Michelle Williams Heads To Broadway

Michelle Willaims Michelle Williams of the R&B group Destiny’s Child is joining the Chicago production of “The Color Purple,” the producers announced Tuesday.Williams will play the role of Shug Avery, a sexy blues singer.The stage version of Alice Walker’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel will open in Chicago on April 17. It’s still playing on Broadway.Several of the stars of the New York production – including Jeannette Bayardelle, who plays the lead character of Celie, and Felicia P. Fields, who received a Tony nomination for her portrayal of the feisty Sofia – are joining the tour in Chicago.

Producer Scott Sanders said casting Williams as Shug Avery seemed like a natural choice because Shug is the one character in the musical who has “seen the world.”

“I’ve always liked the idea of finding an actress for that role that really brings that sort of otherworldly sensibility,” he said. “And so Michelle, living outside the Broadway community, but yet having the capabilities and the chops to both sing and act it, we just thought was great.”

Williams previously performed the title role in “Aida” on Broadway. She’s from Rockford – about 80 miles west of Chicago – and said she welcomes the opportunity to perform close to her family and friends.

“This is just a dream come true,” Williams said. “I could not pass up the opportunity to do ‘The Color Purple.’ To have the privilege of even auditioning was an honor for me.”

Destiny’s Child, a trio that also featured Beyonce Knowles and Kelly Rowland, disbanded in 2005 to pursue solo careers.

One of the musical’s producers is Oprah Winfrey, who played the part of Sofia in the 1985 film that also starred Whoopi Goldberg and Danny Glover.



  1. stupid gal, KNOWLES shadow!!
    I mean, really now how do you let yourself be played for soo long?

  2. she was on theatre before i think it was a production of “aida” she was actually very good, she sounded good for som reason. and her acting was very impressive and emotive. she should delve into theatre and acting instead of music.:dance2:

  3. Didn’t she play an AIDS victim on some television show a few years back too? [quote comment=”4358″]stupid gal, KNOWLES shadow!!
    I mean, really now how do you let yourself be played for soo long?[/quote]
    How is she being played? Surely you do not think she has even a snow ball’s chance in hell of ever competing with Beyonce do you? Not even Kelly has luck like that.

  4. I hope she does well. And yes on the TV show “Half & Half, she did play an AIDS victim. She acted really well on that show too. I think she will be a good Shug Avery. I hope the KNOWLES’ don’t get a percentage of this. 😥

  5. Reese, i think you are retarded- period!
    Of coz she can, anybody can except for your fat ass

  6. That should be interesting. I’ve never seen her act. I’m having a hard time imaging Michelle sing ” Sista” to Celie in the jook joint or” God is trying to tell you something”. I think Tamia would make a better “Shug Avery”.

  7. Angieland, that is an excellent choice for the songs (Tamia). Her voice is wonderful, but I can’t picture her being sug Avery 😕

  8. Michelle has to find something to do because music will not continue to pay the bills for her.Her gospel album did ok did okay but surely did not set the world on fire.

    She said her next album would be more r&b but can you see her actually doing well on the charts? I can’t.She lacks personality and isn’t very cute.What does she really have to offer? Kelly has a better of succeeding than Michelle does.

    Neither will be accepted as much as Beyonce though.If you want to have a solo career it doesn’t pay to back up singer which is what Kelly and Michelle basically were.

  9. Yes finally this chic got another job and i actually think she is a great actress so this is her. Very excited and happy. She is working way to go Matthew!!!!!! Now let’s do something with Kelly and we’ll all be happy, lol.

  10. I heard Kelly’s new single featuring Eve (I think it’s Eve). It sounded ok, perhaps it has to grow on you. I hope she does well. She deserves it.

  11. Fantsia is gona eat her up vocally though, lol. Fantasia is gonna swallow her whole, lol. But Michelle is a good actor the best one out of DC to me. SHe did a good role on Half and Half. I was like she’s a star and I think she has the best personality.

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