Michelle Obama Shares Her Beauty Routines

The elegant and exquisite Michelle Obama is gracing yet another cover of a great magazine. The November issue of Prevention Magazine features our First Lady Michelle Obama. She gets personal with the magazine discussing the meaning of good health, aging, exercise, diet, and my favorite her beauty routines. The bad news is I couldn’t find any excerpts on her daily beauty routines to share with you all, but the great news is it will be available to the public the first week of November. Be sure to pick it up!



  1. I will definately pick up this, I don’t even buy it. I just know Mrs Obama was not a cute teen, but look how fabolous she turned out.

  2. Her body is like a work of art. I really have to get my excersise together.

  3. @ Truthteller, have you ever heard the phrase “beauty is only skin deep”/ With her brilliant mind, and her finesse I am sure it doesn’t matter to anyone how she looked when she was a teen. This world is so superficial and caught up in looks and material things.

    I am certainly going to buy this magazine.

    Go Michelle,,,,,

  4. @ Neveah

    What was wrong with what I said? I was just giving the woman her props. Some people look good in HS and look a hot mess 2 years after graduation. Some people look bad in school and never pull it together, they is fabolous and she looks younger and prettier as an adult, When I’m her age, I’ll take something like that as a complement, but to each is own.

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