. He has said that he loves her. It’s that realization that a black woman can command such attention from men, that white women (some) are begining to fear that their social status is fading, and that’s upsetting to them.

    In a way this is why it is important that we demand better representation from our women in different walks of life. Especially, the entertainment world. Their images control the way we and others see us as women. This is why I take issue with Madea. Although, funny , Madea plays into negative stereotypes of the Angry Mammy that plagues black women everyday. Although, Tyler Perry means well, does he know the effect Madea has?

    People are funny, many white women may feel that First Lady Michelle presence will give men another option and it’s scaring them. It’s bad enough when a Halle-esque woman gets a white man, but a woman like First Lady Obama becomes the adoralation of the world, wow, a pure African American. That’s a dangerous move.

  18. Bohwe: Tho i agree with the first paragraphe of your post II think you see what you want to see in Madea, Past the big -ss old lady beating people,Madea is a deep person with a big heart 😆

  19. :brownsista:
    Michelle looks beautiful! I dont see anything wrong with what she is wearing, im guessing because others have worn long sleeves its expected. This is a new era, loves it

  20. She looks beautiful! And I agree with Ronda and Bohwe


  21. Amazing!!! People always have something to say… I mean I can’t even comment.. This is a beautiful intelligent woman and she has every right to show her arms..

    Heck… If Hilary hadn’t been so stiff and showed off her arms more…maybe Bill wouldn’t cheated on her!!!! LOL

    Just Kidding (well not really)

    But seriously… they need to stop trying to find things to bring this woman down..

  22. I :iagree: with you Step they can’t handle the fact that Michelle is setting her own trends and not following the old traditions of the other Presidential wifes and their looks,not that there was something wrong with the old traditions but whats wrong with a little change,after all this is the year of change,the year of better things to come,so I keep hearing anyway.
    There were Presidents who mess up the economy,sent thousands of young men to War to die,screwed up thousands of people’s jobs,many are now homeless,jobless,and have families to feed,to clothed, and to house,but nothing is said about those things,and the only thing you people can trip on is Michelle wearing some sleeveless dress,give me a break!!!!!
    I mean can we talk? what’s more important? fixing our economy,our jobless situation,and our homeless situation?or perhaps Michelle is showing her bear arms,as thought she was half naked or something,Aaah! No she didn’t! Well yes she did and she looks good.
    you people who evidendly have no life by all means stop Hate-n on a sista.
    Get a life :hater: s

  23. @ Ronda

    Wow about the US Weekly comment. In that case, it’s wrong for white America to consider the following women beautiful too:
    Paris Hilton, Sarah Jessica Parker, Sarah Jessica Parker (I just had to include her twice), the chic that plays Samantha on SATC, Cameron Diez, Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Garner, Angelina Jolie (I don’t care how many minorities she adopts, I don’t see all the hoop-la about her looks), and Ice-T’s wife CoCo to name a few.

    Anyhoo, until the First Lady starts showing T&A in public, these pispot, bitter white girls don’t have a leg to stand on. Ka-peesh? In other words, I agree Stephanie.

  24. Oh, and another thing, toned arms/bodies are characteristics that many blacks have that other races generally don’t. They’re pissed because her higly praised arms in some ways represent blackness and because they can’t boast of similar features they feel excluded and thus pissed. I never heard them call those Academy Awards red carpet chics classless when they bare their (pale and loose) arms. Make me sick…

  25. I swear after this one I’m done ya’l but if previous first ladies had had arms like Michelle’s they would have bared them too. Since they don’t/didn’t, well…

  26. People will like it better if michelle put a blond weave on and start rubbing on Barack publicly

  27. I shouldn’t have said “bitter, pisspot white girls.” The “white girls” part was unnecessary. 🙁

  28. :iagree: w/ Bohwe and Smooth Thug
    Michelle is such a powerful woman. Her presence alone is unsettling to many white people. This whole “baring arms” issue is just a cover up. They can’t find a d@mn thing wrong with her. What they are really uncomfortable with is Michelle herself..a beautiful, educated black woman who fails to fit into their narrow-minded views of what they think a black woman should be and/or look like. People fear what they don’t understand and please believe Michelle got more than a few people shook.
    Go Michelle! :brownsista:

  29. If I may offer my opinion… I am a white guy, who has dated black women, and regularly looks at this blog. I am one who thinks Michelle Obama is an absolutely beautiful woman… Who cares if she is showing her arms… She is America’s First Lady, and should be treated with the respect that she deserves, not only as the wife of the President of the United States, but as a woman.

