Mini Destiny’s Child Reunion

Letoya, Latavia & Eve Today was day 2 of the Minority Mentorship Symposium and it brought out former Destiny’s Child members Letoya Luckett and Latavia Roberson. As many of you know, Letoya has kept a pretty high profile since being booted from DC nearly a decade ago, opening up several boutiques throughout Texas and releasing (almost) two solo albums. Latavia on the other hand has been relatively quiet and makes few, if any, public appearances. The singer was last seen at Letoya’s birthday party last month but apparently didn’t speak to the press or give any details about a possible return to the business.

At this point a solo album is probably the farthest thing from her mind- as radio clearly has no plans to support anyone from Destiny’s Child except Beyonce. Still. it’s nice to see the sista out every now again.

Btw, they were joined by rapper/actress Eve.


  1. Sad Story,Very sad story, If back then they caught up on the fact that Destiny’ s child is not Destiny’s children, All of them would be superstars,Oh well,I love Letoya and Latavia but i just realize how ghetto minus michelle all the menbers names are Lol sTILL lOVE THEM,Letoya is hot,Hey Latavia, and michelle go on girl!

  2. When you are the non lead singing member of a girl group you stand no chance whatsoever of being a success on your own. Plus Latavia is too dark to have a music career. Dark women are like the plague in music today, especially r&b music. :thumbsdown:

  3. Dark women are like the plague in music today, especially r&b music.
    True, But i really believe that one day, Dark Women will be recognized as the beautiful Creatures they are, I do, When the industry runs out of originality (started already) They are going to need something different and Natural and i guaranty you Dark skin will be celebrated as it should be, For now I’m happy my mother thought me the meaning of Self esteem, Other than that I am so over Girls Group It’s Over and done to me,beside when a new group come out i always feel like one person is trying to use the others as trampoline for their own solo career,Maybe i’ m “trippin” But that’ s how i feel,Nevertheless They all look gorgeous and I love Love Love Letoya’ s real personality

  4. It is sad that dark skinned people are not as promoted by the mainstream media, but I believe it is not only because of skin color. A lot of it has to do with likability, the it factor, and several other factors that influence people to embrace an artist. I don’t care how light skinned a person is, if they are not likable, their acting or singing is not something anyone wants to hear, then it won’t matter the color. Sometimes you have to to stop complaining and break doors down or make your own way doing something outside the box to get that recognition. But I am happy for everyone from Destiny’s Child.

  5. “Sometimes you have to to stop complaining and break doors down or make your own way doing something outside the box to get that recognition.”

    I think for someone to break a door there needs to be at least a small percentage of “open mind ness” You know what i’ m saying? In the real world every women ,regardless of her color, or weight can achieve whatever she wants, I’ m dark, I’ m doing my thing,very successful, and living the life,However i’ m sure that if i was an entertainer there would be no shot for me no matter how hard i try or how talented I am, because there is a stereotype of what a black woman should look like to be successful and that is sad,So you’ re right about stopping the complaints and do something but that cannot happen in Hollywood,At least Not right now,Everywhere else i’ ll tell people shut up and step up to the plate because i did,but In hollywood…

  6. if african-american women entertainers and managers were so open-minded and had self love and knowledge they wud have used Africa to their advantage,i find it hard to understand why you have to wait for white America or Europe to measure your success,no.1 they shud stop looking for porvety and disease in Africa and just market yourself in the main African urban areas,use platforms like MTV base,KMT and the rest,if you can sell a minimum of 30 000 units in one country and multiply that by 30 African countries you wud push a lot of albums,including downloads-by the way we have 52 countries and have a population of 800 million and not all of us are poor and dying you know, and the western media and people and the likes of Oprah like to exagarate things so that they can look like the saviours of Africa….look at Kelly she is slowly tapping the African market,ciara shud take that advantage,that is what i call taking risk going to places you have never been,bcoz you will stay dark and never make it,come to the dark continent.





