Michelle Williams’ Random Photo Shoot

Michelle Williams Random Magazine Photo Shoot (7)

How fabulous is it to see Michelle Williams finally getting some love from fashion magazines? The singer, fresh off of her critically acclaimed stint as Roxie Hart in the West End revival of Chicago, is gracing the pages of Random Magazine. Michelle’s 8 page spread was shot by Seyes Lisik on location inside the St. Bartholomew church in London and features the singer wearing gowns by Mathew Williamson and Romina Karimarna, shoes by Christian Louboutin, and jewelry by Stepehn Webster.

I think you will all agree with me when I say this is by far one of Michelle’s most beautiful photo shoots and one that is long over due.

Michelle Williams Random Magazine Photo Shoot (6)Michelle Williams Random Magazine Photo ShootMichelle Williams Random Magazine Photo Shoot (2)
Michelle Williams Random Magazine Photo Shoot (3)Michelle Williams Random Magazine Photo Shoot (4)Michelle Williams Random Magazine Photo Shoot (5)
Michelle Williams Random Magazine Photo Shoot (1)


  1. i hate her voice she sounds like a cat gettin strangled and shes not pretty either skin and bones i dont think destinychild had her in the group for her talent

  2. I love shoot #3 of Michelle. She gives me eye contact. The pose is minimal. The light is hitting her gorgeous face. The fabric of that top is popping.

    Michelle Williams sings very well. I’m so glad she’s making history, and she’s performing critically acclaimed shows. It’s because she has it within her.

    She complemented DC3 very well. One day, I would love to see my three ladies performing together again [Long live DC3!]. Until than, ladies kill it individually.

  3. TEE Why so Negative…Ms. Stephanie, i do not understan why people bring negativity to blogs, but i do to sometimes…N E Wayz

    She looks FAB!!!!!! Real High Fashion….FIERCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. wow! didnt know she cud bring it like that….i love her voice its unique and old skool,she chose to limit herself thats her own doing,if she wants more exposure she knows what do …..love all the pics

  5. She looks great. These pics are gorgeous. I hope she can put out a number one album to match. I like Michelles voice, its waaay better than a lot of other things. I kind of wish she’d go back to gospel, but since she wants to do pop and R&B I wish her well, and I hope things work out for her.

  6. The 1st pic is ridiculous=gourgeous, mystique. As far as her voice, it is unique-but when her voice is on its on, when its off its off- i like it tho, and her personality seems so cool.

  7. dam she looks gud n those pics, and michelle voice was good especially in the harmonies kelly voice was the high one, beyonce deep, and michelle’s was like the gospel one and they had some of the best harmonies.

  8. Michelle ain’t it….Lucky she’s doing her thing overseas cuz it sure as hell wasn’t going down for her stateside….There..I said it :p lol

  9. Pure hotness, I’m happy for her making a living, the last thing i want is for a sister to starve 🙂 she looks beautiful

  10. they are nice not chic…but nice go head TENITRA MICHELLE WILLIAMS uh-huh lol

  11. im definetely feeling michelle’s photo shoot…and i love her voice when she’s singing in her natural alto range…

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