  30. There is nothing wrong w/ Michelle showing her arms… it is only fashion. I believed that Jackie Kennedy wore something similar w/ arms out ( by no means am I trying to compare the 2 women) just showing fashion is fashion. Michelle is a lady who likes to wear sleaveless things, that is her perferred choice of dress. She is comfy in it & she likes it. When she wears it she always makes sure that the outfit fits the occassion, whether it is dressy or dress down. The point is no matter what, ppl are gonna have a complaint… with Michelle, the kids, or Barack. Like it was stated, the vast majority of White America is NOT comfortable w/ a Black 1st Family( yes some could careless, but they are outnumbered by those who do)… so you will see them nick pick about any lil thing. And they will always find a fault, which is why Michelle & Barack HAVE to bring their “A” Game to shut all of the naysayers up & make them choke on their words.

  31. Lord some folks will find the most ridiculous things to whine about. I never would have thought arms would be up for discussion. :loser:

    She looks great. I love the photo

  32. she is the symbol of black beauty and Pride,they took cleopatra and made her white and made Jesus white to make us feel hopeless and inferior the buck stops with Michelle and Barack they have reclaimed the thrown and the is no turning back for dark people around the world,our self-esteem is peaking.

  33. Michelle looks great, I love her, she is strong, educated, classy and Beautiful. :thumbsup:

  34. …i’m not even taking on what they are sayin… i’m to busy trying to emulate… :lol2:

  35. You hit the nail on the head when you said Mrs. Obama doesn’t look like mammy so that’s where all the fuss begins.

    There is a picture of Jackie Kennedy with a white SLEEVELEES dress, hat and gloves. Has anyone ever commented on that being inappropriate? Of course not!

    Michele O is BEAUTIFUL! She should put some cornrolls in her hair just to mess with the world! BLACK POWER :lol2:

  36. I can’t even comment on this IGNORANCE!!!! NEXT post please…….

  37. I think she looks great but she’s definately showing off her toned arms. So what, she works out.

  38. I haven’t read about anyone complaining. But I have a feeling some of it comes from jealousy. Michelle looks FABULOUS!!! She’s doesn’t have to hide her neck and upper arms under scarves and shawls. LOL!! Some people just can’t take it!!LOL!! I say, “Do your thing Mrs Obama!!” :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:

  39. well she’s a beautiful black women representing herself as well her lovely husband who is now our presedent

    THINK PosiTvE pple

  40. I love Michelle Obama and what she represents for me! :bowdown: This photo is BEAUTIFUL. Last year, my son and sister and I were touring the White House and we saw all of the photos of the previous and (then current) First Lady.

    I remember being so proud that there would soon be at least one photo that reflected me and my family. :hifive: I think beauty comes in all shades, but we are so accustomed to one particular brand of beauty because that is what we have been shown by some many forms of media. :stop:

    BUT Michelle is giving the WORLD a pause; like the wonderful cover of Vogue Mag said “The First Lady the World Has Been Waiting For”. My hat goes off to Mrs. Obama, my First Lady and lovely :brownsista: /

  41. Hate is such an ugly thing. Those who are “shocked” at my First Lady’s toned, bare arms probably need to work out so their arms can look like hers. :lol2: Stop hating!! :brownsista:

  42. :iagree:

    This is why she wore a sweater over that black and red dress–which really spoiled the look of the dress–because of deranged folks who look for anythng to criticize about this woman.

