Kelly Makes Her Hot 100 Debut

It appears the decision by Kelly Rowland to go back in the studio and tweak her sound was a wise one. The former Destinys Child beauty released several dance and mid-tempo songs last year, but none seem to resonate with fans or radio station programmers. That however seems to have changed since the release of “Motivation,” the singer’s latest single to be touted as her third solo album’s lead-off single. According to, Kelly’s new Lil Wayne assisted track has debuted at #55 on this week’s Hot 100 chart and is the mocha skinned beauty’s highest debut ever as a solo artist. Kelly got a digital boost last when her song was released to Itunes and simultaneously grew in airplay. Kelly took to Twitter to thank her fans- saying “never give up on a dream.”


  1. Congrats to her. Motivation is a nice song and was the shade needed? I think not, I hate when ppl have to bring another sista down to uplift another and THIS is coming straight from a Bey fan better yet, a fan of both as a matter of fact.

  2. Congrats Kelly. This proves that there is room for both Bey and Kelly on the charts. I hate when people always make it this big competition between them.

  3. They make it a competition because Beyonce makes it one.
    Anywho, motivation is a sexy song and I can listen to it all day. I wish she wore the short cut in the video.

  4. I love that song!! Funny cuz I hated all the others. R&B rules!!!

  5. Kelly took to Twitter to thank her fans- saying “never give up on a dream.”

    I concur. I’m working on my own big dreams now. These “brownsistas” ALL inspire me! (those i critique and don’t critique LOL)

    Congrats Kelendria!!! 😉

  6. @kanyade- girl you can do ANYTHING you set your mind too, even if you fail the first 1 or 5 times, just dust yourself off and keep going. You can do it!

  7. I think it is beautiful that i see Danielle and Kanyade uplifting, i love to see sistas uplifting each other. Beautiful! 🙂

  8. This is Kelly’s year!! She will shine while on the chart with the beautiful Beyonce…

  9. Kelly Motivation ROCKS!!! You look &*&%* FABULOS in that video job well done!!! Proud of you my sista!!

  10. Gigi, no it’s people like you that do. Beyonce talks about how beautiful and amazing Kelly is. Kelly had a great platform with Destiny’s Child to launch a career. I sure wouldn’t mind being a part of group that gave me a chance to perform around the world, make millions, etc..I think it’s so funny how people put so much focus on Beyonce being the “lead” singer. But they don’t care about T-Boz being the lead singer of TLC. People want talk about Matthew about don’t care about Babyface and LA Reid bankrupting TLC and Toni Braxton at the heights of their career. I think too many black people just got daddy issues because if Matthew wasn’t Beyonce’s father. I wonder what people would’ve to say. I mean nobody criticizes that Perlman guy for making Justin Timberlake the main focus of NSync. Stop with the double standard.

  11. At least, when Beyonce went solo she did come back to the group for an album and a tour. Justin Timberlake was supposed to do it, and he never did. Give the girl some credit sometimes, damn.

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