Miss Kelly’s New Look

Miss Kelly Apparently the pic to your left is a newly released promo shot from Kelly Rowland’s forthcoming album, Miss Kelly.This new look is a bold departure from Kelly’s previous good girl image and is probably meant to be a declaration of her musical independence from that of Beyonce and Destiny’s Child. And though I like Kelly’s new look I cannot say the same for her new single.I finally heard it and I am just not moved.Nothing about the song seems to pop to me and judging from the lukewarm reception it is getting at r&b and pop radio, others may feel the same.I know we shouldn’t judge or compare the two but once Beyonce’s songs were leaked on the internet they were immediately picked up by radio stations even if the official impact date hadn’t arrive yet.

Kelly it seems will have to work a little bit harder to get her music to masses.

You can click the above image for a larger version and I hope to have more high quality images from this photo shoot soon.



  1. Kelly looks good and yeah I don’t like her new song either and never hear it on the radio.I knew sad to say she would not do well because she is seen as an unimportant member of DC.I am rooting for her though and will buy her album if she releases anything I like.

  2. Kelly is all over the map musically.Her first album was very eclectic but I get the feeling we have PAPA KNOWLES to blame for that.Just as he pushed Michelle into doing a Gospel album I think he pushed Kelly into doing an a very dull sort of pop music that no one likes or listens to.Now Kelly is back trying to be a r n’ b chick and musically I just don’t think anyone knows what she is including her.She needs to pick a sound and style and stick to it.She is best with fluff like that song she did with Nelly.Kelly’s voice and personality is made for songs like that.

  3. She needs new management and a producer that will take time and find her outside of the group. She needs to find her alter ego. Right now to me she’s just Kelly from Destiny’s Child. Not good. She’s Jc from Nsync. She’s got talent but her style and her image and how she relates to females in the majority is blane. Forget Beyonce though, you gonna let LeToya do better than you. I love Toya but she hadn’t been out in years and she went Platinum! You’ve been in the spot light and can barely go gold??????? She needs to step her game up because that’s more of the embarasing part. Especially since they were saying that Letya and Letavia couldn’t sing in that Vibe magazine. Liars!!!

  4. I wish her the best. I hope things work out for her. She has plenty of time to promote, her album comes out in June

  5. Loveher, Latoya disappeared as quickly as she came.She has that first single Torn which people liked but after that did anything chart and can you name any other single she had.Kelly really doesn’t have to compete with Latoya cause I don’t think ppl will compare them.They will compare Beyonce to her though and that is why she really needed to come to correct.To show ppl that she was more than just Beyonce’s back up singer.She needed to bring it hard and new but she brought it soft and honestly I just don’t time was spent on her album.I really think now that they got Beyonce and Solange outta the way they are finally giving Kelly a minute of their time.

  6. Everybody let us be honest with ourselves ok. Does Kelly really have anything musically to offer the world that it doesn’t already have? Is she bringing anything to the game that isn’t already here? Is she speaking for her generation of females as Mary did and Keyshia is doing now? No. Kelly can sing but has no musical talents or gifts. Not everyone who can sing should try to professionally or can perform on stage and move a crowd. Kelly is such a singer which is why she was put in the background with Latavia and Le Toya.This is the sad truth we and Kelly herself must face.

  7. Kelly is as dull and bland as a rice cake.She’s only good for singing hooks behind Bey.

  8. [quote comment=”4913″]Kelly is as dull and bland as a rice cake.She’s only good for singing hooks behind Bey.[/quote]
    I wouldn’t go that far.I do think she needs to find her own sound. Maybe work with some producers who can bring out something fresh and new in her. Kelly has a great voice I just think it has been under utilized.

  9. Hey you guyz do me a favor and listen to “Bad Habits” off of destiny fuffiled that whole song by kelly you can not tell me that girl does not have talented that girl needs to shine but cant cuz she doesnt get tha publicity and she wont until she seperates from tha knowles fam

    Kelly has always been the talented one the one w/ a natural beauty but has been overlooked because of Beyonce i swear if u take beyonce makup off she is screwed

  10. I love Kelly’s new look. I wish they put out “I’m In Love With My Ex”, that song is beautiful and it will appeal to the masses. I wish she had more creative control over her music. Maybe when she decides to finally let go of her leash…she will be finally free!!!

