Michelle Williams Readies Her Comeback

Michelle Williams Former Destiny’s Child member Michelle Williams is back in the spotlight and ready to try her hand at solo success again. So far the only (former) DC member to have any solo success besides Beyonce is Letoya Luckett, who as you all know had a hit single last year and had her first album debut at #1. Kelly has had a modest amount of success, scoring the hit single “Dilemma” with rapper Nelly, but solo superstardom has continued to elude her despite two solo albums. Michelle is hoping to obviously have better luck than Kelly and a snippet of what is said to be her new single has surfaced online. The song is called ” Stop The Car” and you can check it out here.


  1. i’ll buy her album if it comes out because believe it or not she is the best singer in destiny’s child
    but i doubt she will be successful its like some kind of voodoo craft had been put on her and kelly they can sing really good but still people won’t give them a chance if only they wouldn’t have been in destiny’s child they’ll be so successful rigth now its so sad 🙄 but i got you michelle :brownsista: :bowdown:

  2. I wouldn’t be surprised if Michelle has a better solo career than Kelly. Hopefully she will stay away from that bubble gum pop sound that her DC’s sisters have embraced and stay true to herself. Plus Michelle is not Beyonce’s number one cheerleader like Kelly. Kelly is just pathetic.

  3. I can’t hear it while I’m at work. I’ll listen when I get home. How is it guys? :confused:

  4. you know what i really like that song omg and im not really a michelle fan but i really love that freakin song

  5. I like the song, even if I think the lyrics are hilarious. It makes me think about Rihanna, who I can see singing it in my head. I really do hope she does well, since I’m pretty sure she’s less loved than Kelly in the DC ring and it would be nice to see her be successful and showcase her vocals. I’ve listened to this song more than once, pop-like but nice.

  6. Her gospel albums did well. I got the first one, but the single to the 2nd CD sounded a little popish. I like my gospel to sound like Gospel.

  7. GREAT SONG!!! Hope she does well! She deserves it! It’s her time to SHINE!

  8. Um, the song is just OK. I like Michelle. She seems to be a sweetie, but I ain’t raving about the song.

  9. It has a nice beat, but her voice sounds like one of those pop princesses.

    I do respect Michelle, because unlike Kelly Rowland, she doesn’t lick the bottom of Beyonce’s six-inch heels. She has in someway managed to stay out of Beyonce’s shadow.


  10. To michele i wish the best for you and your future endeavors ! Again like everyone else you seem to duck air force beyonce i hope you really do your own thing and shine .

  11. i agree with alicia and me too will buy her album if it comes out :bowdown:

  12. Tee :iagree:

    I am actually feeling the song. I think Michelle is the one people WANT to see succeed and she is distant enough from the Beyonce camp to be allowed to focus on promoting only herself. I don’t think she is the next big thing to come but I think her chances are a little better than Kelly.

  13. I really like the song. Kelly is my favourite from DC but I think this song is stonger than Kelly’s releases. Hope Michelle does good with that song.

  14. The one and the most important thing for Michelle and Kelly’s success is better songs form better producers.Thay always got too plain songs with no “hit” factor in their albums.

  15. :brownsista: This song is okay, but it sounds like it would grow on me. It sounds like it could be a hit. I was a big fan of Michelle’s gospel albums, so I was hoping she would take a more neo-soul route, but maybe this will grow on me.

  16. :brownsista: I think the song is okay, but it will probably grow on me the same way “Umbrella” grew on me. Michelle is definitely coming with something unique, which is what the music industry needs right now.

  17. I am sorry! I like Michelle. But if this song is the comeback, she needs to apply for another Broadway gig.

  18. i love the song :thumbsup: and i love michelle she is the one that every body want to see successful the girl can sing i have 2 of her albums and i feel that her talent has been hidded and stepped on 😡

  19. Alway thought that Michelle was a better singer then Kelly. I hope she does well, but I think she is managed by Matthew too.

  20. It’s a cute song. I think she’ll do okay… But we must realize that D.C. has the Supremes curse. Bey will always be Diana and the other two will just be the other two. They are not marketable like Bey, tho’ she is extremely overrated.

  21. [quote comment=”17267″]It’s a cute song. I think she’ll do okay… But we must realize that D.C. has the Supremes curse. Bey will always be Diana and the other two will just be the other two. They are not marketable like Bey, tho’ she is extremely overrated.[/quote]

  22. The song is Ok but what I really love is that Michelle’s vocals sound alot stronger than on the DC Albums. The colour purple performances seem to have helped her alot. Go girl!

  23. Michelle always bored me but we will see. I’m always willing to give people a chance. So we shall see. :banana:

  24. I can’t listent to the song 🙁 but I do like Michelle. Good luck to her in this endeavor. My hope would be that her music doesn’t sound like everyone else’s and especially not like Beyonce’s. The latest song/video from Kelly sounded a lot like Ms. Knowles 🙁 Good luck Michelle 🙂

  25. I love Michelle! This song is a simple song, but what makes it have that WOW factor is that it is displaying Michelle’s vocals in a new light. I can almost say I have never heard her sound like this, she has so much more control over her range and tone. This songs makes you more interested in seeing how else she can manipulate her vocals on different songs. Now the only thing to WOW us on is her new image and style.

  26. This song is Ok but it bores me just Michelle does. I like her but she’s just boring and her as a solo artist…..UMMMMMMMM

    But we shall see. like I said I like to give people a chance.

  27. This song is mellow. I always loved Michelle when she was destiny’s child. Her voice is different and that makes her stand out. I will definitely being buying her newest album when it comes out! GOOD LUCK MICHELLE!!!

  28. “Simply Deep” sold 2.5 million copies worldwide. She isn’t the success that Beyonce is but that is still more than most artists sell, especially with so little support from the label.

  29. She sounds a mess as usual. She sings like she gargles battery acid, jagged rocks, and toxic waste. :thumbsdown:

  30. You know after listening to it a couple times, I am starting to like it. The beat is really hot, but I don’t think the song does anything for her voice. When I went to the Destiny Fulfilled Concert, her voice was much more powerful live. I was surprised of how well she can sing live. So maybe I will really love the song more if I heard the whole thing.

  31. [quote comment=”17333″]”Simply Deep” sold 2.5 million copies worldwide. She isn’t the success that Beyonce is but that is still more than most artists sell, especially with so little support from the label.[/quote]
    That’s great. Unfortunately those aren’t the figures for her second time around 🙁 Thanks for the info! :brownsista:

  32. I think this is a great song and if this sounds that good can’t wait to her the first single it’s said to be a hot track by darkchild who produce hits like say my name and lose my breath and he worked with brandy alot in the past. Go michelle do it big 🙂

  33. I really like this song, but I’m pretty sure it’s not going to be her debut single. My hope is that she sticks to a more neo-soul sound, because that would suit her way better.

  34. You know I have not even heard the song yet. I am at work so I can’t. But I am positive I will love it. I support all three members of Destiny’s Child. I do wish that she would have stuck with Gospel music. It’s hard when you go from R&B to Gospel music, because everyone expects you to go from human to heavenly being. But that should not stop you from saving souls. But on the bright side, music is inspiring anyway, and gospel artists are not the only artists that saves people’s soul. I just hope that she continous to be inspirational, and still no matter what let her light shine. :thumbsup:

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