Miss Kelly Shows Off Her Street Style

Kelly Rowland recently invited Elle Magazine into her closet. The songstress showed off her own personal wardrobe and even shared news that a clothing line of her own may be in the works.

Check Kelly out below modeling her own clothes and click on each image to read what she’s wearing and where you can buy it.


  1. Flawless, love Kelly. Reppin for the chocolate sisters out here.

  2. Kelly looks gorgeous as usual. πŸ™‚

    White platforms and clear heels in any capacity remind me of stripper-shoes πŸ™ LOL

  3. Kelly always look beautiful. She really grew into her beauty because when she was in DC4, she was a bit awkward. But now? Absolutely beautiful. And I am proud of her striking out on her own too.

  4. She’s very pretty, but I feel these pics were just okay

  5. She has so much talent and it was wasting away on a shelf while her trifling azz manager put his daughter’s career before everyone else. Glad you are finally getting your shine Kelly!

  6. I >3 the shoes Miss Kelly….I’m gettin’ me some white shoes please believe :hifive:

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