Michelle Williams’ “Unexpected” New Album

With the aptly-titled Unexpected, her third solo album and first since 2004’s Do You Know, Michelle Williams has moved away from the gospel flavor characterizing her debut and sophomore releases and created a bold new collection of contemporary pop/dance classics. Executive produced by Mathew Knowles for Music World Productions and Michelle Williams, Unexpected finds Michelle collaborating with some of today’s hottest producers including Jim Jonsin (Jamie Foxx featuring Ludacris, Sean Paul, Danity Kane, Trina featuring Kelly Rowland, Pretty Ricky, Lil Wayne featuring Static Major, Bow Wow and Omarion); Rico Love (Usher, Omarion, Natasha Bedingfield, Tiffany Evans featuring Bow Wow); Wayne Wilkins (Natasha Bedingfield, Kylie Minogue, Pink, No Doubt); Andrew Frampton (Natasha Bedingfield, Kylie Minogue); StarGate and more.

“We Break The Dawn,” the first single from Unexpected, is produced by Wayne Wilkins and Andrew Frampton, who co-wrote the track with the singer/songwriter Solange Knowles. (The younger sister of Beyonce Knowles, Michelle’s ensemble-mate and musical colleague in Destiny’s Child, Solange has written songs for Beyonce, Destiny’s Child, Kelly Rowland and Trinitee 5:7.)

Other stand-out tracks on Unexpected include the irresistible “Stop This Car,” produced by StarGate, the Norwegian production team behind #1 hits for Ne-Yo and Rihanna as well as Beyonce’s “Irreplaceable,” the biggest song of the year on the Hot 100 Billboard Year End Chart 2007.

On a personal note, I have heard several of Michelle’s new songs and they are all great. I found myself liking many of them on first listen. Sadly for Michelle however, is the fact that Beyonce’s leaked tracks have overshadowed her new music. Both Michelle and Kelly have had to fight extra hard to get their music played on the radio (no, I don’t blame Matthew) and it will be a shame if radio programmers continue to overlook both these sistas, even when Bey has no official music out.


  1. I am looking forward to her album. In this day of internet, if she has enough of a following, then she will do well with or without the support of radio.

  2. Kelly doesn’t stand a chance even though both songs I have heard from her have been good. If Kelly is ignored on radio you know Michelle will be too and I like Beyonce as much as the next person, but she leaked her tracks on purpose to upstage Michelle. We would all be stupid to believe anything else. This was purposely done without a doubt and lowdown if you ask me.

  3. I agree raven when kelly release her album and michelle have a single out and solange is making little bit of noise and her she goes leaking out music. But the girl have to take control of there life and let matthew know that i want to be promoted like your daughter it not fair for real. That why i see why alot of people do not like her and her father because of the devilish stuff they do. Now she finally getting married that going to take away from michelle and her sister because the story going to be about her and jay-z. So just get married about the 100 time and chill out. Then come back with some grown and sexy music for the people.

  4. I did hear about Beyonce’s music being leaked, how ever, I don’t think it’s going to overshadow Michelle’s new music. A lot of people are liking her songs including me, I think she has the chance to really surprise us and sell a lot of albums. I’m going to buy it, I have her first gospel album which I really enjoyed. I really don’t think Bey can do anything about this, whether or not it’s deliberate. Besides I truly think Bey should just lay low.

  5. I hope Latoya comes back out to because I liked a few of her songs from her other album. HI LADY!!!!!!! I MISS U 🙂

  6. Hey liyah what going on yes latoya is coming out with an album i think in the summertime. Yes i like her cd i was playing it the other day.

  7. I have never hated on Beyonce the entire time I have been here and I don’t even think I have ever said one negative word about her, but that’s all about the change right now.

    The leaked tracks, the faux marriage rumors, all planned to stick it to Michelle and show who the real star is. I believe Beyonce wants it to be known by everyone that she is the star of DC and that all there has to be is a hint of new music from her and the world will drop everything else and everyone else to pay attention to her.

