Michelle Williams Dances With The U.K. Stars

While Brandy is in the U.S. preparing for her stint on the television show “Dancing With The Stars,” singer Michelle Williams is over in the U.K. preparing to do the same thing for the British version, “Strictly Come Dancing.” The singer, along with the other 13 celebrities who will be joining her, gathered together last night for the Season 8 launch of the show and to find out who their partners will be. If you’re in the U.K. you can tune in this Saturday to see who Michelle gets paired with. As for U.S. fans who may want to catch Michelle’s dancing debut, you may have to hit up You Tube, where video of her performances will surely be posted.


  1. Michelle does look good hope she does well. BTW glad she has her hair back.

  2. This is the light I’m talking about! She looks gorgeous! Go Michelle!!! 🙂 please don’t cross over like your “sisters”

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