Miss Jackson Signs with New Label?

According to the latest issue of Jet Magazine, singer Janet Jackson may have signed a new record deal.

The dance icon had previously been a free agent since parting ways with Def Jam Records after the disappointing sales of her 2008 album “Discipline.”

Janet’s reported new musical home is Universal Music Enterprise, a division of Universal Music Group that specializes in releasing catalogue and compilation albums.

Janet’s #1’s album was also released by UME, so I can’t say I’m shocked she would choose the label to release new music as well. Though more than likely it will be released under one of Universal’s many subsidiaries.

As for when we can expect new music, Miss Jackson kept it vague, saying simply: “I am researching music sounds for the album.”

On a personal note, I don’t think Janet has any desire to do music anymore and simply tells people what they want to hear. When Janet pulls on her ear when being asked a question she is lying and every time I see her asked about her new music on television, she pulls that ear.



  1. I don’t think Janet has any desire to do music anymore

    This is so true.
    But not just music. Besides that mini tour which was very lazy, Janet has kept relatively quiet. What happened to that lingerie line? What happened to her own Blackglama line? Janet’s team announces things and then they never come to fruition. Janet said herself she wasn’t good at multitasking and that sure seems true.

    I think she is in retirement mode and works on things to keep busy rather than to stay in the press or add to her legacy.

    She’s become like those retirees who head to Florida and just play golf all day.

  2. ^^^And she’s earn that right. If she wants to sit on her ass until Jesus comes back…..she will do it while sitting pretty. haha

  3. If she signed with a new label, great. But if she’s in retiring mode, I’m great with that too. I agree with Yo. She’s earned that right. Maybe she shouldn’t “pull at that ear” when she’s supposedly lying, but honestly, she doesn’t owe anybody anything. She’s given the world the majority of her life, and she’s made music and tv and movie for all of our consumption. The woman is an icon. She deserves a break. She deserves to do whatever she wants with the rest of her life. I’m not good at multi-tasking either, and I don’t think that’s a bad thing. Focus on what truly makes you happy, Janet. I’d rather her stay out of the public eye and live her life and be happy than pull a Madonna at age almost-50 bumping and grinding with 21-year-old dancers on stage trying to keep up with the Rihannas, the Katy Perrys, and the Nicki Minajs who aren’t even pulling the numbers she was in her prime. Let’s be real, guys: her time’s up. The gig is up. Doesn’t mean her worth has lessened or her life is over.

  4. Exactly, I agree with Ella Umbrella. I also think that with MJ gone and all the controversy that surrounded his death hasn’t helped much and maybe she’s just tired of entertaining the way she use to. She will ALWAYS remain an icon no matter what! Both her and MJ of course.

  5. I am so glad that WE all are entitled to our own opinion. Like the latest two have said…she can do whatever she wants….she is an icon and has giving US the best!

  6. she’s fabolous, classy, sophisticated. she should act full time. i love to see janet in movies. she brings real glamour to premiers and interviews. not to many actresses are naturally glamorous like janet.

  7. Well, it’s a tough music market, Madonna sold (gave) her last album with concerts tickets as a package. People are getting more and more away from buying music, unless there’s an unusual buzz. It’s like the music industry is being paid back some of its bad karma for decades of exploitation and outright theft. Unfortunately, the artists are punished too!

    I was watching Earth Wind and Fire on Centric and one of the members stated that it’s not supposed to go on forever, once you’ve done it, you’ve done it, but as a group, they’re still relevant, revered, touring and making new music (but, not for the masses), like the Stones, Paul McCarthy and other iconic artists or groups!

    Janet will always have a presence in the industry and her legacy is still building!

  8. I agree Cynthia people are not buying music like they used to. Me personally I don’t buy music like I used too. It is karma coming back around for the music industry.

  9. I been feeling the same way as far as Janet retiring…. Although I agree that she has earned the right 2 do as she pleases, I’m hoping that if retirement is her plan that she at least gives us some classic music before she takes her seat… As a long time fan aside from her tour seeming lazy I also feel like discipline was more of a disappointment….. Even still I love Ms. Jackson and wish her well with all she chooses 2 do

  10. I would love to hear some new music from Janet. She has earned her right to rest, relax, and enjoy life. The public loves to build these celebrities up, but also they love to tear them down as well. I totally understand why she’s remained quiet. I remember that when Janet wasn’t promoting a new album, she would remain out of the public eye until that first single would hit radio. Who knows what’s going on, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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