    Beyonce music has leaked before and she didn’t put out a press release to address it. Girlfriend just wanted to have the spotlight put back on her and for Michelle to go back into her hole.

    Granted, I don’t think radio is going to play Michelle’s music and I don’t think the public was going to buy it, but that is still no excuse for Beyonce to try and upstage Michelle while she is trying to carve out her own place in the musical landscape.

    Shame on Beyonce, just shame.

  8. Everyone one keeps saying they won’t play Michelle’s music, I think at least Z100 and the pop stations will. But Raven I have to agree with you, and I’m so glad you said it b/c as far at the marriage thing goes, I think that may be Beyonce’s way of trying to get attention. The music leak I didn’t think so but she knows every one is dying to know when she gets married and has wedding pics. So I think if she can’t release music she IS going to do the next best thing. Yall think um a hater but I just don’t like sneaks and caniving people and I really think Bey is….sorry LADY CHECK YOUR E-MAIL

  9. Granted, I don’t think radio is going to play Michelle’s music and I don’t think the public was going to buy it

    Exactly. So why blame Beyonce at all? Granted the whole leaked songs thing is supicious, but we all know Michelle wasn’t going to sell. People don’t just buy music, they buy the artist and the image that artist projects. Michelle has no image and is considered the dullest of all the Destiny’s Childs members. Her CD will flop but it won’t be Beyonce or anyone else’s fault. The public has no interest in her.

    Letoya Luckett’s career is dead right now too. Yesh her album was #1 and she had a minor hit but people have seen and heard all she has to offer and now her seconf CD is basically not going to happen and her first single flopped.

    Beyonce was the only DC member with any talent besides Kelly, but Kelly has no personality.

    Don’t blame Beyonce.

  10. “I have never hated on Beyonce the entire time I have been here and I don’t even think I have ever said one negative word about her, but that’s all about the change right now.”

    Riiiiiiight. we really believe now…lol

    “The leaked tracks, the faux marriage rumors, all planned to stick it to Michelle and show who the real star is. I believe Beyonce wants it to be known by everyone that she is the star of DC and that all there has to be is a hint of new music from her and the world will drop everything else and everyone else to pay attention to her.”

    ..hmm i dont think Beyonce had to leak a hint of new music for people to realize that.. I’m pretty sure that everyone knews that is basically a proven fact hun LOL.

    BUT ANYWHO’S….My fellow sistas, do you not see EXACTLY why Beyonce will ALWAYS overshadow “the other two”….This is about “Michelle Williams’ “Unexpected” New Album” and we are STILL stuck on…..who-other- than………B.E.Y.O.N.C.E!! I mean goT damn people! Let’s get it together. Neither Michelle nor Kelly will ever have a shot at reaching the level of success that Beyonce has reached if her name(beyonce) is going to be mentioned every single time Michelle and/or Kelly is talked about. Seriously, Beyonce’s name should be restricted from every single Michelle/Solange/Kelly post, unless its about a future Destiny’s Child reunion lol. And for the people actually trying to blame Beyonce….all I can say is can a sista get a free psychic reading?? Since yall asses know how, why, when, where, and everything else about how this girl intentionally leaked her own songs just so Kelly and Michelle couldn’t get any shine. Dont know if I already said this but hell sorry to say, BEYONCE AINT HAD TO DO SH*T for this girls not to get any shine! lol

  11. Enlighten me, please. I still don’t see how an unreleased/unfinished track or snippet from Beyonce is causing so much controversy. We really do not know who’s leaking the music to be honest (Her father tends to do things behind her back). However, if you plan on supporting Michelle or Kelly anyway, what Beyonce does should not matter.

    Anyway, Good Luck to Michelle. I think she will do well.

  12. She getting alot of positive comments on her music from alot of people there negative here and there but over all she getting good feed back. Im going to cope the cd when it comes out. I want to see another face and different music. Where is the good music these days. Im tired hearing these stupid songs. That why i love going to old school party because that when music had meaning.

  13. @ Just a Thought

    Thank you for having common sense.

