Miss Kelly Kicks Off ‘Lights Out’ Tour


Kelly Rowland’s once canceled ‘Lights Out’ tour was quickly rescheduled to work around the singer’s stint on X-Factor and officially kicked off over the weekend at the Fillmore Theatre in Washington D.C.

For the first time live Kelly performed her new single ‘Dirty Laundry,’ which chronicles the breakup of Destiny’s Child and Kelly’s subsequent abuse at the hands of an ex-boyfriend.

The emotional track brought Kelly’s set to a standstill as she broke down midway and struggled to compose herself.

The singer’s fans had her back, however, chanting her name and singing the lyrics for her.

Gotta love those Rowland Stones.

Check the performance below.


  1. I wish Kelly well! She’ll be admired for this revealing song, as well as criticized. What people forget is that real music is most often made from life experiences. You see someone like Rachelle Ferrell in concert, it’s obvious that the sista is venting some serious pain, beauty, angst and revelation knowledge. When TLC did “unpretty” I thought it was one of the best and quite empowering song for women!

    Now of course, this purging coincides with Kelly releasing a new album and it is helping to create a buzz without a doubt. The mere mention of any contention past or present within the DC camp will create headlines, but the commercialization benefits are second to healing her soul. Kelly’s already a millionaire, with legendary status a group member of one of the biggest singing groups of all time, she will never be Beyonce or have her platform because that lane is taken (no one can get that lane), or Rihanna’s, AK’s, Jill Scott’s, Rebecca Ferguson’s or Rachelle Ferrell’s, but Kelly’s lane is fully open!

  2. This isn’t a good performance song but it does help humanize Kelly a bit more.

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