    So, so sad.. :loser:

  43. :brownsista: It’s simply OVAH for Lady Obama, She reigns high above the realm of FABULOSITY!


  44. Its crazy to hear the nit-picking regarding President Obama and First Lady Michelle. Bare arms?!?! Please when I saw Michelle showing her arms in a beautiful gown the other week I was impressed because I want my arms to be toned like that. She takes care of herself inside and out and she looks good.

  45. They are really reaching. Michelle is fabulous. If I had arms like that I would show them too. They are determined to make her look like Aunt Jemima. Well sorry folks b/c it ain’t happening! :brownsista: :brownsista: :brownsista:

  46. Oh PULEEEZE…if it’s not her arms its going to be the side she chose to part her hair on….give it a rest…basically there is nothing that they can say about her so they will pick the most mundane and outrageous thing they can think of. Didn’t the last first lady own and wear a red suit…I was always told harlots and prostitutes wore red…get over it…Michelle is our first lady…she is fabulous so all of the haters need to stay down!

  47. Michelle is a strong woman. Her style and physical appearence happens to reflect that. She should not have to fit any mold. I don’t see the fuss. Her style is conservative with a personal touch. I love this look. The pearl…Oh that gorgeous smile is the icing on the cake.

    The Mass Media know they have better things to investigate . They are only focus on this non-issue because they are avoiding real news. Why am I not surprise anymore? When people stop watching/buying their BS because of its poor quality are they going to ask for their own stimulus package, too? SMH.

  48. You make a good point here. There will always be Michelle haters. She goes against what certain people think a black woman is and that is fabulous, smart, accomplished, opinionated and in shape. As if it’s such a surprise. I love the official photo.

  49. If bare arms is the only argument people have against First Lady Michelle, she is doing something right!!


  51. :bowdown: She looks good! that’s why today i didn’t cover my arms!

  52. I am a white woman (not that it matters) and am thrilled with Mrs. Obama for her style, her values and willingness to be herself, arms and all. I am not offended by her style in any way. I celebrate it. I am offended by others seeing anything this lovely woman chooses to do as a statement about race. My sincere hope is that we acknowledge the accomplishments of this woman on her own terms and hope that by being black she gives us a new way to talk and think about race differences in this country.

  53. *sigh*

    This is nothing but women yapping about her because they wish they had a Barack Obama.

  54. Mrs. Obama wears outfits that show off her arms BECAUSE SHE CAN. And I love her for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :hifive:

  55. Very good commentary above my fellow brown sistas. Although, I’d have to say that we can’t put all white people into a box (just like they can’t put all blacks). Remember that the majority of white people who voted, voted for Barack and therefore were comfortable with seeing brown skin in the white house. Also, every negative comment aimed at the Obamas cannot be chalked up as being rascism or hatred. Like the first lady said so eloquently in one of her interviews: not everyone is going to agree with what one wears or does. No big deal.

    By the way, Michelle looks absolutely fabulous in this picture. Ohh, and I had a dream about her and her hubby last night. lol

  56. :bowdown: :iagree: with Ronda. Is the article on US weekly’s website? Our First Lady is STUNNING!!!!!!!!!Bravo, Bohwe, bravo, my sentiments exactly about Halle. The two black guys she had made her want to kill herself!!

  57. I love Mrs. Michelle Obama and everything about her. As a professional woman of approximately her same age, with not quite as buff arms (I’ll admit that), I can not defend her on the arm exposure thing. It is a matter of etiquette, like putting your elbows on the dinner table. It would have been the same if one of the congressmen showed up at the address without a suit jacket. It is not proper in the business arena. I have made the mistake of showing up at a business function with my arms exposed before but that was before I knew any better. I still think Michelle is fabulous and if she dosen’t mind putting her elbows on the table, who am I to judge?

  58. for real just haters. michelle looks beautiful. confident.elegant, classy and sexy.
    i encourage all sistas to look up to. YOU GO GIRL

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