Miss Kelly is ‘Down for Whatever’

Singer Kelly Rowland took to the Graham Norton Show earlier this week to perform her new U.K. single ‘Down for Whatever.’

Kelly’s ‘Here I Am,’ album, released earlier this year in the U.S. will finally be released overseas on November 28th.


  1. Still lipsynching I see. Thats alright girl as long as they keep believing you will continue to get paid.

  2. #DEATH @ Summer lmao, so true & I will leave it at that. I have also finally came to terms that ***Sigh*** Beyonce is the star of Destiny’s Child but they are still the best damn group of the 21st century 🙂

  3. That sounded like lip-synching to you?!? I could clearly tell she was singing live….*shrugs*

  4. She looks great! Why did they take so long to release the album worldwide?!

  5. the vocals actually sound pretty bad….i don’t think it is lip synched. love the album. Also, it took so long because it is being reworked as a dance album overseas.

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