Michelle Performs On The Wendy Williams Show

Singer Michelle Williams recently performed on Wendy Williams’ morning talk show and gave a fabulous performance. Michelle can definitely hold her own vocally and even performed a bit of a Whitney Houston classic to prove it. Check her out above doing her thing and look for the singer’s new album to finally be released on October 10th.


  1. Aww. Good for Michelle. She truly seems to enjoy singing that song. I enjoyed her performance.

  2. Fiesty! Michelle’s a lively performer. What is going on with Wendy’s hair? Is that a buffont? 😆 Is that what it’s called? The big bun on top of the head? 😉

  3. I am so proud of Kelly and Michelle because there record companies nor their management gives them that much respect and they get out there and they are just doing there own thing.

  4. She sounds as well as expected, and that ain’t saying much. However, that song is a bit generic and random. She’s not cutting a new roads (like Solange) but following a beaten path. That sounds like the theme song to a Disney movie. LOL! Gotta love ‘Chelle tho’!

  5. I think she did good. I love her spirit and I hope she does well.

  6. Hot song and great performance. Michelle is so pretty and petite. Her song “The Greatest” is nice as well.
    Wendy is not pulling off whatever she was trying to go for (a bouffant). And she is serious, I love Wendy but she tried and failed. I think Wendy thinks her hair looks bad (i.e. good). I am a jerseygirl who loves big hair too, but no!

  7. Wow. I loved it. Michelle sounds great. I don’t want to compare her to Kelly because, unfortunately, Kelly doesn’t have “it” in my opinion. Michelle seems to have it. I think she’ll surprise us in sales.

  8. Good for her to be getting herself out there. As far as the performance it was ok, but what was up with the fade to black? I hope that all the performances on Wendy’s show are not like that. It was distracting.

  9. i luv the Whitney break in the song she really got tha right and that got me wishing if she could perform that flawless vision at the VMAs 08 i will be a good promo coz erbody’s really diggin that performace so all the best 4 her 🙂

  10. I thought she was very courageous but I dont think she will sell many albums. But I wish her the best in all her endeavors.

  11. @Smokie said Kelly has it and then some. Unfortunately for us but fortunate for her she can make outside of America. There are so many great American artisist overseas that I only get to hear when I listen to the internet radio.

  12. All i’m going to say is what are you people listing too becuz that was a hot mess. She is trying but it’s not there.

  13. Thanks Gamma for your honesty. Apparently everyone else is in lala land. Michelle needs more practice…fast and bad. And she needs to stop promoting until she gets it. Truth hurts.

  14. My husband is defending her as I type. He thinks she killed it on “Soldier”. She had like 2 lines she cant dance and she looks like a bobble head. Seriously. I have to admit I liked the studio version of “I heard a word” but I dont want to hear it live

  15. Love her courage, but she just doesn’t have that “it” factor for me. Unfortunately, it’s hard to break out of the shadow of lead singers when you’re in a group, but if she continues to try, maybe she’ll get there. This song just doesn’t do it for me.

  16. LOL @ Wendy’s Bee-Hive She looks worse than she does when she wears her hair down.

    Best of luck to Michele. With more practice, she will get better. I’m not saying everyone, but some artists, once they get established, don’t have time(or forget) to practice the way they used to before the record company gets a-hold of them. If she takes the time to practice her scales that will make her breathing stronger.

  17. Oh hum.

    A morning show, what do you expect?
    Singing for the housewives (no offense).

    Who is her manager?
    Is he trying to prevent her from catching up with another less talented but better marketed destiny’s child?

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