  8. I understand what your saying ‘Beyonce fan’ but how can people ‘get over it’ when almost all black female celebs making it are light. That immediately tells young dark girls that theyr not good enough and cannot make it in show business because theyre dark. Of course not every dark girl cares about what the media say, but my point is that the images we see on TV affect us all to some extent. When you see noone on tv who looks anything like you and those of your ‘race’ who are on tv are of the fairer hue that leaves a negative impact on people.

    As much as we do need to ‘get over it’, its a difficult thing to do when the light vs dark debate is thrown in our faces constantly. I find it hard to support artists like B because she has it pretty much handed to her; she releases a song and it automatically gets played. Whilst other artists like Estelle could only dream of getting such promotion and this does all boil down to popularity/acceptability by the white media hence skin tone. Fair enough B works hard but you’d have to be blind and dumb to not notice that she has a lot unfairly handed too her.

    Ok so back to Letoya and Letavia- good for them for having fun and doing their thing. At least Letavia has found happiness outside of music, and Letoya is trying to establish a career for herself. I think Letoya could do really well if she chooses her singles carefully, I don’t expect her to top the mainstream charts but it would be great if she did well on the r&b ones, she has a lot of potential. It is sad that the other DC girls haven’t been able to establish solid careers so I hope Letoya becomes an exception.

  9. 2 Voice:

    Michelle’s name isn’t really Michelle. LOL. She was on the Wendy Williams Radio Show a few months back and told them that her name is pretty ghetto — it’s Tenitra. (GOOGLE it). And, Kelly’s real name is Kelendria. Michelle talked about how Mathew wouldn’t let her use her first name, because it was too ghetto (unlike BEYONCE — LOL).


  10. Lizz :hifive: And the whole dark skin thing only happens in the state! In France, in the UK ,England and everywhere else, Woman from all shades are doing it but i feel like people here didn’t catch on the fact that slavery is over and you don’ t need to have someone light at your side to seems important ,I mean people like what they like Honestly i have no issue with that it’ s just the stereotype that dark is ugly that breaks my heart

    Fashionista101: You and i know if michelle’ s name is tenitra than ALL DESTINY’S CHILDREN names are ghetto as HELL :lol2: hmm seems to me like Matthew only took the name that stand out :bag: Oh well πŸ™‚

    UK Girl: You are telling the truth Girl!

    I’ m so happy we are all talking calmly and displaying class we don’ t need any ghetto stan to barge in here !
    :hifive: To all of you

  11. The ladies look lovely πŸ™‚

    I need to get to the track…

  12. Beyoncefan: Hey girl! For a fan you’ re not as ignorant,close minded and ghetto as the other so i’ m going to talk to you as respectfully as you came at us
    I’ m light My sister is dark, do you think we hate or judge each other over our color? No! but it is a problem in our community and the more we “let it go” and act blind, the more nothing is done,I never envied or wish to be anybody (beside Michelle Obama Lool) dark or light, whenever i see a beautiful woman i speak on it, so much that people thought i liked women lool,But what i mean is, it’ s an issue and when there is an issue we need to find a solution, not get over it and letting it go, Today it’ s Hollywood, Tomorrow dark skin girls won’ t be able to get regular jobs because people consider their skin dirty and ugly,We need to talk about it, and do something about it, The more we talk, the more people will realize that enough is enough,You know what i mean?

    Fashionista when is your new post coming up? i want rihanna blue back pack,her long dress and her shades Lool

  13. @ Fashionista 101: Ouch! Poor Michelle, that musta hurt. πŸ™

    But on the whole skin tone thing, I think that we need 2 remember that the entertainment industry is about aesthetic appeal and it blatantly discriminates based on looks. The standard of beauty is blonde hair and blue eyes (white) and that has to do with the fact that mainstream media is white owned and they dictate the standard of beauty.They also generally cater to a predominantly white market, who accept that standard of beauty. So if you’re black and you wanna make it u have to be as close to that standard as possible, without pulling a Michael Jackson. At some point I even forgot he was born black! Im always reminded by the Thriller album cover lol!

    If there was more black owned media with a mass audience appeal then maybe these sisters would be able to find a home in the media market without having to change themselves to cater to the mass media, because the truth is mass media market is where the big numbers and big bucks are.

