Michelle Williams “Chicago” Reviews & Video

Reviews for Michelle Williams’ portrayal of Roxie Hart in the revival of Chicago are in and so far they have pretty good. Check out what a critic from The London Paper had to say about Michelle’s acting chops:

Seductive in bobbed wig and black lace dress, she looks comfortable in the starring role, her American accent bringing a nice authenticity and her dance moves graceful and expressive.

With a smooth, strong singing voice, she expertly plays up Roxie’s deceptively sugary nature and gives the character all the feistiness and fun you’d expect from a member of the trio that unleashed Survivor and Independent Women on the world.

Check out a small clip of the singer performing on opening night, recorded and uploaded by a fan.


  1. Usually enjoy Michelle doing most anything, very much an inspirational girl.

  2. I heard she was great also, too bad people don’t care for her … So sad, such a beautiful talent being wasted

  3. :iagree: I love Michelle so much, she is so talented! :brownsista:

  4. I love that she’s taking advantage of the opportunities afforded to her and maximizing on her talents. We all can’t be number one but she is definitley successful in her own right. I’m glad that she’s getting such great reviews she has personality and undeniable talent.

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