Miss Jackson As Miss Ross

Janet Jackson I believe these photos were taken back in 2003 when Janet Jackson was rumored to be portraying Lena Horne in her biopic. These pics were suppose to showcase her looking very Lena like, but to me, I saw Diana Ross, not Lena Horne. The photo above in particular always looked very Diana, circa Lady Sings The Blues… or was it Mahogany? Well I can’t remember which one if was but I do know it was pre-big-hair Diana. Back in the 70’s Diana was rocking her own hair in her movies and I loved it. She seemed real. Same goes for these pics of Janet. It’s rare to see sistas showcasing their own lovely locks, but when they do, it is a sight to behold. And even though Janet may have a few extra tracks in there, this is still probably one of the most natural photo shoots I have ever seen of her.

More pics from this shoot can be seen on page 2.


  1. I have never seen these images of Janet before. She is truly a pretty woman and always was. I agree with you that the hair is what sets these pics apart from many others she has done. The naturalness of it is what makes it so captivating. I love seeing us with our own hair and not these wild manes so many of the celebrity sistas walk around with. :brownsista:

  2. I love Janet Jackson. I am hoping that she has a rocking comeback and have all of the ones who turned their backs on her eating out of her hands.


  3. :iagree: I get so tired of seeing all these crazy weaves. I love Janet and she is breath taking in these photos. I can see her playing both roles. I am truly sorry that she was not able to play Lena Horne because of the SuperBowl fiasco. But anywho, I hope to see her in more movies…and yes even as Diana Ross. I am looking forward to the movie she did with Tyler Perry. Thanks Steph…..KEEP THAT JANET INFO COMING!!! 😉

  4. I love Janet in anything she does. Do your thing Girl. :brownsista:

  5. I am not at all sure why all these comparisons are necessary. Ms. Ross, lena, and janet have all received a high status in their professional lives that make them quite unique, gifted, and quite capable of standing on their own feet, with their own unique hair, clothing, and incredibvly unique voices.

  6. Janet looks very beautiful. Maybe she should play Diana Ross, if Diana directs a movie about herself. :iagree: with everyone that likes natural hair better. I never was a fan of alot of weave and too much make-up. Natural Beauty is Fabulous. :brownsista:

  7. I’ve seen these images before and I agree with you all, she is absolutely flawless and just amazing and to the site admin/writer, I, too, thought she was portraying Diana Ross. The webpage I viewed the images on had lots of images of her through the years, but no real descriptions…anyway, just gorgeous she is. :brownsista:

  8. No offense but Janet Jackson is too damn beautiful in these pics to look anything like Diana Ross but the hairstyle (sorta b/c Diana wore those hugggeeeee wigs), her poses in the pics remind you of some DR pics. But Janet looks stunning.

  9. Well,,well,,well. Yes she is truly breathtaking. In these pictures she is a flawlessly beautiful black woman. I wish her much success in her career and her personal life. I really did like Janets latest CD. I thinkg that the radios, MTV and VH1 did not giver her enough air time. We know that we can get burned out on some of our other sistas because we hear their music all the time. I think she will do good in her acting roles, as long as she chooses the correctly. Much Love Ms. Jackson.
    We love you in OHIO.!!!!!!

  10. Janet looks like Deena Jones fron Dreamgirls. I don’t see Lena Horne.

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