Miss Janet Makes an Appearance

Singer Janet Jackson came out of hiding last night to attend the opening of Marco Glaviano’s “Supermodels” exhibition in New York City.

Miss Jackson showed off her NutriSystem figure in jeans, stilettos and a black and gold tufted jacket.

Still no word on if she is working on new music. I guess we longtime fans will just have to sit and wait.

FYI: A little birdie confirmed that both Janet and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson have cameos in Tyler Perry’s upcoming film “The Marriage Counselor.” Originally scheduled for a summer 2012 release, the film has now been pushed back to 2013.


  1. Damn Janet is looking good! And somethin about the way she’s standing…

  2. She confirmed, on an interview with Extra, that she has been busy creating music and getting things together for her deal w/Lionsgate. Personally, I am glad Janet is doing what she used to do when she first came out, those on for 2 years and disappear for 4. That’s how REAL icons do, let the public miss and crave you for longer than 5 months.

  3. Great! I love the jacket. She looks so fresh-faced! And to hear that she will be producing films? YES!

  4. Just hearing about Janet is music to my ears!

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