Michelle Williams Performs For The Queen(s)

Michelle Williams Former DC3 cutie Michelle Williams made a rare appearance last night at the 23rd Annual Night of a Thousand Gowns gala. The singer performed for a crowd of drag queens who have supported the singer in the clubs. While Michelle’s single haven’t lit up the pop or r n’ b charts, they have performed quite well on the club charts. Two of Michelle’s singles from her latest album “Unexpected”, have hit #1 on the club/dance charts. And while the overall chart performance of “Unexpected” hasn’t been great, the singer is still expected to launch a small club tour in support of it. Look for Michelle to hit the road with Musiq Soulchild and India Arie later this summer.


  1. I’ma try and see India in concert. With Musiq in tow and Michelle it should be a good one! She looks nice 🙂

  2. She definitely does look really nice…all 3 DC girls always represent really well for women out there…i luv em.

  3. I don’ t feel responsible for her album flopping i have always supported every dc girl no matter what, or how i feel about them , i purchased unexpected so…but good for her

  4. Ya’ll aint right. I thought she was really performing for Queen Elizabeth. I was thinking WOW Michelle’s on the come-up. SMH. :bag:

  5. wow she looks beautiful, i love how bey kelly and michelle have grown into these beautiful young ladies

  6. I really like Michelles’ dress and I can not wait to see India Arie in concert. I have seen her in the past and she does a great job.

  7. Good for Michelle; I wish her much success. She looks very beautiful.

    Michael Jackson & The Golden 80s 4 ever!!!

  8. I HATE THE GOWN oh my god is that house of hellno? Oh my god it’ s horrible

  9. This is sad, she’s so talented. Maybe she should’ve stuck to gospel. I think that worked best for her. Some people just can’t cut it doing certain things, selling sex works for some people, dancing and not singing worth a flip works for some, and making ringtones and club hits work for others, but none of the above will do for her. Go back to gospel Michele, your voice is so for it.

  10. Oh and I agree with everyone else, Michelle looks fantastic :thumbsup: !

  11. I am happy for Michelle. She said that she did not need to sell-out stadiums. I like that she is sticking with the small clubs because it seems more personal and up close. I am rooting for her.

  12. I heart Michelle! Her album was great, success is a slow and steady process. She looks fantastic, and has a beautiful spirit. 😀

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