    This is why Kelly nor Michelle have been able to recieve the success Beyonce has. Instead of people consentrating on the music they release, people would rather SPECULATE(because that’s all it is nothing has been proven) about what Beyonce and the Knowles are doing to them. I’ve heard so many statements of “I’ll support them when they get away from the Knowles” and it’s ridiculous and sad that people have so much hatred in there hearts for this family that they won’t support people associated with them. Unfortunately for Kelly and Michelle they’re often just tools for which people can use to speak negatively of the Knowles. Why should them working with the Knowles matter it is suppose to be about the MUSIC right. And so what if some Beyonce tracks/snippets leak why concentrate on some supposed plot by the Knowles to “upstage” Kelly and Michelle. If they all have music out either you like it or you don’t why get into the propagonda, just SUPPORT the stuff you like, plain and simple.And lastly why do people expect Kelly and Michelle or even Solange to get the same treatment Beyonce does as an artist. First and Foremost people, the music industry is a business Beyonce is arguably the biggest female star in the industry. Kelly, Michelle, and Solonage are NOT. Them getting the same promo, endorsment,and budget would be like a bench warmer on the Cavaliers get the same treatment as Lebron James. It makes no sense and no one with common sense should expect it. All that being said I think there’s hope for Michelle I was over at the loop and the feed back she’s getting has been very positive and the best part is it didn’t turn into “I can’t stand Beyonce/the Knowles fest” most people gave her props and said they would support her and kept it moving. Loved it. I think she’s gonna do great I can definately see her new single doing well. I will support her when she drops the album.

  14. I believe that everyone has good points on the Michelle/Kelly situation. But I am a firm believer in … MANGEMENT & frankly I think the mnagement sucks. The way I look @ it is if Kelly/ Michelle are seen to be “boring” or “vocally weak” to some, it is the mangement/ promotions team to make the artist more appealing & look vocally stronger to the consuming public. Sorry Ciara & Rhi Rhi fans, but if some promotions group can make it happen for those 2 & company they can sure do it for Kelly & Michelle. The management team is supposed to fight for their artist whether it deals w/ image, radio spins, best producers/songs, & what have you. That’s what the team is getting paid BIG BUCKS for. Personally I don’t believe that the Knowles team is doing that for these 2 girls. And I have thought this about those ppl long before B’s song leaked or the marriage debacle. I actually like Michelle’s new song & I have Kelly’s latest & I think that it’s pretty good. She had some decent songs on it. I hope that it works out for Michelle b/c it would be nice to see someone else from D.C. be successful, but as much as I would like to see her do well something tells me it’ll be the same ole, same ole.. poor michelle & her work pushed to the back of the bus for someone else.

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  16. WHA?! Is this for real, also?? Why do I still feel like I’m gettin punk’d today??!!

  17. Why is it that most of the women on the site hate on Beyonce damn let that woman be her and get her money this post was not even about Beyonce but some how someone who always have to have Beyonce name rolling off they damn finger tips wants to say something anti nice about her let her do her thing this post was about Michelle Williams not about Beyonce anyways i dont like Michelle Williams music but i do think she has a better chance then Kelly because her music some what sounds better and seems like it will appeal to the white people and MTV and get alot of play on the pop stations and also i think Michelle Williams is a nice looking woman she going to do just fine even if i dont like her music some other people will and she has been gettin alot of good feedback on some of her songs so good for Michelle Williams.

  18. I love Michelle’s new song. Good luck to her. At the end of the day, take into consideration those numbers who ‘blog’ who visit gossip sites/music sites on the regular. Take into consideration also the number of ‘us’ versus ‘them’….

    Who’s greater? Both Kelly and Michelle have equal and ample chances of attracting the public’s attention ‘unscathed’ and ‘disconnected’ from Beyonce. Do you guys really think that the rest of the music-listening world feels the same? The same, as in, “Michelle will never sell because she wasn’t the ‘favorite’ out of the Destiny’s Child’s cast”??? Do you really believe ‘other’ potential listeners feel this way? or are even thinking this way?