  11. Kelly’s problems are :

    1. Her management team. Until she becomes a top priority to some manager, she can FORGET about phenomenal success. But Kelly needs to be a top priority to HERSELF, then and ONLY THEN people will treat her as a top priority.

    2. Her lack of confidence. Unlike some of you, I think Kelly is charismatic but not ON THE REGULAR. She has her moments. I’ve seen a lot of her performances with and without the group, without the group she’s good, with the group the girl acts like she “knows her place”, I saw her outshine Bee by far only twice. If Kelly doesn’t believe in herself nobody else will. Stop holding back, show em whatchu got!!

    I only hope the video will be some undeniable hotness so she can save the single, because it’s average at best and I’m already tired of it. I agree with “2thick4u” “Still in love with my ex” woulda been a better choice.

  12. I love her look – that girl is hot! And she has a good voice, but we have to be honest – she won’t make it far until she leaves the Knowles camp.

    Beyonce has a press machine working 24/7 on the world’s perception of her. From her music, to her looks, even down to when and how she speaks there is someone scripting Bey’s every move to make her fabulous. That is what good management does for their client.

    Kelly doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in h*ll of having a team like that working for her under Knowles’ management. And Kelly can sing! But her latest track sounds like something that was left over from Beyonce’s album.

    Kelly should learn from Sunshine Anderson’s experience – she made a big debut on the music scene and had a lot going for her, then she signed with Knowles and disappeared. I hear she has a second album out or in the works but when I checked out her website, it pointed back to Beyonce’s. Kelly’s website points to Beyonce’s too.

  13. Okay Josie I’m not saying compete, I’m saying embarrasin and what you said makes it worse.. She did come out with one hit and another lack luster but she went platinum and Kelly has been in the spot like for how long on going? It’s like CHristina Milian and Janet all over not saying your a bad artist or you have anything to prove but when your curent in the public eye with in the year….HOW MUCH PROMOTION DO YOU NEED OR DO YOU JUST NOT SALE!!

  14. BUT i’M GONNA PUT THIS OUT THERE! Does anyone rememeber Kelly on that Avant song separate the remix? Now joints like that fit Kelly, Bad Habit like ya girl said, fit Kelly but she doesn’t get that unless she is on somebody elses stuff or with DC. It’s only the truth. Beyonce is like water, it sales itself, yea she has help but people see her more commercial That doesn’t mean there’s no room. Prime example Nora Jones. She sales out everybody, lol. ALOT!!!! Not as quote un quote commercial though. Too me Kelly is a home girl a big sister and if she sang hard enough she owuld be like Mary because to me her real story is more interesting than anybody elses becuase she was almost like a mother child. But she don’t go there, or no one takes her there. She needs someone who see’s her. Janet need Jam and Lewis, Mary needed Diddy, she just needs somebody.

  15. The probelm with Kelly is Mathew Knowles.

    Matthew Knowles filters who gets what. You need good writers, producer, etc. Kelly works too much with Beyonce’s little untalented sis – Solange. Solange, is an ugly tranny that has no talent. But Papa Knowles consistently has her write a lot of Kelly’s songs.

    If Kelly wants to outshine Beyonce she needs to stop depending on Papa ‘Greedy’ Knowles to do the right thing. He simply cannot. He only sees green, Beyonce, & Solange. (In that order)

  16. Since when (and what experience) is Solange a songwriter, singer, actress or anything other than Beyonce’s little sister?

    If Kelly is working with the Solange she should just quit working period. Solange can’t sing, act or model yet her family thinks she’s the best thing since their sliced bread (Beyonce) was invented. Just looking at the girl annoys me.

    Does Kelly have ANYONE else in the business she can talk to? Can’t she see the “writing on the walls” – having her album pushed back several times to make room for the manager’s kids. I don’t wish any ill will to Beyonce or her Dad, but I’m so sick of seeing her every where. I want Kelly to do well because she can sing and I like her voice – but that won’t happen with Beyonce’s father managing her career.

