Minority Report Gets its First Official Poster

MEAGAN GOOD MINORITY REPORTFox has just unveiled the official poster for their upcoming sci-fi drama Minority Report, and unlike the trailer that was previewed at last month’s UpFronts, features actress Meagan Good front and center.

For those of you who need a quick refresher, Meagan and actor Stark Sands are co-leads, though Fox’s first trailer for the show did not make that very apparent. The day after the first trailer was released, a second was unveiled, which then showed a bit more of Meagan’s character.

I speculated then, and continue to do so now after seeing the poster, that someone got to the execs and warned them not to make the same mistake with Minority Report they made with Sleepy Hollow, which was play down the show’s black female lead.

Fox clearly got the message, because Meagan is more than just an equal on the poster, she’s actually pushed out front and looks very much like the lead. Looks can be deceiving though and ultimately the show will tell us if Meagan is an actual lead or just decoration.

Minority Report makes it debut in September and will follow Gotham on Monday nights at 9pm. Will you be watching?


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  1. I’m gonna watch. But if I sense any Sleepy Hollow fuckery I’m out.

  2. Anyone know if the show is produced by Fox? If it is it might get a second season, even with modest numbers. If not, they are toast. Fox is a cancel happy network when it comes to sci-fi shows. They love to pick them up and then cancel them quick. Sleepy Hollow only got renewed because it’s a Fox production. Good luck to Meagan and Stark. They’ll need it.

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