    Id say that as black ppl in general WE first need to do away with that sterotype that light skinned is beautiful. We should not let mainstream media influence our perception of black beauty, but rather create our own standards and stick to them.

    Imgine if Beyonce/Rihanna was as dark as Kelly & with black hair, would she be as “appealing”?

    I live in South East Asia and Ill tell u now, its not just a black thing, the number of skin lightening products that are available for women here is just hillarious. Here if you’re light skinned you’re beautiful too. Mainstream media has been able to convince us all that Light Skinned Women are the most appealing, regardless what race u are, the closer u are to white the better.

  14. @ to voice

    thank you i am not like all beyonce fans and i kinda agree with u, also if this whole light and dark thing comes out, i mean can we bounce back from it

  15. BEYONCE FAN : We sure can :hifive: and i hope we get to see more of you on this blog :brownsista:

  16. They all look GREAT, I miss DESTINYS CHILD!!!!!!!!!!

  17. I think if we as black women stop making an issue about skin tones then it won’t be an issue. People only have powe over your self image if you give it to them. We can start by promoting some extremely talented dark sisters on this blog. Ledisi is coming out with her second cd and not one mention on this blog. Nothing against Stephanie, but, there are a lot of talented dark sisters out here doing the thing they are just not promoted on this blog. It is 2009 and we have a beautiful dark skin sister as the face of this nation for females. Michelle Obama’s European trip was celebrated on every blog except the blog for Brownsista’s. So you see it’s us. Beyonce can sneeze and it will be ten stories about on this blog. But the true icon the true history maker Mrs. Obama or fist lady if you prefer hardly gets a mention on this blog. And why does every brown sista we talk about have to be in entertainment. There are black women out here doing amazing things and all we debate about is this light/dark thing. Please ladies let’s let it go. Why do we care what white people find beautiful? Isn’t it obvious by all the deformed surgery’s they have done to their face that they don’t think they are beautiful themselves.

  18. Voice said,
    April 4, 2009 at8:21 pm 5 days, 13 hours after

    You let Voice post a youtube video why can’t I? Now I know I did not curse. So what is the problem with my comments not being posted? (STEPHFANIE?)

  19. Voice said,
    April 4, 2009 at8:21 pm 5 days, 13 hours after

    You let Voice post a youtube video why can’t I? Now I know I did not curse. So what is the problem with my comments not being posted? (STEPHFANIE?)

  20. bee : I hear what you’ re saying, I’ ll start a blog myself but at the moment i don’ t have that much time,but when i do i’ ll make sure that everyone is represented black light dark yellow red pink green, Everyone will have a place on it,I also think that most blogs (not attacking you stephie) are up because the owner are trying to make money out of it rather than promote the people on it , Thus there is a need to post about people that bring more comments, stans and craziness
    but you said:”Why do we care what white people find beautiful?” I don’ t but the next little dark skin girl somewhere in her house listening to her mother telling her how beautiful she is but seeing other wise outside her house do care,This isn’ t about us this generation is already doomed,It’ s about the future,Little light skin girls being raised to believe they are better than everybody and they are going to be hated on, they grow up to have a skank attitude and blame it on the skin color when people don’ t like them, little dark skin girl growing up to believe that they need to do everything extra to get atention i.e: sleepin with dif men and things like that You know what i mean?! So it is not about white people i could give three damn about that, It’ s about the generation coming,If Michelle shattered one door we should not try to close it,You know what i’ m saying

  21. Both of them look great. LaTavia has a shape on her huh? :bowdown: Black beauties

  22. LaTavia has a shape on her huh? I know! Lmao she must be drinking soy milk like crazy

  23. I’m sorry Stephanie. I thought u were jerking me off by not posting my comments. :bag:

  24. Well, Michelle Obama has done much to raise the image of dark chocolates around the world. It has translated into models and actresses getting more attention and work; and, hopefully, it will help singers to get their just due when the world realizes that its not the color but the talent that makes a difference. On that day, the garbage that Beyonce and Rihanna are spitting out will be dumped in a landfill where they belong. :brownsista:

  25. WOW….Ms. bee…. nice comment, TOTALLY agree!!! :thumbsup:

    @ Voice…. Even though I now lurk most of the time (no time for e-debates w/ strangers), I totally agree w/ all you have stated. The majority of the time, I am in agreement w/ your comments (when your on topic and not rippin’ someone a new….. LOL!!) so there is never really a need to double comment on a post. Keep doing what you do and holding it down “Brownsista”!!!!!

