Miss Kelly Goes Platinum

Singer Kelly Rowland is today basking in the glow of having her “Motivation” single officially certified platinum. A press release was issued late last night, prompting Kelly to wisely pass the good news on to her many followers on Facebook and Twitter.

To date “Motivation” has spent a total of 23 weeks on the charts- seven of those comfortably perched atop the Billboard R & B/Hip-Hop Songs chart.

Kelly’s “Here I Am” album was released on July 26th and has so far sold just over 119,000 copies. According to songwriter and producer Rico Love, work on Kelly’s next album is already underway.


  1. I think ‘Motivation’ works b/c it’s effortless. It’s not trying to BE something, it’s just easy, cool, chill, sexy. Kudos to Kelly for this, she has it in her to be major.

  2. i agree with the other lol. that song and video is just her.

  3. I don’t really get into her song. But it’s not that I dislike her. So can you tell me what’s ‘Motivation’ impressed you? Really want to hear your opinions.

  4. Congrats to Kelly!!!

    A platinum album would be nice, but since the industry is returning to “singles”…like and b side records…this is great news…plus, with everything else…I’m happy for kelly!

  5. I’ve always been a Kelly fan. I was a bit annoyed that I rarely heard her voice on the Destiny Child cd’s until the final cd’s. When she had her first solo cd I realized wow, I did hear her singing on the other songs w/ Destiny’s child although she rarely had a solo. She’s a good singer and she has class. If she’s only sold 119,000 copies of her cd that’s rather terrible, but I’m happy that motivation did well especially if her cd didn’t sell.

  6. Her camp are horrible!! I will never understand why it’s so hard for them to promote her the right way. She should be on her 3rd single by now. I have her album and I love all songs on there. Work It Man, Lay it On Me, I’m dat Chick and Feeling Me Right Now are def songs on the album that should have been released as singles. She has the talent, look, and quality of music to make it bigger in the US, but it just seems like her camp always do a shi&&y job when it comes to marketing her. Releasing singles, videos, interviews, etc., I just don’t get it. Whatever though. I will still support her though because I really like her.

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