Miss Kelly Reworks Upcoming Album


In between sending out Valentine’s Day wishes to her fans, singer Kelly Rowland also found time to share a few photos of herself on set filming the video for her new single ‘Kisses Down Below.’

There is also word that Kelly has renamed her upcoming album, changing the title from ‘Year of the Woman’ to ‘Talk a Good Game.’ According to Kelly, the intimate nature of the album is what caused her to rethink the project’s title. “I condensed the album down to 14 songs. It’s now a lot more revealing… a lot more intimate. Because of that I thought a new title was also in order.”

Kelly also told Atlanta’s V-103 radio station ‘Talk a Good Game’ would push the envelope and hopefully show her fans a side of her they haven’t seen before. “After they [the fans] hear this album and the songs, they are going to need another conversation,” she said. “They’re gonna have a lot of questions and I’m going to answer them all.”


  1. Kelly is now stuck in a rut… a cycle of sorts, releasing the same song over and over hoping the catch lightning in a bottle. She needs to stop trying to remake Motivation and keep an open mind and mess around with a few r&b songs that aren’t about getting laid.

  2. Interested to ‘hear’ what kinds of questions her fans will be asking.

  3. I love that pic of her. She should have a listening party and then rework her album.

  4. I’m so glad she changed the name of the her cd. The title alone just turned me off. She should show that sexy/bad side of her and just go for it!!! everyone knows beauty and sex sells.

  5. Kelly is boring. She starting to get it with her stunning look at the Grammys. Now get a good PR person promote. She should get a niche like Jennifer Hudson with weight watchers and promote that exercise video cause she looks great or a reality show. Breakout of the shadows. She comes out with a bang but no follow up.

  6. I kinda wish Kelly would do other things…in addition to singing.

    Whatever happened to that Travel documentary or show or something that she filmed at one time?

    I could see her doing something like that for the Travel Channel…kinda like Kiane takes whatever.. I can’t remember his name; an ex-athlete traveling the globe. Just think how great that’d be for young Black girls who never thought of travel as an option to see someone like Kelly on the screen.


    Such a cute picture of Kelly, too.

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