Miss Kelly Gets Edgy + Talks Family Plans

Singer Kelly Rowland was recently featured in EW Magazine where she spoke about her plans for the future, outside of the music industry. Much like her Destiny’s Child counterpart, Beyonce, Kelly says she hopes to be a [wife] and mother within the next few years. Kelly was actually engaged to football player Roy Williams back in 2005 but called off the wedding just weeks before it was due to take place and after she had appeared on the cover Modern Bride Magazine. Since then Kelly hasn’t been seen dating anyone steadily and says the only love she has in her life is work. And speaking of work, Kelly has enlisted super producer Bangladesh to help out on her upcoming album. Originally said to have a euro dance pop type of sound, Kelly’s new record is now expected to tap into her R n’ B roots. Bangladesh calls his new work with Kelly hard, edgy, sexy- and a total reinvention of the singer’s sound.

Click here to watch the entire interview with Bangladesh. I love that he seems truly interested in helping Kelly break through the glass ceiling of her career..


  1. Kelly is such a classic beauty! She is gorgeous and we love love love her spirit! We can’t wait to see what she has in store for us all!

  2. Kelly always seemed down to earth unlike the ”diva ” lol

  3. Pretty! (but when her pics are not?) Good luck with the new album.

  4. Kelly’s new management company keeps her in the media, which is great publicity. Bangladesh is a pretty good producer and if infuse her voice with edgy beats, this might define a new sound for her. As a member of DC, sometimes Kelly was singing a verse and I would think it’s Beyonce’, so there’s not a large variation in their vocal range. I wish her success with her new music and I hope we support it….

  5. the reason why their voices sound the same is because that’s the direction the producers, vocal coach,etc, wanted DC to sound. However, the original DC members first voice coach said that Kelly actually had a voice like Mariah Carey. We really don’t know the power of Kelly’s voice because she hasn’t done a ballad, nor was she ever given a chance to demonstrate her vocal ability.

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