Miss Kelly Leaves X Factor U.K.

According to published reports, singer Kelly Rowland will not be returning to the judging panel on the U.K version of ‘X Factor.’

Kelly’s spokesperson said the singer’s global commitments coupled with the show’s increasing demands, led to Kelly deciding not to return, despite the show’s slight increased ratings during her tenure.

As for who will replace the DC3 beauty, rumor has it the show may be looking to bring singer Danni Minogue back on.

As for Kelly, she has already moved on. Check out a preview of her getting extra close with Trey Songz in his ‘Heart Attack’ video.

The full visual is set to debut May 4th, but you can get a 57 second fix right now.


  1. Love Kelly and I’m glad she left. They tried to Sabotage her because she had the best act ‘MISHA B’ and that nasty 1 Tulisa who started the Bullying rumours so her ‘Little Mix’ would have a chance at winning once Misha was out the way,ended up being Victorious so i say leave Bad Minded people alone!

    Good for Kelly, move on to Bigger & Better things!

  2. I guess she plans to work full time as Blu’s umbrella carrier. She needs to hold on to that gig with dear life. Nobody else is checking for her. I like her and all but she is a backdrop for a more talented act at best.

  3. I’m sure she thought it out and chose the right decision.

    ^^- Your not “progressing” with that comment.

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