Miss Kelly Rocks The NRJ Awards

It was a pretty good night for Brown Sistas at this year’s French NRJ Awards. Beyonce and Rihanna both won awards and singer Kelly Rowland’s performance of her hit single “When Love Takes Over” brought the crowd to their feet. To say the crowd was into Kelly’s performance would be an understatement. They literally went crazy. Clearly the French know how to party.

Will update with pics and full winners list later…


  1. Wow. they clearly LOVE her.

    I think her stint abroad was a wise decision… broaden her post DC fanbase. No they know her as Kelly Rowland not just Kelly who was in DC.

  2. Congrats to Kelly, it’s all about the international markets. Glad she is Ms.Kelly the diva now. She obviously has the right team backing her, and giving her confidence. She looks beautiful, go head, MJ Crush.

  3. They truly love her over there. I wish her well. Fun performance!

  4. Glad to see her confidence finally shining through. Love her hair like that. This is the way awards show should be, having fun and enjoying the music.

  5. im sorry french a people are funny, rude, but fun loving. Naw,just playing, i like their lil dance in the audience

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