Model Jessica White Takes It Off For Rodrigo Otazu

Christened by Tyra Banks as the fashion world’s next big thing, model Jessica White was recently chosen to be the face of Rodrigo Otazu’s jewelry line. Otazu himself helmed a photo shoot of the 26 year old beauty last fall and it now it graces the designer/photographer’s website. Check out flicks from that shoot below and click here to see behind the scenes footage of the shoot.


  1. She is beautiful… That’s all i gotta say; i’m exhausted if this is all Black women are good for then Go ahead…

  2. I always thought she was very pretty. But beyond being a swimwear model… Congrats on this shoot though I can’t really see the jewelry. LOL. Just her and then, oh yeah, that stuff on her wrist or around her neck. Let me stop LOL Go Jessica!

  3. she’s beautiful. i just really need to see her doing more runway and editorial. the shots are good but… if i didn’t read the snippet, i would know what she was selling…

  4. Nice body but the tattoos are a major distraction. Airbrush anyone?

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