Miss Kelly’s Cosmo Photo Shoot

Kelly Rowland recently shot a fashion spread for South African Cosmopolitan magazine. The singer gave the public a sneak peek when she tweeted images of herself from the set. Kelly has been taking quite a few photo shoots lately, which is definitely a sign that she has an upcoming project in the works. Rumors of Kelly releasing a euro-pop album have been running rampant since the singer hit it big overseas with her dance inspired single “When Love Takes Over.” Since then Kelly has been performing all over Europe and recently debuted “Commander,” a song some say will be the lead-off single from her upcoming and still untitled third solo CD. Check out Kelly performing her new single here and below you can see photos on the Kelly on set.


  1. i’m so burnt out on the euro pop ish. that is why i don’t even listen to the radio anymore

  2. GORGEOUS! I swear this chick has the most beautiful skin I’ve ever seen. Just FLAWLESS!

  3. She is absolutely gorgeous…love the hair…doesn’t overweigh her face…she looks confident and beautiful…I’m happy when I see anyone take their game up a notch…Go Ms. Kelly…this is your time and you deserve it!

  4. Her skin is ridiculously pretty. She has that smooth cocoa skin and it is gorgeous. She looks fab! Go Kelly.

  5. She is a nice person. She took picture with me and my sister. She was telling us she working on her album.
    I told her she better bring it. She said i am.

    She very beautiful in person. She had no makeup on no weave. Beautiful skin.

  6. i would really love for her to have success here in the US, she’s so talented, it’s a damn shame that the whole “Beyonce Clan” has basically overshadowed her here. Either way, she’s GORGEOUS and her continued success overseas shows that she’s no slouch. work it Kelly!

  7. Love Miss Kelly. She always look so pretty and she’s naturally beautiful, even when she was in Destiny’s Child. I applaud her for being successful overseas because many American fans are short-sighted and I don’t even want to say what I really believe since I would like to expect more from my people in the year 2010. However, as a music aficionado, I refuse to believe that Ledisi, Estelle, Kelly, Fantasia, India Arie, Janelle Monae, Angie Stone, Brandy, Teedra Moses and even Jennifer Hudson are not worthy of our aural pleasure. Surely sistas, we can do better to support a range of artists and stop being fixated on the same few singers.

  8. i guess kelly is going to play the sex card since she cant find success any other way. poor thing, but i must say the pictures are FIRE! she looks great!

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