  26. You let Voice post a youtube video why can’t I? Now I know I did not curse. So what is the problem with my comments not being posted? (STEPHFANIE?)

    Any comment that involves a link is automatically held for moderation to cut down on spam.

  27. It’s great to see these ladies out and about for a good cause keep up the good work. :thumbsup:
    @voice :iagree: now that’s real talk folks. Bee, Beyonce fan, and Luxe you all also made some very great points :thumbsup: However, I just wanted to tell you ladies about a book called The Isis Papers The Keys to the Color by Dr. Frances Cress Welsing. It’s been around for a while and you all may know about it. But in that book Dr. Welsing explains the history and mental demise that has started this whole Light verses dark issue. And Luxe to sort of piggy back on what you said about appealing to the white masses they call it white supremacy. And in that book it explains how white supremacy has dominated entertainment, law, and education etc.
    So to Voice :iagree: we must educate our new generation of sisters and daughters with the underlying reason for this destruction because some people practice learned behavior and just have not been exposed to the truth (not that I am making excuses for them) so what we can do is offer work shops and blog posting to teach people self love rather than the divide and conquer attitude.

  28. Keepin It Real πŸ˜† πŸ˜† :hifive:

    hey LuckyCharm i know i’ m a lil rough on the edges sometimes but that’ s what growing up with though women will do to you Lool However if people look past my straight forwardness you’ ll see that every single thing i say have a reason behind it and make perfectly sens, Sometimes when people don’ t get what you’ re saying when you’ re been classy you need to go maqueisha on them Lool but thanks πŸ˜‰

    Real talk The Isis Papers The Keys to the Color Is my favorite book to date beside the black books (Yes stephanie i am still beggin )l0l You know we always agree :hifive: How are you ?

  29. They look good…and I do think that if Beyonce were BEYONCE with her face and shape and personality as is, and she were dark skinned or had a darker complextion…she would still be WHO SHE IS TODAY! Its her talent, beauty, ambition and personality that has gotten Beyonce to where she is today, look at Mya, Christina Milian, and Cassie there both as light and beautiful as Beyonce but there not at the top…WHY U ASK?? B/c they dont have or poses the star quality, talent or personality that Beyonce has, nor are they as hard working as Beyonce. SO for those who agree with BEYONCEFAN is very ignorant, shallow, and sad.

  30. “Beyonce fan” You are the FIRST B fan i ever met that have some sens, can talk to people calmly without calling them names and make valid point,The first …There is nothing wrong with being hon nest because at the end of the day regardless of what is said if it is destiny that your girl stay on top forever it will happens,You made great point, I for one never denied the girl’ s talent I did argued how talented she was, but i never said she had not one ounce of talent that would be either being deaf or jealous loool I’ m just happy that you don’ t take stuff the wrong way :hifive: and welcome here :thumbsup:

    Luxe: They didn’t convince me and i still think i am more beautiful than the two sisters you named above, Lol i know i can get up there with them two and knock them down, Lool but like shante said I am more afraid for the future generation, i have 1 year old twin girls and i am 7 month pregnant of another set ,I am goign to teach them that they are beautiful,I’ ll make a point of saying it every morning,But what good can it be if they are seeing outside our house that dark is not that accepted? You know, yes white media is telling the world that dark is not beautiful,But we are stronger then them and i mean that in every single way, we can over come that if only we were willing too..I’ m not knocking anyone down Light skin sistas are as gorgeous as the dark, But we should all be able to hold each other’ s hands and tell each other how beautiful we are, dark sistas need to stop being jealous and displaying hate towards light skin sisters (and AN opinion is not hate, name calling is),Light skin girls need to stop thinking that everyone is envious of them and hate them because of their skins,it’ s a mutual effort that needs to be made not only coming from one side :hifive:

