Michelle Williams Shoots New Video

Singer Michelle Williams is not about to let 2011 go by without making her mark. The brown-skinned beauty and fellow Destiny’s Child member is tired of watching fellow band mates Kelly Rowland and Beyonce Knowles dominate the summer music charts and is now ready to throw her hat into the ring as well.

According to tweets and a video Michelle sent out to her fans, she is prepping to release a new album sometime this year and is presently in Ibiza, Spain shooting the video for her new single “On the Run.”

No word whether Michelle will be going for the dance sound that has been dominating the scene lately or like Kelly, kick that idea to the curb and go straight R & B.

The single can clearly be heard during the video shoot below so give it a listen and tell us what you think.


  1. WHAT IN THE SAM HILL CATASTROPHE WUZ that MICHELLE!!!! SMFHLOL! i tell ya…DAMM them ALL..dam them allll I SAAYYYYYY! music aint s*** no mo! lol

  2. BS you contradicting yourself. Beyawnsay is NOT dominating anything. LMFAOOOO Kudos to Michelle. This could be her time, too. Way to go!

  3. OMG, wow that soounds like some lost in the 80’s type of mess and although I love and support Michelle, she needs to keep this one in the vault.


    @ U Fancy huh-That was a hilarious comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I’ll wait for the official release of this track to get a better sense of it.

    I must say this is a good time for Destiny’s Child, all six of them. I wish for all of them to introduce new material this year, next year and the others to come.

  5. This is not Michelle singles she is only featured on the track. She was in Germany and is now in Spain shooting the video !!!

  6. This IS her solo single !
    An album WONT follow but, it’s just a fun , pop song for the summer. It wont be released in the US.

  7. those movements she was doing was just a fail. Somebody needs to tell Michelle to re-think this whole dance thing because she doesnt have the voice for it. Bless her heart.

  8. Michelles voice clearly fits well in the dance genre, she was the first in America to so the dance music with her last album “Unexpected”! Her voice is amazing, and this is Euro Dance music for the people over there IN EUROPE! I love all forms of dance music. I can’t wait till she do some new music for USA and be a major solo pop star!

  9. boooring,…boring..boring….og boring..i cant say nomore..boring..michelle im a sure you are a nice woman thou

  10. Michelle needs to stay on Broadway until Beyonce is interested in a reunion (when hell freezes over). She just doesnt have the talent nor the “It” factor to make it in the business. She was just hired by DC to balance out the look of Beyonce’s back up singers.

  11. Um Darnell, where are you from? Are you living under a rock with the guy in the GEICO commercial? Michelle is the first to do dance music? Where? In Anarctica? Saturn? The moon? Chile, we need to introduce you to some good music.

  12. Calypso stfu you don’t know nothing, Michelle ain’t interested in doing music with beyonce anymore and YES she was the first to do that Pop Euro dance in the states !!! You don’t know NOTHING ..

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