    This time around I feel hopeful that Michelle will do WELL. Why? Because the music speaks for itself. The tracks I’ve heard sound good. And let’s look at it this way, Michelle has been relatively QUIET in the pop/RnB world since “Destiny’s Fulfilled”. This is ALMOST like having a NEW artist come on the scene! She took a break and came back with something fresh and different and the response to her work so far, has been positive.

    You might say that Kelly also ‘took a break’…if you count that year-long sabbatical betwixt releasing her sophomore CD, scrapping and releasing her sophomore CD again; but she didn’t do well, did she? Sometimes I wonder what her initial sophomore album sounds like and perhaps would it have captured the attention of old fans/new fans had she released it instead of Ms. Kelly? Nevertheless, she came on the scene, even after taking a quasi-break, with music that didn’t have that punch. I read reviews, I read comments on her Ms. Kelly album and most folks say it’s a ‘solid’ effort. Obviously ‘solid’ isn’t enough. You take that history combined with the ever present stigma of being a Destiny’s Child child (with all its history) and you have a disappointing amount of albums sold. It is unfortunate, but she’s sallying forth with a new record, right?

    The difference here and I guess my point in this whole rant is that I feel Michelle will do much better because it just seems different for her. She’s aligned (in the public eye) with the group, the family, the management, but she goes her own way; has gone her own way and all in all seems way more independent than her counterparts.

    I didn’t intend to reference Destiny’s Child, Kelly or even Beyonce, but it happens….it happens for those of us who still think about all the ‘ish’ (as the young folk say) that happened before with this group, this family, etc. But what of the NEW fans? I think they’ll be more open because this sound is so different for Michelle. Michelle as a LEAD singer as a SOLOIST is so different for them (unless they’re familiar with her Gospel recordings). Again, good luck to Michelle and to Kelly, good luck to you, too. I didn’t like her album, therefore didn’t support it. Maybe her next one will be different; maybe this time she’ll really shine.


    ***Which of the numbers of bloggers/commenters vs. fans vs. potential fans vs. general listening public is greater? Which of these really make the difference?

    ***Destiny Fulfilled, even.

  20. I respect Michelle. She is not a Knowles family butt kisser and has a mind of her own. I am glad that her music sounds more R&B and not that bubble gum pop crap. Unlike Beyonce who I have lost a little respect for because she has become addicted to fame and it just seems like she has no passion for what she does anymore. Everything Beyonce does just seems fake and gimmicking.
    And I am not even going to mention Kelly who is a lost cause. Good luck to Michelle and her new project. I hope she shocks the music industry and goes all the way to #1.

  21. I haven’t even thought about record sales or radio play yet. I am stuck on why she would leave gospel music and why is she wearing that mini-skirt. I am surprised at her. I thought she was the one who was the true Christian in the group. Not to say that she is not still a christian……..I am just shocked that’s all.

  22. MICHELLE-”Until The End Of The World’


  23. Michelle has been done so wrong….. she was the underdog, there was no equality what so ever in destiny’s child she was the akward one and i felt like the other were always out to let her know she was the weakest link and she better stay in the back and since the knowles are the master of hypnotize i too believed it for a moment, but then i heard the album “heart to yours” and with every song i felt like she was opening a page of my past and reading it… i was touched…

    People are beddazled by beauty this days and they’ll buy a cd because such and such is cute or fine and it can work to her advantage she is stunning I love michelle’s new sound regardless of her leaving gospel or not once you touched somebody you keep that ability forever
    I know she’ll do well i’ll get her cd regardless she deserve her place and i hope god help her get a revenge on life and everyone that made hers difficult

    this is michelle’s post and i will not insult her by making it a beyonce post but if i follow the logic of the stans beyonce releases don’t matter because michelle was not going to sale anyway?(the worst always happens to the cocky ones)so that will mean that beyonce is just wicked and liked to walk all over people…what goes around comes around

    Good luck mimi LOve ya!