    On another Note sorry for forgetting to compliment the sistas shape They are bad! I’ m jealous looking like a whale right now (Cocoa butter really works for the stretch marks)Hopefully after this pregnancy i can snap back to my flat stomach and voluptuous hips πŸ™ If not i am so beating up my husband πŸ˜†

    Stephanie: I want an avatar too πŸ™‚

  31. @Real Talk: I’ve read it and I understand it but at what point do we move passed all of this. We know we are beautiful why do we need clarification. Beyonce is noticed because she is a beautiful woman. Yea she could tone it down sometimes, but, it does not take away from her beauty. She also made a career off of being curvy. Because let’s face it anyone of this young ladies could have song the songs she sang but she has a machine and a record company behind her as well. But let’s move pass the light/dark thing. Let’s see a sister and see the beauty in her no matter what complexion she is. If I didn’t learn nothing else on 11/4/2008 is that we are the one’s we have been waiting for and nothing but us can stop us.

    Black women are strong, beautiful, intelligent, and sometimes ghetto but that’s what makes us us. There is no other creature on the face of the planet that can go through what we go through and still walk around with our heads held high, our face looking beautiful, and our hair done. Let’s just remember what we came from and everytime you forget just remember that we are the face of the world now because of Michelle Obama we are the face of the world. We are all beautiful women me with my reddish brown skin to my sister with her beautiful cocoa dark brown skin. We are equally beautiful. It is time for black women to hold each other up not tear each other down. So I am wishing all my brown sistas happiness, good health, confidence, and just the best that life has to offer us from now until forever.

  32. Off Topic : there is a chick named alesha dixon if she crosses over It’ s a wrap πŸ˜†

  33. I agree that we as black women should believe in ourselves and I do believe Im a beautiful woman!!!
    However, we cannot hide away from the fact that there is this sterotype out there and its killing the younger generations. :iagree: with Voice we should speak about it and get it out there in the open, silence will only let it fester and continue to destroy the self esteems of young girls who buy into this “ideal” beauty.
    My mother is light skinned and Im not as light as her, but she still tells me to this day how beautiful I am and Im a grown woman now!! I will forever be greatful to her for that because I’ve never had a serious complex about my looks. But like Dark Sister said, how do you fight the machine that engulfs your daughter when she leaves the house or watches tv or looks through magaiznes? I say just remind her that she is beautiful and REFUSE to let her change herself, (like my mom did). That way she will learn to be comfortable in the skin that she is in, she will learn to love it and wear it with pride.

  34. @Voice well said well said. :bowdown: They should get together with eve and become a group lol. They look all fly walking together.

  35. @ Bee this issue isn’t an individual issue as a matter of fact it was never an issue for me but rather one of this race. We are not going to move pass the issue as a race until everyone acknowledges that it is still happening and take the time to educate the ones that do not understand what they are participating in. It’s not about one or two people it’s about a race. Just saying let something go that is plaguing a race daily will not fix the situation. It’s like putting a bandage on a bullet wound. You are secure in yourself and I am secure in myself. However, must we forget about the others in our race that have not been educated enough to find that security in themselves? This issue is damaging so many people in our race severely. I have a very light skinned mother and immediately family members. However, because my family has been well educated on this issue as well as many others they were able to make healthier choices in raising us. We were always taught that the content of someone’s character takes precedent over the color or shade of their skin. At the end of the day your character, morals, and standards is what makes you not the fact that you have millions or billions of dollars in the bank. I understand that society and the media have shoved that down our throats but you have to free your mind from the media because they are like a deadly poison that will have you buying into anything they say or anyone they sell you. Bee everyone heard the Mr. Luther King speech but everyone did not have a support group or immediate family that supported that theory and incorporated that teaching into their lives. No one in this race at no point in time should be taught that they are more or less than the other due to skin complexion or any other reason. As a race we should have been well aware light years before 11/4/2008 that we can do and achieve everything but where the issue comes in if you have some that are informed and know the way and keep saying let this and that go and not reaching back and teaching the others within the race the same strength and courage. And you said you read the book go back to the chapter where she talks about in the 1980’s how our race developed I got mine attitude and left others that needed their help behind. Well it sounds to me like people who rather let things go instead of helping and teaching others have the same attitude I have mine and forget about you. In order evolve and move pass anything that attitude has definitely be thrown out of the window.

