Miss Kelly Owns the #1 Spot

Who would have ever thought they would see the day? While Beyonce, America’s reigning Queen of Pop struggles to make a dent on the Billboard singles chart, her former Destiny’s Child band make Kelly Rowland is having no such problem.

Kelly’s latest single “Motivation” is sitting at #1 on the R & B/Hip-Hop Songs chart and #21 on Billboard Hot 100. Because of steady sales on Itunes and massive support from urban radio, the 29 year old singer has scored what Billboard calls the biggest hit of her solo career.

Amazingly, Kelly hasn’t done a stitch of promotion for the song. However, this hasn’t made it any less popular with the public, or other artists who have taken it upon themselves to remix the single. No less than five artists, including Diplo, Jeremih, The Dream, Ill Factor and now R. Kelly have taken a swing at adding their special brand of sexiness to the summer burner.

Click here to check out all five versions and congratulations to Kelly. No one deserves it more than she does.


  1. Congratulations Kelly Rowland!!! She really does deserve it.

  2. um…couldn’t you have just made the post about Kelly and left Beyonce out? it gives the post a negative connotation and takes away from Kelly’s accomplishment

  3. I did! Never had a doubt, she’s a talented woman. You never know in this industry, if your song has that “it” factor then you in there lol.

    Congrats Kelly.

  4. No The the post is just fine; people needs to know that at one time Kelly was in the shadow of Beyonce & now she has found her own. The Beyonce fans have no problem with mentioning Beyonce’s name in other artist post.

  5. Couldn’t you have just posted under one name instead of two? 😆

    And nothing I say or do can take away Kelly’s accomplishment. I just checked out Billboard and guess what? She’s still #1. 🙂

  6. She is a great singer, and I can see why people like the song, I just wish her #1 wasn’t about sex… It’s amazing how may kids (pre & early teens) have this song’s video posted on their facebook profile page. Its basically a basement orgy. I like Kelly I do, but… I’m torn.


  7. I checked Itunes and guess what Kelly’s video “Motivaton” is still #1.

  8. I totally agree — I can’t stop playing “Motivation” and the fact that she wore a popping purple lipstick with a matching monokini sealed the deal for me, lol.

    I checked out both The Dream’s and R.Kelly’s remixes and I was like, I gotta add both of them to my iPod!!

    So thanks Sista for providing the a link to the post with all five remixes. I had no idea about the other three! 🙂

  9. i am so glad for kelly and all the brownsistas who are still grindin and showing that hard work pays off in due season.

  10. when people like something they like it, there is no covering up, i always knew kelly was a star, Congratulations.


  12. Congrats to Kelly…it’s been a long work in progress…but, it has to feel great…she looked so radiant and beautiful at the billboard awards!

  13. Go Kelly! So glad for her success, she is a hard worker and a committed lady who did not loose sight of her dream. But I understand you ENDOFDAYZ – why does it always have to be sex that sells…?

  14. Kelly did a spread for Wonderland? magazine. I peeped the images on another site and was blown away. She looked A-MAZING!!!

    And congrats to her 🙂

  15. Kelly looks mad sweet in this picture. 🙂 at The shade thrown at Beyonce.

    Yes. Congratulation Ms. Kelly and I wish you many, many more.

  16. i really love motivation. i can’t stop listening to it.

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