Miss Kelly Shows Off New Site

Singer Kelly Rowland is one step closer to making her return to the music scene. The former DC3 beauty unveiled her new website today, www.kellyrowland.com, promising updates will be coming fast and furious over the next few days.

Kelly also unveiled a new promo image from her upcoming ‘Year of the Woman’ album, which by the way I keep calling ‘Woman of the Year,’ so excuse me if I continue to do that.

Anyway, Kelly was quick to let fans know the image was just that… an image… and not the album’s official cover.

And speaking of that album, Kelly says she is still putting the finishing touches on ‘Year of the Woman’ and thus no release date has been set.

What is on the horizon however is a video for the first single ‘ICE,’ which was released back in late June.


  1. I hate to say who this reminded me of at a glance so.,.. I’m not!! Nevertheless nice pic Kellz!!

  2. You know Beyonce fans somehow see Beyonce in that pic. Who else would they see? When they look in the mirror in the morning while brushing their teeth they see Beyonce. 😆

  3. Since Bey made her own site all I see now is other singers doing the same. Posting letters/note/song lyrics and doing countdowns etc.

    Whatever she does the girls eventually follow, she is like the blueprint tbh.

    It’s a good look for Kelly tho.

  4. hadn’t artists always had “their own sites”????


  5. Agreed Kanyade.

    Not only that, but Kelly’s website is her official website, it is not a personal blog.

    Most artists update their websites with each new album.

    Kelly updated hers yesterday. Brandy updated hers on Monday. Alicia Keys updated hers last month. Keyshia Cole updated hers back in August and Rihanna launched a whole new website altogether.

    Likewise, when Beyonce releases a new album next year, her official website will get a new look as well, just as it does with every release.

  6. Kelly needs a major image overhaul. Kinda like what they did for Solange. That’s what Kelly needs.

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