Michelle Williams: “We Break The Dawn” Video


Michelle looks fabulous in this video and her personality really shines through, something I don’t think we ever saw during her Destiny’s Child days.

I love the video. The song is okay. I wish her much success- she deserves it.


  1. I think she looks really pretty. I just don’t like the fact how she went from Destiny Child to singing Gospel now R&B. I felt more connected with her when she sung Gospel.

  2. Michelle said in a radio interview a few years back that it was Mathew Knowles idea that she do gospel and Kelly do alternative as their first solo projects. Michelle said her first love was aslo R n’ B music.

  3. Michelle looks great! Glad to see she’s following HER first love. She was also good in The Color Purple. Congrats to Michelle!!

  4. im soo happy for thats like the right sound she needs it’s really unexpected jus like a her new album title she said on set of her video that she wanted to call the album unexpected coz people never expected her 2 claim her part just like her 2 members

  5. she looks way too skinny. omg.. she looks like she is like 80 lbs… i dont like it.. i wish she gets help for her eating disorder!


  7. I agree with the comments about it being boring. It made me sleepy.

  8. I have a hard time taking her serious with her new image and music style. It doesn’t seem believable. She looks like Kelly.

  9. I LOVE IT, GO MICHELLE!!!!!!!!!

  10. Oh my, this video was really good. I like it. And she looks good with the hair style and makeup. I was always suspicious that she did the gospel route so quickly after bootylicious. It didn’t seem like the best choice to keep her career relevant in the pop arena. I’m glad this is the first time I’ve heard the song, because the video makes the song ‘pop’.

    I’m not a Michelle Williams fan, but she may just make me a believer if her album is good this time.

  11. Just read eveyone’s comment. I’m not surprised that it was Mathew Knowles idea to have her sing gospel and Kelly to sing alternative right after DC split up. He’s a one artist man because everyone else under his management has had a dismal career.

  12. Michelle u are sexy? can dance? and sing? and entertain?
    And u can make me get off my seat and groove???????
    Girl u should have started a solo act!

  13. Good video and for those who say didnt watch to the end…you should because it gets better towards the best. All the best to Michelle. Break the Dawn!!!!!!!

  14. Well I love the song, but really didn’t like the video… it didn’t fall into what MY vision was lol. But I am not surprised that M. Knowles told Michelle & Kelly what albums would be best for the 2 of them to make after the final days of D.C. For all of those who had doubts that Matthew is gunning for one particular D.C. alum, which I prefer not to name, there’s ur proof… str8 from Michelle’s mouth…. my conspiracy theory thickens ;-).

  15. What was Milo Ventimiglia doing in this vid??? 😆 The dude with the hat looking like “Peter Petrelli”. *sigh* He was sexy. She should’ve pushed some more one-on-one action with him. So, what’s the story? Wandering through club, wandering outside, encountering various men/dancers, rendezvousing with them at the end to ‘break the dawn’?

    I think the vid’s “okay”. Michelle’s looking good, but the eye candy, her dancers were *phew!* Sexy!

  16. Finally we can see a sister as her true self. It was pretty good. A lot better than I thought it was going to be.
    I look forward to seeing more of her.

  17. The songs alright, but I can’t really hate it cause this is the first time I have ever heard anything solo from her.

    But she looks really pretty in the video, lets hope there is other good stuff on the album to come.

    Good Luck Michelle…..

  18. Michelle’s video is hot, she looks pretty. I had to rewind the dance number to see it again. Go Michelle.

  19. I definitely wish her well with her upcoming album but I wouldn’t make a point to see the video again nor buy the album. She is talented and pretty and I definitely wish her the best

  20. These comments come from a HARDCORE Destiny’s Child fan:

    Video: Umm.. WTH was that? She looks very pretty… but she needed to change up her look a little in the video, u know, gave us more edge. It was like looking at one shot the whole time. Imma cut her some slack, maybe there was a low budget…. but she wouldnt have had to pay me… I could have at least did her an updo for a different look..sheesh!

    Song: It is alright, nothing that really strikes my fancy. We all know that videos can make u like a song more, therefore, I could have liked it more with a better video pushin it.

    As a fan, I am not impressed… Come wit it Michelle… I am rooting for you to knock it out the park…This here aint gone get it!!!