  36. How coool is it that we are all agreeing and disagreeing but with class see what happens when stans don’ t jump in a discussion?!

  37. I’m late commenting. However, I must say I agree with everyone who said we need to acknowledge and confront the lack of attention & respect dark skin women recieve. The darker the woman the more bitter, angry, and ghetto she is exspected to be without her even saying a word. For example, a white person once told me after a conversation, “For you to be black, you talk intelligently.” I have other black friends & professors at school, who have told me they have had simular experences.

    With that being said, I do believe Bey would not be as famous if she was dark skin. I am dark skin, I at 25 is just now starting to appreciated and feel blessed to be a Black Dark Skin Woman. We as dark skin women need to really love, appreciated, and celebrate our beauty regardless of what others think about us.

    We should start a day, called Dark Skin Women Day!!!!

  38. AAAHHHH :stop: GET OVER IT PEOPLE!!!!!! Aint a damn thang you all can do to change things. It is what it is. Im a dark skinned beautiful sista and Im not bitter toward light skinned women, for what?? Just b/c your light doesnt make you pretty,nor any better then me. Ive seen some really ugly light skinned chicks and they aint got a damn thang on me. But more to the point stop using skin color as an excuse, if you work hard at what you want you can achieve anything. Thats like now folks still blaming everything on the “white man” that sh!t gets old and to me that is no longer an excuse, b/c now OUR PRESIDENT IS BLACK! No matter you color if you fight hard and work hard you will eventually get what you want. If you think other wise I apologize that your brain is too small and shallow to see that anything worth fighting for your bound to win.

  39. lol Hey Miss lady…you know I gotta speak the truth up in here! :hifive:

  40. @Real Talk: By now everyone should know that only you can stop you. I don’t have a got mine attitude because I do a lot of volunteering and mentoring in my community. I can only control me and I for one am through with the whole dark/light thing. And for those who are not do you realize people are giving themselves skin cancer to look like you. White people have ignorant people just like everyone else. I’ve had ignorant people tell me you speak so articulately I wasn’t expecting that from you. And do you know what I tell those caucasions it’s because you were brought up to be ignorant to believe that you are the only one’s who can do something as simple as put a sentence together. Don’t own their ignorance let them own it. The bottom line is this stop giving your power away. This is the last time in my life I will comment on the white/black/light/dark situation. If you think you are ugly because you are dark then you will be ugly. Because until you realize your beauty no one else will. I will continue to teach the young women I come into contact with to love and respect themselves and not worry about what someone else thinks about you. And if we keep that attitude white people can’t have powe over you.

  41. :hifive: LETAVIA AND LETOYA are the true survivors. :hifive:

    They can walk together, laugh together, and cry together, while BeYodel and Kelly don’t even speak unless it’s publicity to keep up appearances. πŸ˜†

  42. @ Lizz


    I remember when my family first got cable tv back in the 80’s. I was so excited for BET. I used to dream that the next move would be to link America with Africa with CNN/Weather Channel/ History channel type programming.

    NOT! It never happened. We all know about BET’s sad, sad story.

    We just don’t get it here in the states. I realize that Africa America is so traumatized by the past and we focus so much on just making it day to day that we fail to see the beauty and potential of the African diaspora.

  43. Thank you, Virgo for posting what you did. :hifive: And the funny thing is, as light-skinned as Beyonce and all, you would think she would not have to grind like she does if it was all about the lightskinned shining. Everything should be handed to her. Right? Not only her, Cassie, Ciara, keyshia, and even Rihanna. It’s hard for a female, especially if you’re a black female in the industry.

