Michelle Obama’s Prom Dress Makes The News

Michelle Obama Prom Dress As my granny would say “Lawd Hammercy”. If you thought Michelle Obama’s arms caused a controversy you ain’t seen nothing yet. The media is still obsessed with finding things to criticize Michelle about. So obsessed, they went back over 25 years ago and found a photo of her at her high school prom. So what’s the big deal you say? Well you guys better sit down for this. The photo shows Michelle wearing a dress with a… a… oh my gosh I just can’t say it- you guys are gonna have to click over to the next page to see it for yourselves.

That’s right folks, an 18 year old Michelle Robinson posing with her date at her high school prom at the Whitney M. Young Magnet High School, is photographed wearing a gold dress with a thigh high slit… LOL.

Michelle Obama Prom Dress

Why is this a story? Why did I just see it on CNN? Why are conservative and liberal bloggers in such a tiff? I’ll tell you why- because Michelle’s thigh doesn’t have any fat on it. All these clothing controversies the media keeps making up all involve a Michelle Obama looking just a little too good- dare I say, sexy even.

Michelle continues to buck the black mammy stereotype Americans are so used to dealing with when it comes to Black women- and some people just can’t handle that.

What will they think of next? I half expect to see Michelle criticized for wearing a bikini pamper at the age of 6 months- lol.


  1. :hater: Shame on CNN for even running this story. She was a teenager then, not the First Lady. Furthermore, it was probably the style. There is nothing inappropriate about this picture.. well, maybe except for her date– how old was he then? 40?! :lol2:

  2. Plus, the Pres. is photo’d shirtless and is praised, but Michelle shows a little leg as a teenager and all holy hell breaks loose? I’m telling you Stephanie, your mammy theory is right, but I also believe that a lot of people can’t accept that the First Lady is not a Eurocentric looking black woman. They can’t accpet that the title belongs to a black woman that doesn’t fit certain cultural standards of beauty. I’m telling you, they’d be much happier if Barack were sporting a non-black or a mixed raced black woman on his arm because at least then, in their eyes anyway, she’d be worthy of all the praise she’s getting.

  3. OH GOODNESS GRACIOUS! Ppl are really reaching now. It’s humorous though because they can’t take it. An educated Black woman who is also healthy and doesn’t fit their ignorant idea of what a Black woman is…. they can’t handle it.

    You Go, Michelle! Showing all your sexiness with them legs at prom. My “show off ” body part at prom in ’98 was my sexy back. Plus, daddy wasn’t allowing much else to be shown off. 😉

  4. I also believe that a lot of people can’t accept that the First Lady is not a Eurocentric looking black woman. They can’t accept that the title belongs to a black woman that doesn’t fit certain cultural standards of beauty.

    UnalteredBeauty, I think you hit the nail right on the head. I could literally go on and on about why some people just seethe with hate at every little thing Michelle, says, does or wears. She is breaking down barriers some people don’t want to see broken, but I say the time has come and no one can stop Michelle or sistas in general from fulfilling their destiny. :thumbsup:

  5. Are u serious? We all dressed a little grown on prom night… sheesh!

  6. Thats y i get pissed when people take michelle politeness towards certain people for a praise for her and her children to follow in the steps, People are finding everything to pick on our first lady and we don’ t need to hekp them with it ,WTF? a tight high slit? Michelle is sexy nut not slutty and they are intrigued since all you see in Hollywood at least all that is praised are women dressed in slutty clothes acting like they need a d-ck asap she is sensual yet she is not putting it all out there she is leaving it to the imagination, and Obama can brag since he is the only one that knows what the inside of her thighs look likes you won’t catch her with a short dress or catch a glimpse of her underwear, she is articulate she ALWAYS MAKE SENS , she can spell, she has a backbone, she is healthy and curvy without looking like a fat cow wearing a dress five size smaller, She is a great mother not only to her children but kinda like to all of us, and they hate it, They are going to find anything to discredit her and we don’ t need to help them by putting her in the box with some women that can’ t even compete with her toe nails .

    Food for thoughts

  7. UnalteredBeauty i looked at your nickname for like 2 minutes 🙂 i never realized how deep it is :bowdown: I am too an Unaltered Beauty and i agree with you they can’ t stand a black woman being sexy without showing it all who’ s to blame for that ? :brownsista:

  8. I am just happy that they are digging for things at the bottom of the barrel. It shows that they don’t have nothing on Michelle or Barack. Like you said Stephanie, they have broken the stereotypes of what the audience have been fed about black people and especially black women. Barack does not have a whole lot of baby mommas nor a prison sentence and Michelle is not loud and ignorant and she loves her family and her husband and they do not act like stuck up educated people who think they are better than others. I am so happy that they do not fit any negative stereotype. It is so sad, but when God blesses, the devil messes. Good for them and the minority communities.