  24. why would Bey leak a track…where is the proof and if a leaked track is gonna stop another artist from selling well hell it wasn’t gonna sell anyway.

    i like all of their music…solange’s sound is different and i like it as well….

    stop hatin…these girls are all tight…support them…

  25. LOL At some of the comments in here this post is not about Beyonce its not Beyonce that is keeping Kelly Rowland from shining its Kelly Rowland who choose to put out weak singles and choose to be 2nd best if Kelly Rowland really wanted to be successful like Beyonce then she would try to up her game up and put out hits instead of garbage
    even with Solange she can be just as good as her sister but she choose to be what? 2nd best its not Beyonce we should blame its Solange and Kelly Rowland who choose to put out weak singles and leak weak songs and want to be 2nd best and choose to not get any shine.

    Michelle Williams i dont like her new song but i think she will do better then Kelly Rowland and Solange the song has been getting good feedback and she also changed her style with her music and that is a good thing people will be checking for her and she will be getting some play on MTV and BET since she seems to be trying to do something new and seem to want to be known as Michelle Williams not that girl that was in Destiny Child and sing with Beyonce Michelle Williams might be successful.

  26. I really want both ladies to succeed ! They have a big monkey on their back they always going to get overshadow by you know who. I have to agree Beyonce people her management Due some grimmey azz S**T.

    I have to agree with some of the earlier comments,
    Wait i’m going to take back some of what i said . It looks kind of grimmey and her dad who’s all 3 of their mangers in which he portize his daughter rightly so. But i just think he needs to put forth more effort on the other 2

    Just my 2 cents

  27. MEE,

    Well done!!!!! Kudos to you!!!! God job!!!! PREACH SISTA!!! PREACH!!!! (Hey, where’s all the dancing, funny faces and stuff? I wanted to send you a bow down……)

  28. What song? I’m living in a lily white part of the country so can someone hit me with a link so I can listen to her new music.

  29. I’ll get the cd and i’ll talk as much people as i can into buying her cd..she has something to offer i loved “stop this car” “unexpected” and “we break the dawn”,i was the first to say that too much leaked song will make people feel like they already heard the entire album then i realize she is just testing the waters because people will love one song and then get over the hype over you and hate the next song
    Smart girl..i hope she uses the overexposure/overworking/overkilling shove it down people’s throat method she will last

    As for mattew’s golden child there is an african saying that goes like this “no matter how you do it the last three drops of your urine will remain between your tighs”

  30. Pearlsrevealed,

    Just type in Michelle Williams and go to her official website.

  31. There is another Michelle Williams, Heath Ledger’s ex and an actress in her own right, who comes up first in searches for the name “Michelle Williams” You must add something like Destiny’s Child to get our Michelle Williams.

  32. The discussion that I don’t see here that I was kinda interested in — her former gospel career.
    I’m guessing she’s closed the book on that.

  33. I liked “Stop this Car”, and since that’s the only song I’ve heard, I’ll keep my eye open for her album. I will admit though, I’m tough to sell an album to sometimes. So I’ll give it a listen, and if I like it, I’ll buy it and support her. I look at her minus Beyonce, because it isn’t really about her and I don’t see Michelle making it about her at all.

  34. As for mattew’s golden child there is an african saying that goes like this “no matter how you do it the last three drops of your urine will remain between your tighs”


    @ voice, ummmm….explain this to me? 😆


    ‘Do you know’ was one hit after the next, just amaaaazing. The 1st album I didn’t like the same, but this 3rd album seems to be even better if this is possible at all. I am just now hearing 192 kbps ‘We break the dawn’ in a loop (100 times?) and it gets better and better. Grooving like h*ll! 🙂

    I will do something I generally don’t do: *BUY* MUSIC!

    Michelle, you are an true artist I want to hear in years to come.
    Thank you for using your thrilling talent to make us happy! Love you! 🙂

  36. I luv Michelle to death! She is actually bringing the heat this time! She has such an amazing personality and she is so down to earth! I think that is what I luv the most about her. No matter how famous/popular she gets she doesn’t forget where she comes from nor does she forget about her fans. Any artist who can take time out of their day to write a blog or record a video to thank the fans personally is STAR in my book!!

