Miss Kelly Hearts Radio Festival

Though she did not take to the stage to perform, singer Kelly Rowland did put in an appearance at this year’s I Heart Radio Festival.

Kelly was a presenter at the event and did so wearing an eye-popping black and grey sweater dress by Jean Paul Gaultier, which she paired with thigh high boots by Christian Louboutin.

Kelly did a quick interview on the red carpet where she denied recent reports of marrying her manager Tim Witherspoon, saying what we all know by now: “Gossip blogs are not a reliable source of information.”

Kelly went on to talk a bit about her music, saying she was back in the studio and plans to embark on another small club tour to support her Talk Her a Good Game album.
So what do you guys think of Kelly’s look?

Her make-up is perfect. The dress, however, has left a lot of fashion bloggers scratching their heads.

Personally, I love the look. Kelly’s statuesque frame pulls off a dress few others could get away with.


  1. hate the dress. just found out she is 30 years old.

    how could she be marrying someone when just last week she was on Ellen with Simon cowell, and she rubbed his nipples and pinched them right on nat’l tv. his pregnant girlfriend must have been livid.

    I find it odd that she is way older than Ciara and hangs out with Lala all the time, but doesn’t seem to be smart enough to reach out to Ciara. I dont like jealous people. How in the world could she have more in common with a puerto rican bisexual woman than a southern girl from Texas like herself? She is older. She should reach out to Ciara, instead she seems to just try to upstage her, copy her, and just be a fool. All the while Rihanna is getting all the support from Bey and JayZ that she should be getting and she is comfortable with that, and not jealous of Rihanna at all.

  2. And while she is running around being jealous of Ciara, LaLa is getting ALL the movie roles that a black girl should be playing, and she is fine with that. American starlets need to support each other and be happy for each other’s success, or these foreign girls are going to take everything that should be theirs. As old as she is, she should know that.

  3. ^^^WTF?!?!^^^
    …are you talking about? I swear some people spend too much time assuming, trying to put together what they WANT to believe or be true. What’s worse is when they state their opinions as facts. Tbh I’m still trying to figure out what’s making your blood boil…

    Kelly looks good, very different but still good.

  4. Carol….you got beef with Kelly? Some tea to spill, perhaps? Feel free… I’ll take a seat here.

    I like Kelly’s makeup. I thought her hair had a stripe of gray for a minute but I guess it’s just a flash. She should do a stripe of gray… Oh and I like the entire look.

  5. Lele, John and Kanyade are the same person. That is obvious.

    They find It very offensive when Black americans promote unity for our american community, and support each other like they try hard to do with their ethnic group. They know that when the black american community unifies their quest to steal our black american childrens’ birthright to prosper in their own country will be over, and they’ll have to go back to africa where they belong.

  6. Love this look on Kelly! Yes, she’s one of the few who can pull off such a dress feat! The hair and makeup is perfection, she looks like a super model, the boots, I only wish I could pull that off. Kelly seems to be having a great time, life is good for her it seems!

  7. Only a hater would tell her that ugly dress is pretty and LOL behind her back.

  8. LOL I am NOT the same person as Lele and/or John. IP addresses will confirm that. Your posts are confusing. My question was sincere. But anyway, thanks for the laugh though (and the delusion). *side-eye* 🙂

  9. Soooooooo men with masculine names like John come to BROWN SISTA site to comment about fashion??? Yeah right.


    When people accept CONSTRUCTIVE criticism/TRUTH IT BUILDS THEM UP! That is my goal with any comment I ever make.

    Now Wendy said today that Kelly should focus on her x-factor job and find a rich man, and give up music. I agree with that. Her music isn’t that great.

  10. Well I didn’t really talk about her fashion per se just that she “looked good”. I’m still baffled as to what you’re talking about, and why you’re so upset, seriously…

  11. Simon Cowell has been seen all over with his baby mama, Miss Kelly better check herself, before she wreck herself flirting with him on TV

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