Miss Kelly Keeps It Tight

KELLY Kelly Rowland apparently hasn’t been spending time on the beach exercising for nothing. Sure the singer may be trying to keep in shape for the release of her upcoming album, but reports say Miss Kelly is also keeping it tight because she will release her own exercise DVD. Kelly was recently spotted on the beach with her trainers (not her swirl partners as some have reported) showing off some of the moves that have kept the 28 year old’s 5’7 inch frame in tip top shape over the years. Kelly has often gotten flack in the Black community for being (so called) boney and supposedly shapeless- however I have always thought she was a beauty who set a great example- especially in a time when so many people, especially young teenagers, are overweight.

And honestly- how many ppl do you know whose body looks this good in a bikini?

Kelly Rowland To Release Her Own Exercise Video


  1. Kelly looks great. I’ve never heard of any rumors or talk of her being too boney…she definitely has a shape….

  2. Kelly Rowland shape would be internationally accepted, so what if the black community doesn’t or didn’t accept her slim frame? Last time I checked the black community don’t make the standards for what is hot in the world.

    Kelly had MJ crushing on her, so her frame was perfect for him, let the black community hate, she had MJ The King of Pop crushing on her. And don’t say that MJ was crushing on Beyonce, because that information has not been validated by a reliable source.And people should look at all the women in MJ videos or who he was rumored to have dated, or Diana Ross, none were big boned women. All were modelesque frame. I’m glad Kelly is in Europe, she can blow up like Tina Turner did.

  3. She was never bony to me. I dont see what people are talking about. Who cares if slim and slender body types dont seem to be popular among blacks? I agree with BOHWE. The “black community” cant make standards.
    No wonder we got a bunch of fat women walking around calling themselves “thick”
    Kelly looks nice the way she is and she reps for slim women.
    Throw away that ridiculous stereotype that all black women are supposed to be “thick”. Where I live I notice “thick” is the new FAT !!

  4. The black community makes anything and everything hot. Check yorself it doesn’t even become a fashion statement or a fad unless we were it. Look at the ridiculous pants hanging off the but you didn’t see that until you saw BBD wearing that in their videos. Look at the women dressing half naked and whorish that was all started with Beyonce. Those are probably bad examples but examples none the less.

  5. Kelly is bangin and at least give kelly the respect she needs and dont bring up bey in this post.

  6. Her body is tight. She’s an inspiration. *glares at gym membership* LOL She looks cute.

  7. @ BOHWE- O yea diddy wasn’t reliable enough? I guess you gotta hear it from someone who doesnt like beyonce huh?
    MJ was a lucky man though could prolly get almost woman he wanted so…

  8. Give Kelly Rowland some credit for once, why are you black people so wrapped around thick this and thick that? You can say that people want black people style of dress, but I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about what woman frame would be appealing to those that control the access of power. Kelly Rowland frame would be considered desirable to the men with the real power. I’m not talking about rappers, singers, or black actors. I’m talking about international ballers. Look, Naomi Campbell wouldn’t be with her Russian Billionaire if she was bigger. That is reality. The reality of it is that for a black woman on an international scale, has to be slender. That’s a fact. Why do you think , black models have to be made like white women in order to make it, or be slender with a bad shape.

    And as far as the MJ and Beyonce thing. My point is that why is it so hard for people to assume that MJ was crushin on Kelly and not Beyonce? Why do people especially black women want to believe that every man wants Beyonce. When Kelly Rowland frame and complexion is the same as his ideal woman: Diana Ross. You hear Puffy say B

  9. Just give Kelly Rowland the credit she deserves and accept the fact that MJ Bestfriend for 35 years pointed out who MJ had a crush on. End of story, stop trying to make Kelly into this woman that can’t get men crushing on her. It has to be about Beyonce because she’s light and Kelly is dark. That’s sad. That’s what this comes down too, Kelly would never get love from black folks because we are stuck on thickness and lighter complexion. BTW: Puffy isn’t a reliable source, because everyone who ever read interviews with MJ know that he always said that he hated going to parties because people would ask him to dance. Gvie the chocolate girl her credit.

  10. @BOWHE- but there was a pic of him at the party so tell me about that???
    And kelly is a fine beautiful woman nobody said that he didnt have a crush on kelly I basically just said why dont you wanna believe that he had a crush on bey as well when someone who was there saw it?

  11. Kelly is awesome she never gets any credit whats so ever…. bk look out Kelly is coming up behind u! Kelly is a beautiful women i am glad she is off doing her own thing!

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