    That’s why I am happy for any black female that succeeds in the industry for that reason. Any female, especially a black one, is the underdog in comparison to the male dominated structure of the industry. Now it is possible that some relate to Beyonce because of her skin-color. I don’t argue it but I can argue the same with the dark-skinned entertainers in the industry. It goes both ways. Besides that, that also offends those who actually buy whoever artist/entertainers purely because they like their music and think that it is great.

  44. @ Bee I think you have gotten off subject I am gorgeous, very confident in who I have been created to be, completely love, accept, and understand who I am so I don’t know where the “you” language is coming from. I am extremely successful through my education, hard work and dedication. I was offering enlightment to others that are walking in darkness caught up in the madness and don’t know how to free themselves. I am not giving my power to anyone or blaming white people but there surely isn’t anything wrong with helping others that want to be helped :iagree: . Now I do understand that there are some people that do not want help. Truly I could care less what any race thinks. But it’s not about one person I am encouraging the people who do care what others think of them an educational out let to break free. I volunteer all the time in my community and I sit on different boards. And one of the methods we use to empower the community and the youth is we deal with their families as well. What we’ve found through observations and studies is when you are educating a child and they have to go back into a family where there is no support they tend to slip back through the cracks. So we came up with save the family. And everyone that knows me personally knows that I am a very accomplished and outstanding young lady. So I don’t know what you are talking about. πŸ˜† But I was only providing encouragement and support to individuals that are caught up in this light verses dark stigma.

  45. VIRGO: Bitter? Who the hell is bitter? We are adressing a situation calmly, and respectfully and justs haring opinions, All that name calling is so typical stan i knew it would happen
    so far all the sisters were just talking you gon bring that mess in here
    so take S-H.I$t that somewhere else!, With your fake ass

  46. @ VOICE What the hell are you talking about?? Im also stating my opinion, like I have the right too… Not a DAMN thing is fake about me dear. I wasnt calling anyone any names nor did I call a person bitter, so take ur illiterate a$$ back , to what I wrote, re-read slowly and then talk sh!t and even after you do that and you STILL feel the same then OBVIOUSLY you are bitter or maybe Its that damn VOICE in ur head that got your dumb a$$ talkin all stupid and sideways πŸ˜† girl or Boy BYE sit down and speak when spoken too. THAAAANKS

  47. @Real Talk: You should read my comment again because it was not directed at you personally. I was speaking in general to everyone not anyone in particular so I don’t know nor do I understand your comment. Why would give black women all those wonderful comments and then turn around and put a black woman down. You take this blog too personal I wasn’t specifically speaking to you or about you. I do apologize if you took offense to it.

  48. What is this “you have to be light skinned to be a sucessful singer” talk I see on american blogs based on? Im taking examples from near past and present.

    Is Janet light skinned?
    Or Whitney?
    Or Jenniffer Hudson?
    Or Estelle? She hasnt sold a lot but she does have a grammy and other awards…

    Are these light skinned ladies doing well despite all thier promotion?

    Keri Hilson
    Christina Milian

    I think people are more discerning than we give them credit for… At one point Whitney ruled, at some point Janet ruled her genre now it seems a lighter skinned person is doing well its attributed to her skin tone.

    I think that this topic is an obsession. Yes it must have seeds of truth but I feel this focus makes it a self fulfilling prphecy and takes away from real accomplishments of others.

    By the way Im happy La Tavia looks great.

  49. :lol2: @ VOICE looks like I pressed a button huh…its ok boo,things like that happen in life and your going to have to accept the fact that everyone has an opinion…and unfortunately for YOU theres not a damn thang you can do to change that. But if it helps you got me over here πŸ˜† @ ur dumb a$$.

  50. ooh… calm down, now. -aum for a minute.

    I will say though, skin tone is still an issue because they emphasize it& we underscore it.

  51. @Bee trust me sis this blog is not the least bit taken seriously by me. I rarely even comment on here anymore due to the fact that some people can’t handle difference of opinions without assasinating someone elses character. If you have real talk on here you will surely get attacked or told get over something that you are not even worrying about but rather trying to ingage in intelligent conversation. So I say to those cases get help and save the drama for your mama πŸ˜† . But I guess it was a misundertanding because it just sounded like you were specifying and that’s where the confusion came in. But I am glad we could talk like two mature adults sis :thumbsup: . I will chat with you later I got to go down to the city today.

