Michelle Williams As Roxie Hart

Singer turned actress, Michelle Williams, made her stage debut as Roxie Hart last night. As previously reported here a few weeks ago, Michelle signed on to star as the iconic vixen for the full run of the play and according to reports, all of this week’s shows are sold out. Michelle, much like Kelly, has found a receptive audience in UK fans, who seem a bit more willing to acknowledge them as more than just the “2 other girls in Destiny’s Child”.

Look for Michelle to wrap up her stint as Roxie Hart on August 23rd and after that it is right back to the recording studio. Word is the singer is due to start production on her next solo project in the coming weeks.

Backstage photos of Michelle in her dressing room can be seen below.

Michelle Williams As Roxie HartMichelle Williams As Roxie Hart

Thank you Pamela Scott


  1. WOW! It is about time she is getting some recognition. She is a good actress. Too bad her last album wasnt promoted properly. Cant wait for the next one.

  2. I really like Michelle, so it’s always good to see her working. None of those pics look like her though. The first pic kind of looked like Keyshia Cole, and the other two look a little draggish.

  3. I wish I was ballin’ enough to fly to London to see her. I’m sure she’d be gr8!

  4. I saw her performing in the Color Purple, by chance when I was in Arizona visiting my mom. I was just trying to show my mom something about her and was pleasantly surprised that the show was playing there. She was great. Lucky me, I live in Amsterdam for the past 5 years it is only 45 minutes away from London by plane, and flights are cheap through Easyjet. As far as looking draggis, that happens with stage make-up when on film unfortunately, but when you are there live the effect is a bit less draggish LOL

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