Michelle Williams Pays A Visit To TRL

Singer Michelle Williams is poised to finally make her mark as a solo artist when her new CD “Unexpected” makes it’s worldwide debut in August. The singer, who is one third of the highest selling female group in history, hasn’t been heard from musically in over four years. Michelle’s first CD “Heart To Yours” was a gospel record that had modest success, but did nothing to establish her as a true solo act. Michelle is hoping to change all of that this time around by making music that truly reflects who she is. Michelle said in an interview Mathew Knowles thought she should make a gospel record even though her own personal tastes leaned more towards R n’ B music. Having proven she could at least go Gold and establish her own fan base, the singer says she took more control this time around to see to it that she made music she could fully stand behind. So far Michelle’s first single “We Break The Dawn” hasn’t set the airwaves on fire but hopefully as Michelle’s publicity machine kicks into overdrive, radio programmers will give the single a chance to shine.

Here Michelle is getting some love from MTV’s TRL crowd. The singer appeared on the show today to debut her new video for her single, We Break The Dawn.


  1. Love the fact that Michelle is coming out now and i know people in Europe would love that song. However, i hope her label promotes her widely, for some reason i feel waiting until August is too long. I heard that song 2 months ago and that was online and i dont even think people in the UK are aware that Michelle has released a new single. Promoters should consider outside markets too as if other songs are like “we break the dawn” then i think her album could seriously work well in the UK.

    This is exactly what happened to Kelly Rowland. Her first single was nice but i didnt even know it had been released as it wasn’t promoted really well. But other songs were remixed before they were big hits in the UK charts.

    I think Michelle looks really nice by the way. Her style has certainly improved too.

  2. Michelle has a lovely personality. I hope they (label, mgnt, etc) actually promote the album because that is a really nice first song and it is really different.

  3. I love Michelle, I don’t like the song. I think it would sound great as like HOUSE MUSIC that type of sound, music. But I wish her the BEST! You go gurl!

  4. I loves Michelle’s hair. She takes beautiful pictures. She has a gorgeous boby & contagious personality. I wish she would dress better, for the potential is there [Her outfits are…fogettable]. I wish her sucess. DC3 fan.

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