Michelle Williams’ New Song


Singer Michelle Williams has a freebie for all her fans who buy her new single “If We Had Your Eyes” from Walmart.

According to Michelle, the Walmart version comes bundled with a second single, “Fire,” which you can get a quick listen to below.

Michelle’s upcoming fourth solo CD, “Journey to Freedom,” will be released sometime in early 2014 and features what she calls a “ratchet urban sound.”

As for a possible reunion with her Destiny’s Child bandmates on the new album, Michelle says that won’t happen, but another unexpected collabo will.

“I have some beats on this album that are really turnt up,” Michelle told Billboard. “I also collaborated with somebody that people are gonna be shocked about. It’s really amazing. The fans are going to go crazy when they hear it.”


  1. Im ready to hear that new single in full. I remember she played a snippet of it several times when she was on ustream.

  2. This is a BOP! If We Had Your Eyes is a great comeback to inspirational music but FIRE could be the big crossover hit she’s deserved for so long

  3. excited for michelle. she had an amazing song out about 2 years ago, and then we never heard it again. her voice is on point and she has the best figure of the girls in destiny child.

  4. I think the surprise collaboration is with Fantasia. Michelle went to Fanatsia’s listening party and gave her “Side Effects of You” album a shout out on fb. Not to mention they both used Harmony Samuels to produce their albums.

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