Update: Miss Jackson Announces New Unbreakable Diamonds Collection

JANET JACKSON UNBREAKABLE DIAMONDSLike most celebs, singer Janet Jackson is looking to branch out and expand her empire. And while in this day and age for the average celebrity that would mean a clothing line- Miss Jackson, however, is no average celebrity, and thus has chosen to do things a bit differently.

Per NPR, Janet is getting into the diamonds business. That stunning yellow heart shaped necklace she wore at the BET Awards is reportedly a part of her new Janet Jackson Unbreakable Diamonds Collection, and will retail for the low-low price of only two millions dollars. The ring Janet wore however will be a bit more economical, costing a mere five-hundred thousand dollars.

No word yet on when the collection will hit retailers, but I think it’s safe to say you won’t be seeing it at your local Zales.


Update: The Janet Jackson Unbreakable Diamonds Collection will be sold exclusively via: http://www.paulrapsny.com/

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