  37. Michelle will release this album through which label? ”MUSIC WORLD”, a subsidiary of sonybmg. Who owns MUSIC WORLD? MATTHEW KNOWLES. I’m not the smartest person in the world but why would Matthew PUT HIS MONEY OUT to release an album he INTENDS FOR IT TO FAIL ON THE MARKET? Would michelle sign up with a label that doesn’t have her best interests at heart? Think about that before you begin stating african proverbs.

  38. Mo’star, I’m with you. You can’t straddle the fence. Either you’re a gospel artist singing praises for the Lord, or you’re an RB artist slinking on the floor wearing extra sexy clothing or none at all,singing sexy words, giving us guy’s thoughts of bad temptation which is great to Lucy. You have to be either or . There is NO in between. You are trying to have the best of both world’s and as bad as some of you don’t want to hear it and will make up excuses, you cant. It is what it is. Now let’s hear the excuses for Michelle.

  39. i know yall have none to say about the gospel/r&b thing? beyonce is out there grinding and bumping and getting off stage talking about it wasnt me it was sasha i’m christian i’m such and such you guys are so mal placed to judge for real!!!!!!

  40. del said, wish you had del’eted what you said. because there is no sense in it, sorry. First of all: Who are you that you are allowed what isn’t allowed to real christians -> to judge? Do. Not. Judge. Remember?

    I am glad that Michelle is a true artist which is why she doesn’t deliver 3 times the same album over and over again but varies! Prevents boredom you know. The only constant thing in life is that it is changing, didn’t you notice that yet? You should come down from your high stand of self-righteousness. ‘There is no in between.’ This might be your subjective understanding of reality but there are others. 😉

    Just step in and take over the ‘singing-only-gospels-part’, be the only person living gods (to you exclusively revealed) will, condemn all others and last not least: please leave Michelle alone, thank you.

  41. sorry but i expect this to flop…she shouldve stuck with gospel.

  42. Well, I can’t stand Beyonce. She thank she all that. fffffffffffffffurssT! of ouwllllll Michelle has a way better voice than Beyonce will ever hope to have.. Uummh however I was not able to hear it until after Destiny was Fulfilled. (on the single “Girl”).. Ladies if you have been to a live concert and heard DC you know that Michelle has a way better voice. Seattle key Arena concert, me and my punk friends were too upset at the deception in believing beyonce had all the goods. Nope!!! O.k. and there was def gay print talking about how Michelle had the better Chops. So it’s not just me..

    Poor Gurlz Kelly and Michelle.. If they could just break away from Matthew Knowles, they would grow and blossom. Michelle has been having to hide her talent for so long. Boy this seems like the real life “DreamGirls”…

    Watch the Video be lack luster and the push be soft. But once people here that range and agility (out side of the Gospel Market) watch out!!!!

  43. Mat from Germany, there is no excuse for flip-floppin. High horse? I’m telling it like it is. Again…You can not start off singing R&B for a number of years then say, I want to be a gospel artist, gain support for your effort, be embraced by the gospel world, gain recognition, win an award then say, I’m done with that and start showing your behind dancing suggestively and singing about sex in R&B. The only female artist that has even come close to that was Aretha Franklin and she barley pulled that off. No one is on a “HIgh Horse” Mat from Germany and I didn’t delete any words that I used. Not sure why they were deleted because they weren’t derogatory. It’s not about judging, it’s about flip flopping. Can’t be done. And if you believe that it can be done, Mat from Germany other than Aretha I mentioned earlier, prove it. And let’s not make this personal it’s about artists who are trying to do what she is attempting in the music world. Mat from Germany.

  44. i can’t wait until jay’s wife a.k.a yall queen B new album drop for the stans maybe you’ll be in a good mood and stop kicking every single singer down cause yall queen isn’t around

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