  9. Stephanie, you are in rare form tonight.

    Lawd, I wish the likes of CNN would get back to reporting REAL news. Geez, I’m done. I’m going to bed. Good night, ya’ll.

  10. Oh the only thing wrong about this 25 year old photo is her date : I concur! I’m sure she’s glad she held out for Obama, this guy looked as if he was over the hill. They had to reach that far back hahaha! This sort of desperation keeps me healthy because I am rotfl! :lol2: I am also humbled to be part of an era in which I can see the barriers, the stereotypes, and media perpetrated false images torn down. There are black sistas tearing down the latter each day. Michelle Obama is leading the throng, of rising educated, gifted, gorgeous, talented and brilliant black woman. It feels good: black first lady, Oprah, and all the others topping the Forbes list. I think some people are feeling a little bit intimidated. They should be; it only gets better…

  11. As I stated before, white America doesn’t know how to handle a black first family. Just look at Rush Limbaugh. That idiot don’t know what to do, poor thing.

  12. LOL @ Smooth Thug. Rush Windbag is coming undone at he seams isn’t he?

    Unaltered Beauty you summed it up PERFECTLY!!! Took the words right out of my mouth. :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:

  13. :lol2: @ getting critiqued for wearing a bikini pamper!

    Looking at that pic I can’t believe that he and Michele are not even 2yrs apart. And for anyone who cares, Michelle’s prom date gave a brief interview. I would post the link here, but I’m sure if Stef allows that. I’m sure you google it though.

  14. :lol2: @ getting critiqued for wearing a bikini pamper.

    Looking at that pic I can’t believe that he and Michele are not even 2yrs apart. And for anyone who cares, Michelle’s prom date gave a brief interview. I would post the link here, but I’m sure if Stef allows that. I’m sure you google it though.

  15. CNN obviously has too much time on their hands. Is nothing sacred? A prom photo is supposed to be sweet memory, not “newsworthy”.

  16. I dont remember seeing picture on CNN or Fox of George Bush snorting cocaine, or shaking hands with Bin Laden at Yale, or lets say drinking so hard from partying to much. The media will find any reason to build up so they can tear down.

  17. Hollywood’ s Idea of a black woman is slutty, uneducated,lacking class and plain old empty,They need to find something to put this sister down, But they can’ t i’ m so happy 🙂

  18. *sarcasm* OMG this slit is sooooooooo shocking!

    PUUUUUHLEASE!!! This is coming from the same society who considers Madonna a “role model for women”?? ………….

    :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:

  19. :hifive: at Unaltered Beauty

    They just can’t handle it.

  20. Hold up wait a minute :stop: This is utterly ridiculous :iagree: Exacto as so many have stated above they can’t handle the fact that Michelle is educated, does not fit the stero-type nor the Eurocentric beauty standards that America tries to force so many black women to adopt and accept as dominant.

  21. I said it before and I’ll say it again. If this is all they can come up with, First Lady Michelle is doing something right!!!!!!!!
    There is such a thing as an intelligent, strong, loving, beautiful Black Woman.

  22. Clothes donot make a woman sophisticated or classy. Mrs. Obama was a lady that night, despite her high split. According to her date. So, people really need to get over the clothes Mrs. Obama chooses to wear.

    People worry about the wrong things. This country is in a recession and the media continues to worry about pettiness. Trying to distract the public from demanding change from our government. Has anyone ever wonder about the companies that own these media outlets. We are being forced fed drivel to keep our interests so we won’t ask questions about important issues. That is why we are bombarded with O.J. Simpson trial, Britney Spears, MJJ news, Octomom, etc. Because if we knew what was really going on, we would demand change.

  23. @ Bohwe I totally agree about the media being used to deviate people’s attention from the real and under lying issues taking place in the world. They don’t want people to understand, they know how people adore entertainment, and music. So they use that to their advantage to brain wash and corrupt as many individuals as they can.

  24. People let’s get real I don’t remember a skirt or dress from the 80’s that didn’t have a long slit. That was the style back then.

  25. for the love of pizza, leave Michelle alone, she looks hot and that’s one sexy thigh.. i’d kill for her teenage body and her now body..

  26. I am one of the proudest brown suga’s in the world due to Mrs. Barack :bowdown:

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