Michelle Williams Plots Her Return

In between various stints on stage both here in the U.S. and abroad, singer Michelle Williams somehow found time to record a new album. As we reported way back in June, Michelle’s first single from her upcoming project will be titled ‘On the Run’ and a short preview of the video and the single’s cover were finally released by Michelle over the weekend. Look for the single to be released November 27th, with the album set to follow in early 2012.


  1. the snippet was visually striking. I wish her all the best- so is it that she’s going to go a dance/techno route?

  2. Maybe it’s going to be a club hit. I can’t say I hate or love it because I haven’t heard enough

  3. The single actually isn’t Michelle’s as such.

    It’s Electionic Giant Beatz FEATURING Michelle Williams.

    As far as I know, Michelle hasn’t confirmed the song will be on her album.

    I’m very excited for its release though. EGB have stated a major promo campaign is on the way. “We Break the Dawn” peaked at #47 here in the UK with little/to no promo and radio support

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