Miss Jackson Is 42 & Still Fabulous

Singer Janet Jackson turned 42 years old yesterday and celebrated her big day with her longtime boyfriend Jermaine Dupri at Katsuya Restaurant. Unlike past birthdays Miss Jackson didn’t have a big celebration at a Hollywood night club but rather chose to keep it intimate and low key. Congrats to Janet! She’s still beautiful at 42 and I can’t wait to see her show these youngins how it’s done when she hits the touring circuit later on this year.

FYI: Janet will be performing live on Ellen this Monday, May 19th.

Update: Check out a video below of Janet as she got ready for her birthday celebration at Katsuya.


  1. Yall know how I feel about Janet!!! Bump Ellen, she needs to perform on the BET awards or something, I’m tired of her getting rinky dink jobs. I know Ellen is the most popular talk show right now, but she needs to be exposed on more music shows/awards. I’m begining to think she doesn’t mind, or care any more……..Never the less, I still like her

  2. OOOOH OOOOH! I GOT IT, I GOT IT (off topic) The new layout of brownsista looks like the album cover to Brandy’s album “Aphrodisiac” (very good CD by the way)!!

  3. Is it just me or does Jermaine look somewhat handsome in these pics?

  4. i love janet and i love ure article it’s so possitive and true that janet’s really gonna show the youngins hw it’s done and i cant wait too in britain scotland thats were im from i always loved janet and will always. and omg 42 she looks halp her age serious that woman’s beautiful!! janet,ms jackson all the way

  5. i ment she looks half her age not halp don’t even know wat it means lols whoops now lol. ms janet 4ever

  6. I concur Janet will show these WANNABEES how to rock a crowd. Incidentally I was watching some of her classics on YouTube yesterday including “Alright”, “Pleasure Principle”, “Rhythmn Nation” , etc. She was definitely FLY in “Alright” with the zoot suit and the big hat. Janet`s videos have style and an edge, unlike videos of today`s female artists. Like her live shows they`re very entertaining; you don`t get that today. Janet is an icon and she has definitely left a mark in the music industry. She knows how to perform as she`s never all over the place shaking her booty and all. She knows how to really perform.

    These CHEAP imitators today definitely try to copy her but fail miserably.

    Back to her videos. Even today they`re still up to date and would blow the competition away. Keep doing your thang Janet and put these CHEAP imitators in their place. Lastly, but not least, happy birthday and many more.

    So maybe the walls will tumble
    And the sun refuse to shine
    When I say I love you
    Baby you gotta know
    That`s for all time
    Baby you gotta know
    That`s for all time
    Say that you`ll never go
    That`s for all time

  7. I turn 17 today two…her is on the 16th and my is on the 17th today

  8. @ Liyah

    i hear what you are saying about “rinky dink jobs”. sometimes i wish i could hear she’d be everywhere performing…..award shows, music shows, anywhere else. but she’s not being played on most music stations (BET, MTV, hell VH1, etc.) so why would she end up performing at the award shows.

    okay here’s my mini rant………let’s hope i can stay on point……….GO!
    aight my thing is why doesn’t BET play her shiznit? it’s not like someone’s gonna die if they don’t hear rick ross one time. put it like this, she’s goes to 106 and park. they have a blowout when she’s there……they smile they giggle they talk and she has a new video. as soon as she leaves the stage you’ll never see that video on that show again. you gotta wait till like 3:00 in the morning before you just happen to catch it while flipping through the channels. ((sighs)) but i guess i shouldn’t expect much from BET. half of their lineup is reality shows, the other half is well….music videos (talking about the same ish over and over again). BET doesn’t even operate like it used to. and don’t take me for being racist at all but shoot the had freaking madonna on BET…….MADONNA! the hell? (now mind you i like some madonna songs…….human nature was cool) but dang….BET is like a suppsed urban version of MTV. so i guess i don’t really expect to see janet there.

    rant over……back to the business.

    yeah so what the hell was i saying…..damn you short attention span. oh welly well, congrats to janet. hope the birthday was mad nice and relaxing.

  9. Janet is gonna school the “youngin’s”. It would be to their benefit for them to pay attention. She’s 42? Dang! The lady gets better lookin’ by the day.

  10. ayo smooth thug, you saw the video of her celebrating her birthday?
    you seem like you fancy janet! lol…i’m kidding i know you like her.
    but have you or no?

  11. oh my god look at the video at 6:27 janet izz flexable im 17 and i cant strecth my leg in tha way or wat ever she’s doin with leg. i aint seen that of janet & now i already now janet still got it on tour i kno it’s gon’ b hot just gotta wait n see.

  12. BET didn’t even nominate Janet for best video award for Feedback but put UGK instead.

    She better be a surpised perfomer.

    And another thing They neva gave Janet the attention like they did Beyonce,Mariah,Alicia,Birdman/lilwayne. When they have specials or play her new video on each hour. But itz ok Cuz Janet iz back n yes Janet does care but at da sametimeb she did it all anywayz n can’t wait for her to go on her World Tour which she really is gonna do dis time. Janet still queen n icon n legend n nobody can’t take that away from her. Anywayz Happy Birthday Janet u look great.