  52. @ Bee trust me sis I don’t in the least bit take this blog serious. As a matter of fact I rarely come here to comment anymore due to the fact that some people can not handle difference of opinions without being negative and assasinating someone elses character or intelligence. Some people love to tell other people to get over something they are not even worrying about but rather trying to engage in intelligent dialouge. I say get help and save the drama for your mama to that kind πŸ˜† It came across as if you were specifying in your post but I guess it was a misunderstanding. But I am glad we were able to communicate like two mature adults sis :thumbsup: But I will chat with you later I have to go into the city today.

  53. Ladies, let’s be honest and realistic. You can’t place the total blame on Hollywood and White America. WE (Black people) discriminate against each other. WE promote the superiority of lighter skin complexion in our communities and it is especially prevalent in the mindset of many Black men. The characteristics of their mates reveal their preferences because it is highly unusual that most highly successful Black men wives look strikingly similar. Hollywood has promoted the elevation of Oprah Winfrey, Whoopi Goldberg, and Star Jones. White America embraced Naomi Campbell as beautiful in addition to Halle Berry. White America is going to classify “blond hair, blue eyed” as their standard of beauty but they are limited in their ability to completely define Black America’s standard of beauty. Our choices subconciously reflect our standards. India Arie, Ledisi, and Angie Stone are great musicians but WE do not purchase their music. No one limits our ability to attend their concerts, purchase their music, or display the embodiment of their beauty on the cover of our magazines.

  54. Virgo: you haven’t pressed nothing if you had i’ ll be at your front door right about now :lol2:
    Sepiastar :hifive:

  55. @ Sepiastar, exactly. Let me also add that Lauryn Hill was embraced by the entire world. Kelly Rowland is venerated in Europe and Japan. Darkskinned black women are discriminated against in the black community, the men are generally not. In black movies, black music videos with black male singers, it’s the lightskinned women who are showed. Hell, Puffy doesn’t even put black women in his ads anymore. Meanwhile, Robin Thicke has Jessica White in his video for “Sweetest Love”. We can’t blame it on the lightskinned sisters, they can’t control how those men perceive them. What I realized is that we project the black community’s perception of beauty onto others. In reality, non-black people see black as black regardless of our shade. If they hate black they hate all shades, if they love black they love all shades. Some foreign non-black people can’t even really differentiate two skin tones unless they’re two extremes (Vanessa Williams / Naomi Campbell), in other words, they can’t tell the difference between Gabrielle Union and Jada Pinkett (or Denzel and Will) like we can. They see black. Some girl I know went to study in Japan and when she showed pics of her with her sisters to her friends they couldn’t tell who was who in the 3 or 4 different pictures she had handed them, in spite of the fact that these sisters didn’t have the same skin tones at all. We as a community need to get it together FIRST before we point fingers at anybody.

  56. :lol2: @VOICE

    STOP FAKING you wouldnt be at no one’s door right now hun! You would get yourself the beat down of a life time if you were to EVER step foot on my turf . Please Believe that.

  57. i think these three ladies should form a group. i fell this would hot.

  58. I call this dark skin v lightskinned drama a legacy of slavery the white man has always preferred light skinned slaves over darker slaves, this attitude has been instilled in most African Americanes and Carribeans today hence why you have uneducated black folks who discriminate agianst their darker sisters or brothers its really sad and shows how slavery has messed people up. You have light skinned women who claim they are more prettier just because you are a few shades lighter. Doesnt Michelle Obama say anything to you? darker women are still beautiful and you cant make these 19th century slave talking dumb phrases anymore get an education and open your eyes and see beyond colour!

  59. :iagree: , this is a touchy subject, but its true, not only do white folks hate us, but we get discriminated by are one race, im brownskin, and my mother has always treated my sister like a prncss, and me like crap, im more sucess, ful. it hurts but thats the way it is you think if obama had a black mom, he would be in his situation, we all know kelly can sing better than beyonce but we also know whats stoppin, her she will, always be the shadow, of be,

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