Michelle Williams Debuts ‘Fire’ Video


Singer Michelle Williams lights up the screen in her just released video for her single “Fire.”

The track was originally released last year and is the second to be taken from her “Journey to Freedom” album, due out later this year.

The visual, just like the single’s cover art, were helmed by photographer Derek Blanks, who Michelle recently called a “visual genius.”

Check out his latest creation below and let us know what you think.


  1. I have enjoyed the 2 songs Michelle has released from her new album. I will purchase her new album, like I have purchased all her past ones. Michelle’s music is positive and the message is much needed. Michelle looks beautiful and seems serene in the video.

    As for the Video itself, she needs not work with Derek Blanks again on a video. It looks like she went to an amusement park where you can make fake videos with strobe lights. Michael Jackson had a strobe light video in 1978, and his was GREAT. Now, I know the budget wasn’t large, however that’s no excuse, Michelle has money and could of added some nice scene’s. Its a good song, not too sure if the video will promote the song though…

  2. I like the song, the video is ok, not great, maybe a bit too much. Michelle looks beautiful, this is a good trend of music…Jhene Aiko, liken to Amel Larrieux (great new cd, “Ice Cream Everyday”…please support). I will buy Michelle’s CD. It’s just a tough business right now, but praises and blessings abound! Michelle can work other mediums within the entertainment industry, so that’s a good thing, too!

  3. Ahhhh not my cup of tea, but I love her lipstick shade. Lol

  4. This video was not the business, but like others here, I will totally support Michelle. I LOVE that last song that she came out with, “If We Had Your Eyes”….man that song evokes so many emotions. Michelle love, don’t do a video like this again. We love and support you, but this was very amateur and definitely not your best work.

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