Miss Kelly Really Knows How to Motivate a Crowd

Singer Kelly Rowland kept the promotion going for her “Here I Am” album over the weekend, performing at the 4Sixty6 club in West Orange, New Jersey.

As I’m sure many of you know by now, Kelly gave the crowd an extra bit of motivation while performing her single of the same name.

Check out the video below to see Kelly really give it her all. I find the clip funny more than anything. The mishap happens at almost the same moment as the dance breakdown, causing the crowd to cheer… vigorously. And though Kelly’s performance was great- it was actually the extra view that had the crowd losing it.

I swear, like 50 extra camera phones came out at that moment… LOL.


  1. Somebody could have screamed out and let the sista know her tig ol bitties were hanging out. LOL

  2. Smh at “go kelly we love u”. Weren’t u the same delusional kelly stan/beyonce hater who said that kelly was so classy on the other kelly post. Well look at ur fave wit her tits out & u say go kelly? Yeah she classy alright. Smh i cant with the hypocrites on this site. Its no way she didnt feel her boobs out the entire performance. Anything 2 sell that flop album.

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