Michelle Williams Glams Up For Charity

Michelle Williams Singer Michelle Williams is the latest brown sista to get all glammed up for the “Until There’s A Cure” campaign, an organization that funds AIDS awareness. Michelle, who has seen the support of her latest album, Unexpected, suspended by her record label, has been keeping a relatively low profile these last few months. Rumors swirled she too would be leaving the management of Mathew Knowles after fellow DC3 member Kelly Rowland jumped ship- but so far that has yet to happen. Mathew hasn’t done all bad by Michelle as she is scheduled to play a few dates alongside India Arie and Musiq Soulchild on their summer tour.

Check out another fabulous shot of Michelle from the campaign below. I think she looks fabulous.

Michelle Williams


  1. michelle looks pretty here, short hair really becomes her

  2. how are you in the biggest girl group of all time and your playing dates with india arie and music soulchild?

  3. @iris… because your management is too busy promoting their child, rather than promoting you as a viable artist. that’s how.

  4. and your playing dates with india arie and music soulchild?

    What kind of Ignorance is that ? India Arie and Music are two of the most talented out of that junk we’ re served daily, just because you don’ t hear them on the radio often do not mean that they don’ t sell…This generation scares me…

  5. Michelle what happened to unexpected? you need to promote girl

  6. Michelle does look good in those pictures.

    @Dark Sista :hifive:
    I agree..India Arie and Musiq are true musicians. No gimmicks necessary. I guess because they haven’t hit mainstream (white) status, certain people don’t see them as big names. Those of us who know real music know better.

  7. I think its good that she’s performing with them, knowing the kind of music India Arie and Musiq do its going to add some variety to the show which should be interesting. I wish I was going to be able to attend. I loooovveee Musiq.

    @ Iris, the “best” artists are not always those that live in the ‘mainstream’ realm, there are other artists outside of that sphere that make good music too, dont confuse celebrity with talent . Just becuase they are not shoved down our throats it doesnt make them any less of an artist and it also doesnt take away from their talent.

  8. “What kind of Ignorance is that ? India Arie and Music are two of the most talented out of that junk we’ re served daily, just because you don’ t hear them on the radio often do not mean that they don’ t sell…This generation scares me…”

    Thank you very much Dark Sista and Luxe.

  9. :stop: Hold up and wait a minute. Michelle is no bigger than the other artists she will be performing with .At least their music makes since and has more substance then Destiny’s Child music

  10. I’m loving her hair…. I so want the hair style… She is looking real good.

  11. I think she looks fabulous as well.

    Touring with India and Musiq is def a good look for Michelle. It’s a show I wouldn’t mind seeing.

  12. This is exactly why black folks don’t do business well. We personalize everything, instead of looking at the big picture. As far as I’m concerned, Mr. Knowles should drop everyone from his label and focus on Beyonce. What’s the point in having a Record Label but you don’t focus on other artists, just your daughter? Business is Business. If he would focus on his artists that’s more money for the Knowles family. That’s how Clive Davis, Sony, BMG , made money because they thought money. Or profits.

    See, even in Motown heyday , Gordy only focused on Diana Ross, ignoring the other more talented singers, and look where it got him? Motown artists were screwed out their royalities, and the more talented singers were ignored. Black folks kill me with not thinking. And now, instead of selling Motown catalogues to black producers or entrepenuers, Berry sold it to two White English dudes.
    Black people have the vision and talent but when it comes to business and practical of situations we lack that. Rowland needs to find a new management and Michelle.

  13. Even Def Jam and Phat Farm is no longer owned by Russell Simmons/Kimmora. PDiddy sold Bad Boy Entertainment, we sell everything. The minute someone gives us a dollar sign, the first thing we do is sell, sell.

    And for the record, these artists need to stop frontin, talkin about ballin, if you don’t own, songwriting credit, distribution, copyrights , producer credit, you only get 5 cent on the dollar for each album sold. That’s why Prince
    left and went out on his own because his contracts were not in his best interest.

    The Knowles family need to wake up, I mean, they had JonB under contract with Sanctuary Records, and didn’t utilize him. That man can write and sing, he could have been under contract to write songs for Solange and Kelly, Beyonce , that would have been original and smooth. But, he stuck with Neyo and he went on the air admitting that he wrote, Irreplaceable. And Keri Hilson saying she wrote songs for Beyonce.

  14. Bohwe: I was saying the same thing to my best friend when Jay-z sold Rocawear, I thought what an idiot! How do people think others make money ? when you have a business you stick to it, when it becomes successful you stay right there, That will be the foundation to keep your name alive after you’ re gone, I know jay-z is Oprah Rich but come on, I laugh out loud when people call him a smart businessman like really? I don’t know why we see only the short stretch of the story and not the long… Nyway :hifive:

  15. I love Michelle and I think she looks FANTASTIC! Go Michelle!!!! :bowdown:

  16. @iris- Destinys child were not the biggest girl group it was TLC
    @ Bowhe- you speak the truth!! :iagree: black people need to learn about the importance of entreupenurialship.
    Michelle looks good but having the same stylist as Ri and wearing a similar style isn’t gona do wonders for her career because she looks indistinctive, as does keri hilson- they look like wannabes

  17. :iagree:

    I am joining the hallelujah chorus.

    Well said Luxe.

    Preach Bohwe.

    Amen Dark Sista.

    Cute pix Michelle.

  18. Also, how do people think MJJ made his money? MJJ said in an interview that as a child his family lived down the street from Frank Sinatra, and his brothers and MJJ would ride their bikes to his house, and he would teach them or give them business lessons. And look at MJJ, this man bought the Beatles Catalogue in the early 80’s for 40+ million dollars, and then 20 years later emerged with Epic and made 200 or 100 million dollars from the deal, plus he gets royalities from that, plus he owns different artists catalogues. So, he isn’t broke by no means. MJJ is a businessman. One thing you can be sure of is that MJJ isn’t broke, he’s pretending to keep people out his pocket. Unlike other black artists, MJJ never advertise his wealth.

  19. “Unlike other black artists, MJJ never advertise his wealth.” Yep he does not need to let us know how many benjis he got sick of, or how many bottle of champagne he can pop, We are Ridiculous :thumbsdown:

  20. BEY sells more than Michelle because she is a better VOCALIST and PERFORMER. Period. Case closed. Haters fall bck, 🙂

  21. I think the reason why Michelle has not left as yet is that she’s waiting until her contract is up if it isn’t already, to think of it, she already did three albums.

    Staying around Matthew gets her a chance to do jobs here and there even if it’s not top notch, cause if she should leave Matthew she won’t have anything to do but stay at home and regain all the weight that she has starved off her already small frame. Or be photoed on the red carpet attending ‘keep my face in the limelight’ parties.

    I wonder if Michelle & Kelly think to themselves that they were in the biggest selling group and now that their on their own they can hardly sell anything. It goes to show you who was the main and only attraction. it’s a good thing the other girls left when they did cause they have a better chance of making a name for themselves.

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