Miss Kelly Talks a Good Game

Singer Kelly Rowland was on hand last night to christen the grand opening of the Courvoisiology Lab at SIR Stage 37 in New York City.

Kelly was the evening’s entertainment, taking to the stage with her band to perform a 45-minute set that streamed live to online viewers.

Sadly, I can’t seem to find video of the performance anywhere, but I did come across an interview she did earlier in the day with New York’s Power 105.1 Breakfast Club.

Kelly talked about her new single, the delay in the release of her ‘Talk a Good Game’ album, and of course the prerequisite questions about all things Beyonce.

Update: I finally found a short clip of Kelly’s performance.


  1. She looks damn good, and you know they ALWAYS have to ask her questions about Beyonce.

  2. Has anyone ever seen a interview where they asked Beyonce about Kelly and Michelle? I haven’t.

  3. @Dana I think I’ve seen ONE…but that’s how the media works.

  4. @Dana yes Jimmy Fallon asked Beyonce about Kelly and Michelle back in 2011 and so did Access Hollywood also in 2011.

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