  17. I like Kelly’s new song. They’re starting to play it more and more here in the DC area. Kelly song is not going to top the pop charts because that song is not pop. Let’s leave pop to Beyonce. Will she be as big as Beyonce? No, because Beyonce has crossover appeal.

    I agree with all that she needs to get rid of Matthew Knowles and get from under that label. Nothing else besides Beyonce comes out on that label that we know of and those that do, we found out months later while we’re in the stores. When will these artists looking for a label realize that Matthew Knowles does not work hard for success for anyone but his children??!! It doesn’t take a rocket science to figure that out.

  18. i agree with everyone….kelly is a very talented girl and she can sing…we never heard too much from her cause she wan’t the lead singer in DC…this is her chance to make the world believe in her and make herself believe in her. she is the underdog and everyone want her to be successful…but she won’t if she stays with the knowles. she has to get there out on her on n prove to the world that she can do this. all she need is a team of her own just like b got…maybe even better…it make take some time for her to get it n her head…but one day she will….hopefully….

  19. 🙂 🙂 i think that kelly & michelle should fire matthew as manager because we know that matthew always would favor his daughter & i know that kelly has the talent to shine but if she’s stay there with ‘knowles’ she wil never get the change to do that & i know that she always going to be seen as te ‘back up ‘singer from dc3 if she stay with them

  20. Even under new management, I don’t think she has the capacity and talent of a super star. She sounds ok-but not good enough for me to buy her album.

    Did she have a nose job :confused:

  21. :confused: Why do people blame Mathew Knowles everythime someone flops besides Beyonce? Solange flopped too.Don’t you think he did all he could for her because afterall she is his daughter too? Isn’t it plausible that the public really has no interest in anyone associated with DC besides Beyonce?

  22. That’s fair!!!! Solange has flopped and on top of that he re-released an old album! I would hate my dad, Beyonce is good, what about me. On the real Solange can sing but she’s in the same bucket with Kelly. Image and material.

  23. [quote comment=”4929″]I like Kelly’s new song. They’re starting to play it more and more here in the DC area. Kelly song is not going to top the pop charts because that song is not pop. Let’s leave pop to Beyonce. Will she be as big as Beyonce? No, because Beyonce has crossover appeal.[/quote]

    You know what? I’m sure Kelly has it too, she had more success in Europe than the USA. If Lauryn Hill had it, if Brandy had it, without looking white-ish, I’m sure Kelly could with the right people behind her. I could be wrong but a part of me believes Kelly has that potential, she just doesn’t believe in herself enough.

  24. And about music, Brandy had that pop-ish something in her music, I give you that. But Lauryn didn’t. So I guess anything is possible. 🙂

  25. I not only like this song but I enjoyed her previous album. I’m not feeling the lookalike beyweaveable style, she looks much better with short hair. If she got rid of Bey’s dad & obtained more professional/experienced management her album would have been out by now. I hope it does well.

  26. Kelly weave is hott beyonce weave be lookin like it jus came of the horse have yall seen tha upgrade u video wen she was petting that cat coming out of her dang head

  27. Kelly is going to have to bite the bullet and get with a new management team. This is not about friendship; this is about her career and survival. Sometimes you just have to learn how to separate friendship, family and business.

    Any one that Daddy Knowles manages will never have the success of his precious princess. That’s why he wanted to manage Jennifer Hudson. He saw her potential and knew that major producers would want to work with her. If he managed her, he would have held her back and given everything to his daughter.

    Kelly needs to run now.

  28. I wish her all the luck. It is her time to shine now.


  29. :thumbsup:
    Go Kelly!! go Kelly!! Go Kelly!!!
    Do ur thing Ma its ur year baby!!!!

  30. Solange did flop, but did they push her out there the way they do Beyonce? Nope! I remember when she was promoting her first single on TRL and 106th & Park, she was there with Beyonce and Jay-Z while they were promoting Bonnie & Clyde, therefore keeping the image of Solange as SOLELY Beyonce’s younger sister. And they didn’t even play her entire video, eschewing that to play the Bonnie & Clyde video! 😐 It makes me wonder why Bey would let her own sister be treated that way.

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