  21. Loved it! Good luck for Michelle. Wish her all the best.

  22. I thought the Video could have been a little better. Maybe I need to see it on TV. But overall the song is cool and she looks great. I really think she found her nitch and I’m glad to see her taking her own route, so she cannot be compared to Beyonce.

  23. I Enjoyd the song, and the video. I don’t think it’s boring.. I think there is a sweet finesse and classiness to it. She sort of reminds of Whitney and Celine at the same time in this video. The song is we break the dawn. That is why they seem to be the only ones out in the street. There is no need to change the scenes because they are breaking the dawn wherever they are at that point in time. Good job Michelle. Keep it up.

  24. I like the song and the video. I like that she is the only woman in the video i.e. no rump shaking women. If I made a video, I too would surround myself with gorgeous men. ooh la la. LOL

    Obviously, she is going after the global market. American music fans need a reality check. We form a large market but our cash ain’t worth much these days.

    Michelle also appears to be weaveless. Hallelujah! Be your natural permed self, girl.

    As far switching from Gospel to R’n’b….doesn’t bother me. Though I primarily listen to worship music, I think it is wrong when we get upset when it appears some one has backslid from Gospel to R’n’B. How many of us slip, trip, and dip with great regularity? No cameras are watching every move we make. Salvation is a lifelong process. Artist are humans whose gifts have given them a national spotlight. These artist are working out their salvation with all eyes on them. Not easy.

    The gifts of God are without repentance. In other words, her voice is her gift to do with what she pleases. Eternally, it is to her advantage to choose wisely and please Him.

    Go Michelle!

  25. Just watched the video again. Brings back fond memories of Diana Ross’ “I Want Muscles” video. Ooh la la. Think I will search YouTube for that clip.

  26. I love the video all that man action in the video. I think she made the video for us ladies to look at all them wonderful looking man. Thank you michelle im tried looking at a bunch of rump shaking women too in video. Im going to get her album when it comes out.

  27. A song about partying all night. Wasn’t that what Kelly’s last song was about? Come on Michelle. You can do better than that.

  28. I don’t like the song but I do like the video and Michelle’s voice.

  29. Michelle did good work on this song and the video. But Matthew K. is out for his #1 money maker, I dont think he is interested in putting in the type of time and effort to work harder for Michelle or Kelley or even his younger daughter,,,,what’s her name,,,,OHHH Solange…
    Like he said years ago Bey makes more by being a solo artist and so does he,,,,,,

  30. I agree with Shar too, that was boring!

    She is very talented, but I don’t see her as a solo artist. She is better within a group because when she is alone, she is boring. I thought she did good in the Color Purple (I got to check her out in Chicago), but she was with an ensemble, not a one woman musical. If R& B is her first love then she needs to come harder than that!

  31. I like the song. I can listen to it on the radio but the vid is not all that. It doesnt really matter to me much because I dont watch too many videos these days anyway.

  32. I don`t think it`s a bad song. However, we all know she won`t get any airplay. I like Michelle and think she`s a gorgeous woman. I wish her well and hope that she can break through and shine for awhile.

    Matthew Knowles…… Hmmm. I don`t trust that guy……. If you ask me I think she should change her management. I agree that in Destiny`s Child she was restrained when it came to her personality. We all know the reason why. Only room for one star. In stark contrast, for instance, to a group like The Jacksons. Although Michael was clearly the leader, all of his brother`s personalities were allowed to shine within the group. If I were Michelle I`d drop Matthew Knowles like a bad habit….

    “I Want You Back” by The Jackson 5

    Uhh huh huh huh
    Let me tell you now
    Uhh huh

    When I had you to myself
    I didn`t want you around
    Cause pretty faces always made you
    Stand out in a crowd
    But someone picked you from the bunch
    One look was all it took
    Now it`s much too late for me
    To take a second look

    Oh baby give me one more chance (to show you that I love you)
    Want you please let me
    Back in your heart
    Oh darling I was blind to let you go (let you go baby)
    But now since I see you in his arms
    I want you back (yes I do now)
    I want you back (ooh, ooh, baby)
    I want you back (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
    I want you back (nah, nah, nah, nah)

  33. WOW….I Love her new Look. She is Beautiful. She really shines as an individual. I’m glad that she finally escaped from the shadow of her old DC memers. Keep up the good work Michelle. 🙂

  34. To all the Hater, I likey..
    That will be just one of my summer jammy jams..

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