  13. Ms. “diddy kong”, I just finished lookin’ at the above video. It starts out kinda cute. The most interesting part is when Jermaine tells Janet to go easy on the fries because they can be fattening. To that, Janet says that what’s back at the hotel is even more fattening than the fries. Jermaine says, something to the effect of, “like what?” Janet answers, “You!” Oh my goodness. That sounds like poor ol’ Jermaine is gonna be in a lot of trouble when he and Janet get back to their room at the hotel… poor ol’ Jermaine is gonna get himself worn all the way out, if ya know what I’m sayin’. LOL.
    “Stoney-Brie”, I would be willing to bet some money that Janet is about as flexable as your average college cheerleader. That is damn good in view of the fact that Janet is 42 years old. Your average college cheerleader is between about 18 and about 23 or 24 years old.
    Ms. “kiddy kong”, please educate me a little. I’m not at all familiar with online short hand. Please informe as to what “ayo” is. I’m so dumb when it comes to things like this. Please be a sweety and help me out.

  14. [quote comment=”26522″]Is it just me or does Jermaine look somewhat handsome in these pics?[/quote]

    Uuumm…just you.

  15. I think 42 looks beautiful on Janet. Ms. Jackson, if you’re nasty!!! She’s got so many felmale performers trying to follow her lead. Trying so hard to master what she’s been doing for many many years. I just luv her!

  16. @ smooth thug
    haha…..yeah JD was like “uh oh”. he’s silly. so is she. and what is it with her and drinking two drinks at a time. everytime……dang janet’s putting it down.
    my dear smooth thug “ayo” is not internet shorthand. at least i don’t think so…..if you think you are slow in internet “talk” then you might have to battle me for the title. i just found out what that “smh” thing meant like last month. but yes….back to “ayo” it’s like saying “yo” to get someone’s attention. kinda like when someone says “hey” but people pronounce it like “aye” so you put it together with “yo” and ya get “ayo”. haha…..got me laughing, does that even make sense? i hope so.

    @ sean 2008
    how you know who they nominated already? did they have some nominee thinger? i don’t watch much tv anymore…..the only time i watch BET is for diff’rent strokes, a different world and sometimes sanford and son.

    @ stoney-brie
    yeah when i saw that i was like dag……i figured she’d have to be flexible…..but i never saw it before so i was like “wow”. haha….coolness.

  17. Ms. “diddy kong”, darling, internet shorthand or not, you were very helpful; now I understand because it made a lot of sense. Thank you so very much, sweet heart.
    By the way y’all, talkin’ about “youngin’s” being taken to school, Tina Turner will be conducting class in October when she performs in concert at the Staples Center arena in Los Angeles.

  18. @ smooth thug
    your welcome.

    aww man tina’s coming back. i thought she was done touring. hmm…..cool. maybe she’ll do vegas or something like gladys knight and toni braxton (hope she get’s better).

  19. I Like seeing Janet relaxed…Janet: ” Fuck silly imma get stoopid” Cool Happy belated B Day The one and only Ms Nasty

  20. Ms. ” diddy kong”, it would be so nice to see Tina Turner do a year long engagement at one of those hotels in Las Vegas. She would tear the place up while making herself a few million dollars more.

  21. Ms. Kiddy kong.

    They annouced some of the nominees on 106 n park last week.

  22. I haven’t been a fan of Janet’s music lately, but u can’t deny that the lady is a icon… she’s like Madonna & LL Cool J in my book… say what u want about them, but they got that staying power. In the world of music that speaks volumes! Go ahead Janet w/ ur bad self :-)!

  23. yeaaaah……ROCK WITH U TOUR starts sept. 10. Miss Jackson is finally gonna go on a world tour. Can´t wait.

  24. I have to go to one of her shows. That woman is amazing gorgeous.

    Unfortunately BET only caters to the 14-22 year old crown. 106&Park’s audience is mainly made up of 16 year olds. They know nothing about Janet Jackson. She should have the chance to perform but the audience couldn’t care less about her unless she was strictly singing about her platinum chains, her pimped out car, and her fat bank account. She’ll also need some sort of lame expensive clothing line that caters to 14 year old girls trying to be 18. Maybe in 2009, she could come out with some perfume…

  25. Hery miss jay looking good
    I love how her and jermaine are always holding hands and looking so in love
    yet not putting their business out there…i’m telling you if it don’t look like love it aint!

  26. I hope I looked that good when I turn 42. She looks great.

  27. I am happy for Janet. Success is in her blood. I do not see/sea/c what she sees/seas/cc in JD (his beauty must come from the inside out) ’cause he is UG-O-LY! (forgive me, n u no i ain’t lying!)

    Whew! Keep on keeping on Ms. J. n that thing on ur arm should always add to not take away from, in every aspect. Much joy 2 u both!

    PS. May all future childrens (if) be blessed with Jackson coverage, in and out, in Jesus’ name!

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