Miss Kelly Unveils Album Photo Shoot

With her “Here I Am” album set to be released in just four days, singer Kelly Rowland has finally decided to unveil the project’s photo shoot. Like the album’s lead-off single “Motivation,” many of the shots are steamy and showcase a sensual side to Kelly rarely seen. No word who the photographer was, but I think the decision to put the focus on Kelly’s undeniable beauty, rather than say… fashion, was probably the best way to go. Kelly looks amazing.

In addition, Kelly gave BET.com an interview earlier this week in which she finally responded to producer Jeff Bhasker, who criticized her single “Motivation” for having what he called a “weak beat and melody.”

Check out Kelly’s response below and the full Vibe interview here.

“You know what, the record speaks for itself. Opinions are like **sholes, everybody’s got one. He’s made wonderful music with my sister [Beyonce] and other artists. There’s no reason for me to say anything negative. Cause I won’t tell you the thought that is really in my head. I’ll just kill ‘em with kindness.”


  1. Kelly has always been a cutie. Just never given credit for anything.

    Love Motivation and a few tracks I heard from her album. The fact that she isn’t promoting it however will equal probably less than 100,000 in first week sales.

    Kelly gots to do better.

  2. I love Kelly since day one but this album is just so mediocre. But I will buy her album, I actually pre-ordered. Always Support My Kelly. DC3 FOREVER.

  3. “I will just kill them with kindness”
    I love this woman!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Kelly looks beautiful in these photos. And, even though she’s partially naked, she doesn’t look “cheap” or “tawdry” in them. The photos were tastefully done. I can’t wait until Tuesday get here, so I can get my hands on that album! Lol. Keep doing your thing Kelly!

  5. Beautiful pics!!!

    I’m loving seeing Kelly and Jessica White…the images are sooooooo beautiful and much needed!!!

    Kelly’s going to do fine…she didn’t do The Today Show or GMA or CBS Morning…Interviews on Access Hollywood or Entertainment Tonight…Haven’t hit Ellen’s or The View…But, she will as her Brand continues to grow…I love the Cee-lo interview clip from FUSE…Kelly is beautifully unfolding…she’s quite fortunate…blessed…because her industry doesn’t readily give out second chances…I’m rooting for Kelly, Jill Scott (new cd is the bizness…so mellow), Marsha, Monica, Fantasia, Brandy and so many others…just maybe the music overall will get better…maybe we can experience that 90s R&B Vibe, so many like myself miss!

    Go Kelly…the countdown begins…

  6. I totally agree that Kelly is just simply beautiful even without make up you can see she has those natural great looks and is very sensual and not over the top. love her.

  7. That body is sickening…this is giving me Ms. Jackson vibes. Love it.

  8. Very nice….one reminds me of Ms. Jackson. But, I’m happy for Kelly can’t wait to hear the album

  9. Miss Kelly is right when she says ‘Motivation’ speaks for itself. Her response is so feisty and mature :-). The very first time I heard ‘Motivation’ on TGJ, I told Sam, The-Kelly-Rowland-Stan, it’s a hit. What stands out on this classic hit is her soothing tone and her smooth delivery. These are the qualities that seperate her from the rest. It’s also good that Lil’ Wayne didn’t disturb the flow of this track. This is very much a Kelly Rowland record.

    Jeff Bhasker is correct when he says people thrive on negativity, especially on the net, but he didn’t have to add to it. He should find better ways to get Miss Kelly’s attention. Instead of complaning about ‘Motivation’ and throwing shades her way, he should prepare some great tracks, with her in mind, and pray that he gets on her good side. I can’t fault the man on ‘I Care,’ ‘I Rather Die Young,’ & ‘Party.’

    If this happen and they live to tell about it, it would be a good backdrop to this story.

  10. My all time favorite picture of Miss Kelly has to be the nude one where she’s sitting down. I love the close up and the full one. She looks confident, beautiful, comfortable, sexy, and at peace. Lovely.

  11. The haters will always try to steal her shine,but I’m so glad she didn’t waste her energy with that idiot.She looks great and the album will be a success.It’s Kelly’s time now.

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